Stolen Spring Break

Wait, what? It’s the weekend already? Where did my spring break go? Seriously, I cannot believe this week is already over, that is NOT right. Someone stole some of the days in there, I know it.

And I didn’t crack open a textbook all week… oops. AND I meant to get down to schooly business quite a bit today. Yet it’s almost 4 in the PM and I still haven’t cracked open a textbook. Double OOPS. Tomorrow? Ehe

Let’s see what’s been going down in my household the past coupla days:


Bake time! I was feeling all experimental so I decided to wing a baking experiment. Yeah umm I’m not a pro baker. I can follow baking recipes and churn out some great sweets once in a while no problemo but taking ingredients and measurements into my own hands and throwing things randomly into a bowl? I don’t quite have that down pat yet…

I came up with Maple Nut Butter Bars.

Sounds good right? Check em out.


They included oats, soy nut butter, and maple syrup among other things. I’d would post the recipe except that they came out just a tad crumbly and dry… so much so that my mams took a bite and promptly spit it into the garbage. Thank you mom, I’m glad you support my baking skills.

The rest are in the freezer. I like em okay! I think they’ll at least be decent topped with some pb or mixed into yogurt…

…which is exactly what I did with all of the crumbly crumbs that came off when I cut them all up.


After these were done I baked a bunch of squash(Warning: Incessant and confusing squash-themed rambling ahead). Buttercup and Kabocha to be exact. With my constant chatter about how awesome buttercup squash is, a few people have inquired as to if it was the same thing as kabocha. I’m no squash expert so I had no idea. I had tried kabocha once in the past and it was not the same as the buttercup I always got. BUT this time around I bought a buttercup and a kabocha and baked them both at the same time. Umm… okay so the kabocha was actually the buttercup I was used to, and the buttercup was the less delicious buttercup version I’ve been ending up with recently… I know that makes no sense at all but in conclusion, I think I’ve been squash deceived aka I don’t think the grocers know how to properly label squash, so I’m not sure if it’s actually kabocha that I’ve been loving all along. Either way, I’m fairly sure I have a good handle now on exactly what the one that I completely adore looks like, so from now on I’m ignoring labels and going for appearance (the buttercup and kabocha look quite alike so it can be tricky…). I still actually like all squash regardless so I’ll keep buying them all… but when I have my mind set on eating the one that I really love and then what I bake ends up not being what I thought it was, it’s a pretty disappointing moment!

But I’ve had enough of squash talk. Well except that I ate a whole bunch of it straight out of the oven and ended up being completely stuffed so I didn’t have a real lunch, and no pictures.

After that I ran on the treadmill. This was very difficult with a belly full of squash. My advice? Don’t gorge on squash before running.

Dinner was chicken, mac n cheese and more squash. I know I always have the ugliest dinners. I need to start beautifying them a bit.


Then some strawberries with SF chocolate pudding. Mmm.


Then in the early evening my friend asked me last minute to join her and a couple of her friends out dancing for her friend’s birthday. Heck yes! I love last minute clubbing plans. And how convenient that I just bought a couple new going out shirts earlier in the day for the heck of it.

We ended up going to a club that I have never been to before (it’s fairly new). It was SO much fun! I ran into a bunch of people I knew there that I hadn’t seen in a while. I also ended up having several drinks bought for me by insistent randos who were nearly fighting to get their drink to me first and then getting invited up to the vip area for some free bottle service. Works for me! Plus I ended up knowing some of the people who were already in the vip area so I had a grand ol time chillin with them. Best night I’ve had in a while and it was totally last minute and unplanned. I love it.

My post-drinking chow-down sesh once I got home? Can you guess? It was squash. I’m almost embarrassed by that.


Thursday night completely wore me out, I was such a zombie yesterday. Probably because I went to bed around 3:30 and got up at 8:05. Stupid internal clock. I was in and out of bed all day just from pure exhaustion but I don’t think I actually managed to really sleep anymore. I was basically just lying there half asleep an hour here, an hour there. Bizarre I tell you.

My first time dragging myself out of bed I had some yogurt, banana, strawberries and Guardian cereal.


Later on I had a random salad that included spinach, carrots, mushrooms, onions, red pepper, squash, avocado and leftover salmon.


Then I just went into snack mode and munched on a bunch of things I can’t remember. It didn’t do much though because after lying in bed for another short while my tummy was still grumbling.

I had some Optimum Power cereal with almond milk.


I guess this worked because after a quick grocery trip with my mom I wanted to make dinner but I just wasn’t feeling it. I made some cream of cauliflower soup and raw veggies dipped in salsa. I ate the veggies but ended up tossing the soup after a few bites.


I had plans to go out again with a couple friends last night. I wasn’t really looking that forward to it since I was still so tired but I finally mustered up enough energy for a 30 minute butt kicking Tae Bo Cardio Cirtcuit workout. Yay. This helped.

I met up with my friends and we went out for Bubble Tea. I love this stuff and I hadn’t had it in a while. I got strawberry-peach with passionfruit jellies. Sickeningly sweet and I loved every sip. Ever tried bubble tea before? What do you think of it? I remember the first time I ever tried it I thought it was disgusting. The tapioca pearls were a throw-off. Now I love it in all it’s pearly goodness. I didn’t get any tapioca in mine last night but still.

Then we went to a sports bar place with a dance floor downstairs. Honestly I never really have fun at this place. The dance floor is small, your feet get stepped on all the time, the music kind of sucks and the people are all a little young… I was driving too, so tolerating that completely sober just wasn’t working out so well for me, or my friends for that matter. We left pretty early but I was just fine with that because I had a great night the night before and bed was much more appealing last night.


So it’s now practically dinner time on Saturday and I’m getting more saddened every minute that passes by, as I realize that I recommence school in just over a day. Oh joy.

Breakfast: Egg white omelet with salsa, spinach, and feta, grapes, and an orange. I also had an unpictured kiwi and several cups of coffee but that’s kind of a given.


For lunch I made a freaking sweet Tofu Sandwich. Sharon always makes them look so good, I just couldn’t resist any longer. I used medium tofu and pan-fried it in buffalo and bbq sauce, then sandwiched it in a slice of whole grain toast with dijon mustard and spinach. I am sandwiching my tofu from now on.

009 026.jpg

Fresh fruit!


Iced Coffee!


And… school work time? Sigh tear sob.

Happy rest of the weekend!


18 thoughts on “Stolen Spring Break

  1. Haha I completely hear ya on the schoolwork…this past week wasn’t my SPRING break, but it was a weeklong President’s Day break and I had all these big plans to work on schoolwork allllll week and did I? Uh, no. Sure I did some but that huge paper due next week….nope. Haha ;) I hear ya girlie.

    Squash = love so I hear that too!

    I tried Bubble tea once…tasty but haven’t had an entire one…can’t decide if I liked it or not!

    Have a great rest of the weekend!!!


  2. your squash episode is so funny!
    seeing your squash pic makes me crave some. actually i’m baking kabocha right now.. heehee

    recently i bought 3 boxes of kabocha (aka 30kabochas) because i basically eat one everyday.. hahah ppl over at korean market looked at me weird so now i just buy them in bulk! ;]

    hooray for our love for kabocha!

  3. Geez girl what a fun impromptu night out!! Work those free drinks – make me proud :D I love that your drunk eat was squash! Could be worse!!

    Yummy eats but does that even need to be said?! You always have the best food! Sorry your break is almost over – enjoy it while it lasts :)

  4. Ummm, do you think you can post a photo of how kabocha squash looks like? Hehehe, I hear ya on how some squash are labelled incorrectly, but I’m glad they do on some occassion coz that is how I discovered SPAGHETTI SQUASH!!! :D

    I know this may sound weird, but I L.O.V.E stirring a wee bit of ‘cream of mushroom’ paste into my steamed veggies … sooo good!!

  5. oh yea, a tip for the bubble tea, you can actually ask them to REDUCE (I usually skip it and add some stevia to mine) the sugar for your bubble tea … and oh! it’s best to skip the tapioca pearls unless you are drinking it as a ‘meal’ … ;)

  6. I think your Maple Nut Butter bars look great!! Same goes for the strawberries and pudding!

    Funny how the weeks just seem to be flying by, eh? Doesn’t seem fair at all!

  7. hahahhaha……… I was right then that you were having kabocha!!! hahaha….. your squash talk made me laugh :D
    I can see that you’re also a squash lover. Did you ever get your hands/feet orange?

    and that tofu sandwich looks amazing!!

  8. Oh yes to tofu in a sandwich! Love it! Haha!! =D
    And oh my goodness, I totally know what you mean about Spring Break flying by. Ugh, I wish it lasted a little longer!!!!

  9. so much so that my mams took a bite and promptly spit it into the garbage. Thank you mom, I’m glad you support my baking skills. I’m sorry, but that cracked me up!

    Your post drinking snack of squash is much better than what I see most of my friends eat at 2 in the morning after an evening of debauchery. Let’s just say there is much grease involved.

    I’m scared of bubble tea…those chewy little floaties. Just can’t do it.

  10. dang i never even caught the fact that u were on break! And now it’s over, boo! HA so funny about your mom,…my mom often looks at my baked good that I attempt to health-ify, and makes a feeble attempt to compliment me and then they sit there all week! Whatevs…haha but your drunken squash munchies are hilar- at least it’s not hot wings or some crap!

  11. I am giving you a virtual hug to make you feel better about going back to hitting the books:P That’s the worst feeling! At least you had a nice break of eating lots of yummy stuff!

  12. I sadly have still not gotten around to trying out bubble tea. I don’t really like having to chew my drinks, so I think that’s what bothers me. One day, maybe I’ll be brave enough. Except I’d have no clue what to even order!

  13. I love that your mom spit out the bar – that sounds JUST like my mom. She never gets into my healthy baking adventures! If you ask me, those Maple Nut Butter bars look pretty durn fabuloso!

    I’m sorry that spring break was over so soon for you, Kristie! I’ve been catching up on all your fun (loved that insult about your black flats…OUCH), and it seems like time flies but at least you’ve got some memories ;)

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