Chocolate, Sushi and Sweet Dreams

Yesterday I decided to take another page out of the CCV Genius Breakfast Idea Book and make some Banana Bread Blender Cereal.


I used Barbara’s Shredded Oats Cereal, a frozen banana and almond milk. Perfection. This was so good I wanted to make another bowl. I didn’t, but I wanted to. I ate something else instead but I don’t remember what it was, something smaller, probably fruit.

Then I did some work, working out etc.

I also completely mauled this apple before running out the door to class. You get to see the after effects of my hunger.


I also brought a Lemonzest Luna bar to snack on in class but had about 1/4 of it before I left.

016 018

Umm… Lemonzest? Fail. I don’t like you. I’m not a huge fan of lemon-y flavouring as is but I wanted to give this a try anyway. It was just too fake citrus flavour-filled and I wasn’t diggin it. I finished it of course because a) I don’t like to waste food and b) it was tolerable, but I won’t be buying this flavour again.

When I got home from class I was in need of some more food. Veggie platter to the rescue. + a couple spoonfuls cottage cheese and a couple spoonfuls egg salad.


I kept it simple because I didn’t want to fill up too much. Had to save room for THIS:



My friend got the honkin wooden platter there. Her meal came with miso soup that she didn’t want. I was all over it.


Then I got a super awesome seaweed salad and a tempura YAM roll. Completely delicious.



Then I came home and ate some chocolate. You know what I wish they made? Chocolate sushi. I know there’s candy sushi and stuff but seriously, chocolate sushi would just own.


TODAY, I had some cottage cheese and half an orange for breakfast. It was early and I wasn’t starving quite yet.


However I think I function a lot better if my morning involves some kind of carbs because I always feel a little off when I eat breakfasts like this. So then I finished off the last of the box of Barbara’s Shredded Oats.


But I still didn’t feel quite right. So maybe I’m wrong and it’s really the coffee addiction that I pretend to myself that I don’t have, but really I do. I felt just fine after a lovely Cup of Joe. Hmmm.

Hey Lunch: Tuna Lettuce Wraps, the last of my giant squash and some random veggies. I think, unfortunately, that I slightly overconsumed the squash though because I’ve been feeling less than perfect the past couple days. I’m going to hold off a bit on baking up another one. Darn. Haha.

024 029

I also finished up the last of some plain yogurt with chocolate whey protein powder, half a weetabix biscuit and some frozen mango. I ended up chucking the last couple spoonfuls though because this just wasn’t good. I do not like the protein powder I used. It’s my brother’s and it’s been lying around in our cupboard for a while. It just tastes pretty darn fake and I’m not diggin it, at least not in yogurt. So since this bowl was crappy I snacked on some (ehem a lot) of Optimum Power cereal out of the box.


For today’s workout I did 20 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill, 10 minutes of jogging, and then 30 minutes of weights. This was probably the best weight session I’ve done in a while. I forgot how much I love a good strength training session! I just wish I went to a gym with all of their fancy schmancy weight equipment instead of relying on my 10 pounders. They do a pretty good job though.

Dinner was chicken stir fry. I added a bit of buffalo and hoisin sauce to mine. I had two plates of the good stuff.


Plus a small bowl of cabbage slaw, a hunk of red pepper and some baby carrots with dijon mustard.


Then there was an apple.


And A little granola. Some grapes. Some plain yogurt.

And some brownie?! I did not want to be tempted by this but my stomach was legit hungry, stir fry isn’t very filling. And hungry tummy + fresh warm gooey chocolatey brownies = Dig in.


This was before I even got to it. My bro likes them brownies…


Mmmm… I managed to get away with a teeny bowl of edge slivers. They were delicious. But I did have to go back and cut off another tiny bite or two. Chocolate triggers fake hunger for me so then I finished off the last of the Optimum Power cereal to stop myself from finishing off the brownie pan instead. It worked.

You know what didn’t work though? Me. On school work. Well I did, but not for the past couple hours. I don’t want to read about schedules of reinforcement… blah.

I want to go to bed. You know why? No, not because I’m tired. Because I want to cuddle up with THIS:


Yeah. That’s my sweet new blanket. It’s soft and warm and fuzzy. I love it.

I also love melatonin. I started taking it last week when I was feeling constantly tired and having a lot of trouble falling asleep and I don’t know, it could be complete coincidence, the placebo effect, other factors, who knows, but I feel much better. More rested, better mood, just everything.

So that being said, I’m going to try to get a little reading done then head off for a date with my chocolate mint flavoured melatonin dissolving sheets. Yeah, they’re actually delicious.


28 thoughts on “Chocolate, Sushi and Sweet Dreams

  1. Love your blanket! And love your eats too! Super tasty – sorry to hear about the Lemon Zest bar, I haven’t try Luna bars yet. LOL, but I’ll keep that in mind.

    And ooohhh brownies!!! nom nom nom!

  2. I dont like lemony flavored things either. ROAR that’s a nice blankie! I need to try that sleep deal, I’ve been hearing good things.

  3. YOU are so hot with your leopard blank!! I loove leopard print :D I am averse to all fruit flavored bars really- chocolate is where it’s at. Chocolate sushi- i’m on board.

  4. gosh soOo many good eats here!

    sushi=always good. I’d be all over chocolate sushi. Maybe some experimenting…?

    I just bought me some cottage cheese too. Love the stuff. it’s so good.

    That pan of brownie looks divine. I would dig into that just like your bro did. You have major self control to opt for cereal instead.

  5. delicious eats! I miss sushis!!! and I’ll make some chocolate sushi someday just for fun!!! :D
    are u having trouble to fall into sleep dear? I have one 100% guaranteed method (proved by a all time insomnia suffer like me): soak your feet in hot hot water for 30 min everynight before you go to bed and you’ll sleep like a baby!

  6. great post girlie-lots of yummy pics! First, I am so with yo on the lemon zest! I was SO disappointed! And it has really little texture to it:/ Second, I eat all my apples waaaaaay past the pt of when you should probly be done with them HAHA. Why not stop until only the seeds are left!?

  7. Hello, I love your blog!

    Chocolate sushi – chocolate ganache spread out on a pan and refrigerated for the outside, a dryer version of rice pudding (preferably made with coconut milk), and fruit or more chocolate for filling (strawberries and/or mango)

    That would be good, and totally makeable at home with some time on your hands

  8. GREAT blanket!!

    I’m with ya on the lemon-y flavoured stuff…not my thang, either. But those brownies, now….OMG YUM!

    Sushi looks great! Gotta love a bowl of miso! :)

  9. I’m always afraid that lemon flavored things will taste like Pine-Sol :( Definitely NOT good eats!

    That last brownie picture is food porn at it’s FINEST! Well done :)

    HOT BLANKET! I like!!

  10. Mann how much do i LOVE this post!!! :) The pictures totally rock and I totally agree on that FAILED lemonzest lunabar!!! Great minds think alike! That blended cereal looks like it’s totally up my alley!! Yummy!!! mmm and imitation crab meat…yuuum…

  11. Melatonin works for me too! Well, when I make time to sleep for more thatn 5/6 hours. Those brownies are making me fake hungry right now, just from the pic! Have a great friday! :)

  12. Hells yes for sushi! Love it, love it all.

    And nice blankie :) I have an animal print quilt my mom made me that I think you might like. And those brownies look pretty fan-freakin-tastic.

  13. Hey heyooo Kristie!!

    oHHH I was away for a few days again and missed your posts of course!! =))

    Your photos/meals always look SOOO COLORFUL and FRESH!! Looots of fresh veggies and fruits,,,mmmm!! =DDD

    Misooo …and seaweed!! I’d looove to try some..!! =DD

    Well,well!! Bout the SMOOTHIE-thing =)) personally I can have them all year round!!!! They’re always perfect for me!! SOo refreshing and YUMMMY!!! =D

    I’d be soooo happy and pleased to see you ENJOYING SOME OF MY SMOOTHIE CREATIONS hah!! =DD

    Hope you’ll like them =))

    And HOW ARE YOU NOW>…?? How’s school going..??

    I wish you a nice day!!! And hope to hear from you soon!! =D


  14. Way to exercise discipline with those amazing brownies. I made some No Pudge ones today and I am limiting myself to one. It feels good!
    I love melatonin, too. It’s one of the few sleeping aids that is a good to relax you but doesn’t knock you out!

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