Just Dance

   Yesterday was another very relaxing aka lazy day for me where I did basically nothing at all. I had two different sets of plans with friends but the first one fell through and the second one I cancelled on (as much as I hate doing that and try to avoid doing it as much as possible) because I just wasn’t feeling quite right. I’ve had a very slight yet fairly constant headache for the past couple days, which is strange and slightly worrying considering I never get headaches, and my energy levels have significantly dropped. I guess no better time for resting than during my spring break though, right? Hopefully I’ll be back up to speed by next week.

Breakfast: A perfectly delicious bowl of Weetabix mixed with pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, almond milk, frozen banana, and frozen strawberries.


I also chugged down not my typical one but TWO cups of coffee to try to wake myself up. I don’t think it did much. Coffee and caffeine in general never seems to have a huge impact on me. I love it and it revs me up a bit, but I can even chug down a huge energy drink and hardly feel it. Shrug.

I was not feeling running yesterday at all, and after my considerations about upping my strength training and subsequently coming across a great full-body strength routine in Fitness magazine, I opted to do that instead. It took about half an hour and I did jumping jacks in between each exercise for a small cardio boost. After that was done I played DDR! for about half an hour. I haven’t played it in forever. Love it. I need to work on improving my mad arrow dancing skills though. I’m not bad but I wanna be crazy DDR pro who everyone stands around and watches in awe on those giant DDR arcade machines. Okay, so maybe that level of DDR expertise is not in my future. I can dream though. Anyone else ever played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)? Own it? I’ve never even tried one of the arcade machine versions. In reality I’m much too much of a chicken to do so. Someday…

Lunch: A Mess of Everything Salad. I love these. This one included: cabbage slaw, spinach, red pepper, baby tomatoes, zucchini, leftover sweet and white potatoes and cottage cheese, topped with balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard.

010 031

AND half a banana topped with a mixture of peanut butter and vanilla yogurt. Delectable. Mixing pb with yogurt just plumps it up and makes the peanut buttery goodness go so much further.


I snacked on some rice cake crumbs and salsa later on. Nothing to write home about.

By dinnertime though I was craving mad comfort food. Carbs carbs carbs. Frozen dinner to the rescue.


I rarely eat frozen dinners but this has been in the freezer for a while and was completely perfect to fix the cheese-carb-pasta craving.

I was in such an out-of-it state that I didn’t even think to plate it until I had already dolled the dish up in nutritonal yeast, feta and onions. So it’s ugly but it was good. I’ll bet it would have been better with some buffalo sauce though… crap, why didn’t I think of that last night?


Today I did not try not to eat chocolate. I had a few chocolate covered coffee beans and almonds throughout the day. Then post-dinner I was craving… pudding? Seriously weird, I never crave pudding. I’m just not a huge pudding person. But pudding was the only really appealing thing to me at the moment. So I whipped up a box of sugar free Jello chocolate pudding with unsweetened almond milk and skim milk. Then I threw some into the Bullet with frozen banana and frozen berries and ended up with a fairly tasty dish to top off the night.


I don’t think I’ll be buying the sugar free pudding mixes much anymore though, they just taste slightly off.


It is now

Thursday morning

and I just finished up my breakfast not too long ago. And a beautiful breakfast it was.

Irish Oats mixed with pumpkin, cinnamon, whey, banana and cottage cheese, topped with flax and raspberries.

I’ve never really cooked with Irish Oats before but since they’re tougher than regular oats, I soaked them a couple days ago just to make sure they would cook properly. I don’t know if that’s necessary but it ensured a quick cooking time at least.

005 013 


Has anyone ever read this book? The End of the Alphabet by CS Richardson.


I just started reading it yesterday and it is a quick read (140 pages) but it has some pretty rave reviews and I was instantly intrigued when I started reading it, which is rare for me, so I’d say it’s worth checking out.

I’m off to do… who knows what. Drink some more coffee, do some running, do some reading, do some baking, perhaps do some shopping, oh and maybe do some of that school reading stuff that should get done so I’m not hating myself come next week when I have lots of catch up to do… who knows. The world is my oyster.


16 thoughts on “Just Dance

  1. O0o all your eats look FANTASTIC! Now I totally want some starchy cheese carbs! I actually need to catch up on school work too…but I just don’t want to!

  2. I used to have DDR for the xbox but I gave it to my cousin who was much better than me at it! My coworker just bought it for her wii and won’t stop talking about it though so I think I might have to give it another shot!

    Thanks for the book rec, I’m always looking for new stuff to read!

  3. Hope your headache goes away!! Coffee doesn’t have an effect on me either – but it’s so yummy I love drinking it!

    CC porn shot – love it! I was craving chocolate pudding last night too, maybe it’s this horrid weather?!

  4. DDR is awesome!! A few years back, my siblings and I got it for Christmas and we were obsessed with it…we played it daily and got pretty good at it. Of course now I haven’t played it in forever and probably suck…maybe I should whip mine out and give it a go!?

    It really is an excellent calorie torcher too! All that movin’ and shakin’ haha ;)

    Check out my new blog!! http://www.balancemycake.wordpress.com

  5. Adding PB to anything makes it much more delectable.

    Loved your salad mess – so many beautiful colors and flavors. And that pudding – I’m a bit obsessed with all things pudding these days. I grew up on chocolate Jell-O boxes. Good stuff.

    I’m sorry that you’re feeling out of sorts and getting headaches. Hope you feel more like yourself tomorrow! :)

  6. I have DDR for my Wii. I’m no where near being a superstar or anything, but I have fun, and can do most of them on the basic level. I’ve never actually tried it at the arcade, I’d probably look like an ass.

    You have just reminded me I have pudding in my cupboard….mmmm, pudding.

  7. beautiful eats my lovey! omg Dance Dance Revolution, good old DDR. The first time I tried it was at an arcade and i was soooo confused, but once u get the hang of it, its really fun! especially when you see really good people doing it, its like their legs arent attached to their body! lol

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