I Miss My Muscles

My breakfast this morning was especially appropriate considering the oat bran buzz that’s sweeping the blog scene.

I made mine with:

  • The last of my oat bran (*tear*)
  • water and almond milk
  • whey from yogurt I strained the other day
  • 1/2 a banana
  • Topped with: raspberries and strawberries, a splash of sf maple syrup and a flax seed sprinkling

Plus half an orange on the side.

005 008 026

Thick yummy banana chunky goodness.

But the other half of the orange was calling my name after this so it came paired with my coffee and vitamins.

034 039

I basically spent all day sitting, lazing and blog reading! I finally managed to dwindle my Google reader down to nearly nothing. It’s amazing. I had so much catch up to do after all of that school excitement this past month so being able to just sit and play catch up was quite a treat.

I also got in a great workout today, which was much needed after that indulgent weekend. I spent about 20 minutes or so just beepopping around to music, doing stretches and such and warming up, then did 45 minutes of some intense incline running, followed by some much needed strength training, using a Fitness Magazine workout with 10lb weights.

I’ve been really slacking on strength training this winter. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve been spending my limited time available for working out in between school craziness concentrating on running and haven’t allowed for enough designated time to incorporate strength as well. I should probably balance them out more because although I haven’t really put weight on over the winter, I’m definitely squishier than I was in the summer. It’s not a huge deal, I anticipated a bit of winter weight, but I miss my lovely arm definition. My legs are pretty good but I think I need to incorporate more regular full body strength days and focus more on arms and core. I still do regular exercises, but not whole strength sessions.
How do you guys balance your strength and cardio, do you focus on one more than the other or try to divide it up evenly? Do you strength train every time you work out? Once in a while? Do you do full strength training sessions? I guess I need some new ideas and motivations for it. :)

Pre-workout I munched on a couple leftover sweet potato fries and a bit of cottage cheese. Post workout I made lunch:

A HUGE salad: spinach, cabbage slaw, red pepper, onion, mushrooms, baby carrots, sweet potato, acorn squash, some leftover tuna and a couple leftover potato wedges, dressed in ff sour cream, dijonnaise and balsamic vinaigrette.


I also had an iced coffee that I had full intentions of taking pictures of but after the first sip I guess I was just enjoying it so much that I downed it before I thought to pick up the camera.

I little later I snacked on some acorn squash and sweet potato topped with buffalo sauce.


And then a slight while after that I had about 1/3 of a Chocolate Almond Fudge Clif Bar heated in the microwave… WHOA. I’ve heated a bar or two before but this one heated was AMAZING. Just like a warm brownie. I thought this flavour was just decent out of the package but I will definitely be buying it again just for microwaving purposes.

069 078

And Dinner: I was craving a veggie burger so a Gardenburger did the trick. I had it on half a bagel spread with hummus, dijon mustard, buffalo sauce and spinach, along with a bowl of cabbage slaw with Greek feta mmm.

089 102

I’m seemingly incapable of not following dinner up with something sweet, so I finished off the last of my Peanut Butter Puffins, with raspberries, frozen banana slices, almond milk and a little vanilla yogurt.

111 115

I had tea after this and was feeling really full but a couple of hours later my stomach had a hankering for something else. I had a small apple. Eh… then my mom was cooking up some homemade croutons. I can’t keep myself away from those so I had several. It was legit hunger. But a few croutons do nothing so I had a few pieces of frozen mango and then a bowl of pumpkin, yogurt and protein powder. My tummy still feels a little empty. More hot drink time I guess, and then perhaps time to hit the hay. It’s fairly early for me but I’m still not quite caught up on sleep from my weekend sleep deprivation so I’m pretty darn tired.

I consciously tried to eat fairly well today and I think I succeeded by my standards. I managed to avoid chocolate even though there is some still hanging around, and any real junk food at that so I’m contented. Not that I really eat that much junk food in the first place but I still want to try to be extra sure to load up on plentiful amounts of healthy goods this week. I guess I’m finding all of these Clean Eating Weeks that everyone seems to be having right now pretty inspiring. I’m just bad at setting strict rules for myself haha.


14 thoughts on “I Miss My Muscles

  1. i totally know what you mean by feeling squishy… i always say

    “god i feel puffy today” my friends laugh at me when i say it but its true!! sometimes ya just feel puffy… nothing a week of good working out cant solve :)

  2. I just finished off the last of my oat bran as well. :(

    I used to hours and hours of cardio, but my body likes strength training and yoga better. I look and feel better too! I’ll do HIIT sessions 1 or 2 times a week. The other days are filled with yoga or weights. I usually do upper OR lower body but not both on the same day, and I always take 1 day off a week.

    PB Puffins – yum. Can’t buy them though because my husband will eat the whole box before I get one bowl. :)

  3. love love your breakfast with oat bran, how did you make it? what’s yogurt whey?
    And love your dinner too!!! great open sandwich!
    about the workout: i used to do 3 three a week of only cardio and 2-3 strength training. But lately I changed my workout because I found the perfect workout for me, YOGA!!! So, I practice either at home or at a yoga studio almost everyday, and do 2-3 times of 30min cardio (I’m cutting down on cardio). It works for me. And the motivation for it? I just love yoga, it makes me more conscious about my body, calms my mind and it can be a really tough strength workout too! :D

  4. Love your eats, can’t wait to try oat bran!
    I do strength training everytime I work out and just rotate arms and legs days. If i’m super tired I’ll only do cardio but that has only happened once or twice.

  5. Glad you got some blog reading in and are enjoying your break!! When I was still training we would do a warm up of cardio and then weights. It was always both – not one day of weights, one day of cardio.

    Now I’m craving cabbage slaw since I saw your lunch!

  6. Hi Kristie! My name is Michelle! I’m new to actual blogging but I have read your blog, among many others, for quite awhile now and just haven’t commented!

    I love your blog…it’s a great balance of food and actual real life ups and downs and I can really appreciate that for sure! :)

    I have trouble strength training in general. I definitely focus more on cardio (I know this is skewed but I tend to look at cardio as more of a “real” workout due to the heart rate increase that takes place) with a small amount of strength training added in. Perhaps a session or two with a personal trainer at a gym could be helpful? I did that once and it was SO nice to know different strength training moves in all different areas and even after I stopped training with him (only like 2 sessions) I had the basis for some great workouts. Too bad I’m kinda slacking :-P

    I hope you’ll check out my new blog!! http://www.balancemycake.wordpress.com


  7. I’ve been neglecting strength training too since I started running more regularly. It’s hard to do both! Spring is coming up and maybe shot sleeves will bring some motivation ;)

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