Death By Chocolate

       This weekend I had some fairly fun and eventful times.

That being said, my body is very unhappy with me right now: Too much chocolate, too much snacking, too much alcohol, too little sleep, too little exercise. Not a good combination, that’s for sure.


Jour De l’Amour

I love cereal. So some cereal lovin started it all off. PB Puffins, Shredded Oats, Fibre One, Blueberries, Almond Breeze, Banana.


Fair. But then came these doozies.


Toffee Chocolate Covered Almonds and Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans from my mom. I may have had one, two, or quite a few of each.

Then I went to work. I packed a light lunch because I knew chocolate was going to be making regular occurrences throughout my day. Salad with leftover baked tofu, an apple and Mediterranean cottage cheese. I forgot to bring a fork so I ate the salad with a spoon. This worked out better than I thought it would.


Lunchtime Chocolate fix?

Triple decker Lindt lovin from my dad

013 008


I had one of those and one of my brother’s Ferreros


Saturday night plans involved getting together with a few of my friends who go to school out of town and were home for the weekend. We were going out dancing.

When I got home from work I wanted to get a quick workout in before getting ready so I threw together a really quick dinner of leftover squash, sweet potato, cottage cheese, some baby carrots and some baba ganoush for dipping. I also had an iced coffee and probably several chocolate covered something or others, then did a quick sprint intervals workout and prepped for going out.

The club was fun. It was decently busy for the fact that it was lovey day. Lots of groups of guys, moreso than the typical… guess they were out looking for some single lady love but they definitely made up the majority of the crowd. I ran into several people I knew that I hadn’t seen in a while though so just spent a good chunk of the time chatting with them and such. We didn’t end up getting home until after 4:00 and I think I got to bed by about 4:30.

What time did I wake up the next morning? 9:30. Why oh why can’t I just sleep in a little bit after such a late night. I mean, 9:30 is sleeping in to me but you would think my body would want more sleep than that. Geez.


I didn’t really think I had had that much to drink but my day-long headache and constant dozy state for the majority of the day said otherwise.

My eating was basically a write-off. Days after drinking are never good with me choice-wise. I always end up snacking throughout the entire day. Sunday was no different.

I started off with a structured breakfast: half a bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese, egg whites, spinach and salsa.


But that wasn’t good enough so I finished off some cottage cheese, had a bunch of fruit, and then I just gave up taking pictures because I just kind of kept eating on and off every hour or so.

016 020

I did get one picture of one of the many chocolates I ate:


After my breakfast buffet I had to lie down. I was hoping a midmorning nap of sorts would occur but no such luck. I lied down for about an hour though so it was kind of a half sleep anyway.

Then my mom and I went shoe shopping and health food shopping. I was in desperate need of some less ugly foot ware that I could just slip on when going out and about because I’ve been wearing the same couple pairs of old and dirty sneakers and shoes for several years now and I honestly feel embarrassed every time they go onto my feet. I found a cheap pair of black slip on sneaker-y things that are a significant improvement on my other shoes so they’re going to serve my basic footware needs for now.

Food purchases included some produce, a plain yogurt I’ve never tried (Mapleton’s Organic) and a new almond milk I had never seen (Almond Dream). I have yet to try the almond milk but the yogurt is tasty.

I was finally able to muster up enough energy for a much-needed treadmill run before dinner. I did 45 minutes, 5 miles. This picked me right back up. Exercises fixes everything.

While I was running, squash and sweet potatoes were a-baking. I devoured them along with a gigantic carrot and some hummus.


I also ate a half a bagel plain. My new bagel loves are these:


Only 160 calories per bagel, plus 5g fibre and 7g protein. And they are quite doughy and delicious.

I probably ate more stuff after dinner since snacking was the clear theme of the day but I don’t remember what.


Sunday Night Adventure

Sunday night I went out again with the same friends, this time to our favourite little dive bar that holds retro nights on Sundays and is the place to be on a long-weekend Sunday night (it is “Family Day” in Canada this weekend, a “holiday” they started last year for no other reason than to give people a break from work day. Works for me. Except this is my break week so I would have had it off no matter what anyway). We thought we were being savvy by getting there by quarter after 10, which has always served us well in the past. No such luck this time. They were already at capacity when we got there which means that we had to wait outside in the freezing cold until enough people left so that they were able to let more in. Who leaves the bar that early? No one. Everyone just gets there at that time! So we had to wait an hour and a half. My toes and bladder really hated me for that one. But we finally got in and it was packed.

We danced and sang to retro tunes and had a pretty good time. At the end of the night though my friends wanted to get pizza next door. They decided it was a good idea to vocalize their distaste for some incredibly obnoxious drunk girl’s trashy outfit out loud. She must have overheard because while we were standing outside, her and her group of friends came out and started throwing insults at us. Her clever insult to me? “…you with your ugly black ballet flats.” I know, I know, it cut me pretty deeply. She had slightly more clever words for my friends. Some guy who was watching tried to pay us to fight her.

We eventually walked away but apparently they were really itching to fight because they followed us and one of the girls leapt at my friend and started pounding her head. I nearly jumped in because I swear I could throw that girl to the ground if it were completely necessary, but I opted for holding back the trash bag who insulted my flats since she was just about to jump in and start pounding on my friend as well. They quickly broke it up when a cop car was driving up. Other than a bit of a bloody nose my friend was unscathed and we walked away chuckling about it but seriously, some people need to grow up, these girls were just looking for trouble.

Once again I ended up getting home past 4. And what time did I wake this morning? 8:50. WHY?


At least there were no headaches today. And today’s meals were okay. But my sweet/chocolate cravings were going full force so I ate more than enough chocolate throughout the day, and did quite a bit of snacky snacking too. Plus I did not exercise today which would be fine normally, but I think after this weekend it was definitely needed. Tomorrow I’ll get in a good one.

Breakfast: Plain yogurt, Optimum Power Cereal, fresh fruit


Then some fruit salad a little later on


My hunger was weird today. I got quite hungry for lunch a few hours later but by the time I got around to making it I suddenly didn’t feel hungry at all. But I was in eating mood so I had a half can of tuna mixed with sour cream/ff mayo/dijonnaise with spinach and baby dills.


Then snacked on some raw veggies with dijonnaise. I literally eat this snack every single day. I just often don’t take a picture of it.


Puffins. Lots and lots of Puffins. Clearly not lots in the bowl, but that’s because most of them didn’t make it to the bowl before already being in my stomach.


Chocolate x many many.


Protein Powdered Pumpkin with cinnamon and almond milk


A fun dinner of dryer lint (aka mashed purple cauliflower – how beautiful is that), sweet and white potato fries, and salmon topped with a marinade I found in a magazine of: thyme, rosemary, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and dijon mustard. This was pretty darn delicious. I had seconds of everything. THEN I was stuffed.

But not stuffed enough to need chocolate. 074

I tried to avoid actual chocolates by eating things such as yogurt and fruit. Bah. Fail. So I went for Sugar Free Low Fat Rolo Ice Cream. Yum? Yes. Killed the craving? Nope.


(More was eaten straight from the container than what actually made it into the bowl. I’m the worst dish user ever)

I finally ended up killing my chocolate need with a coffee and hot chocolate mix but I couldn’t make it through the mug because I started feeling really sick. I think all of the sugar finally caught up with me. Blah.

Needless to say, I think I need a few solid days of clean eating this week to get me feeling properly up and running again. Luckily I have this whole week off to do some good exercise and hopefully some good clean meal prep too.

Alright, I’m exhausted and this took ridiculously long to write. Bed time is in order!


21 thoughts on “Death By Chocolate

  1. haa I enjoyed a VERY similar V-day weekend of semi-fun nights, too much chocolate and hungoverness!! Oh well, such is our awkward youthful life right?? I can’t believe about that stupid girl, how dare she insult your shoes!?! Good work on not giving her the beat down :D

  2. Hmmm, never tried the PC bagels, probably because I don’t shop at any of the PC stores. But I might have to give them a go if I’m ever out that way.

    And FYI – Family day is not a Canada wide holiday. It’s only in AB, SK, MB, and ON. My sorry butt had to go into work today! Booooo.

    Ha…and that cauliflower does kinda look like dryer lint ;)

  3. that’s a fun weekend and fun way to celebrate V-day!! maybe over-indulgent on alcohol and snacking are not wise, but on chocolate? come on!! it’s Valentines!!! it’s legal to go for tons of chocolates!! :D

  4. Wow, what a crazy story. You know, I have about three pairs of black flats and I think they’re great! Hehe. You should have pounded her, good job with being the bigger person ;)
    I think everyone had a slightly indulgent weekend. All your photos look lovely but I know how the sugar adds up. Here’s to a better week ;)

  5. what a stupid girl. seriously, some people just need to grow up and deal ya know?

    and i’m with you on the chocolate overload and needs of some cleaner eating days…we’ll get there.

    oh yes, dryer lint? hilarious. i would tell you what it actually reminds me of, but then you’d probably never want to eat it again…actually, it’s not that bad, just weird. hahaha.

  6. Sounds like you DEFINITELY had an eventful weekend! Oh just think of the memories…

    My appetite is always weird after a few nights of drinking, hate it! But it’s kind of worth it, right? ;)

    Have a good Tuesday!

  7. Ohh those bagels (savory donuts!) sound fabulous :) HAHA – dryer lint!

    Okay so your body may hate you right now but it sounds like a fun weekend. Well, except for the crazy boxer that attacked your friend! Enjoy your break – you deserve it!!

  8. dryer lint – hilarious!

    Wow, what a crazy fun-filled wild chocolate weekend. I CANNOT remember the last time I stayed out past midnight or 4 AM for that matter. I would have woken up early too – I swear the older I get, the more trouble I have sleeping in…oh well, I hate wasting the morning away in bed anyway. That’s what afternoon naps are for. :)

    Glad you’re filling your body with clean eats all week – you’ll feel great!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend was had!

    I’m totally with you on the PC bagels! Yum! Another good choice is called Body Wise. They’re bagels rock, too!

    Love all your chocolate!

  10. Wow, you had a quite a weekend. I know how that goes, although it’s been awhile! :)

    Hope that you have a great week, and catch up with your sleep soon!

  11. this post sounds so much like my weekend post. every time i go out, i still wake up at 830 cause to me that is “sleeping in.” whats up with that?? i ate crazy amounts of food and have a week full of dinners and VEGAS so yeah, i definitely will not be back on track this week. good luck with the healthy eats :) i bet your body will be craving some greens!!

  12. my body was also unhappy with me after the weekend, but i don’t regret one bite of chocolate, glass of champagne, or hour of sleep missed! your body will forgive you after a couple days of clean eating and exercise :) and those bagels do look really good!

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