Eat and Study, Study and Eat

A – HUGE Thanks and hugs to Katie (aka Chocolate Covered Vegan!) for naming me Chocolate-Covered Blogger of the Day. That is TOO sweet for words! I was beyond giddy when I saw that. THANK YOU so much Katie! You made my day :)

B – I meant to update last night but I ended up going to bed earlier than I planned to because I suddenly started feeling pretty icky. It was short-lived but unexpected and came on suddenly so blogging was just a no-go. And I’ve been doing errands (aka health food hopping hehe) with my mom today so once again blogging was shoved to the way-side.

Instead here I am now, chilling at home on a Friday night, blogging instead of doing the stuff that I am supposed to be doing, like the piles of work and studying that I need to get done for this coming week. Sigh.

C – My life is entirely unexciting right now with this term being so demanding. I feel so antisocial, reclusive, tired and lazy. I don’t even have the motivation to work out much. I need to take up a winter sport like skiing or snowshoeing so I can somehow learn to love this season. We’ll see if that ever happens haha.

D – So since I have pretty much absolutely nothing other than too much school work going on in my life right now, onto the food it is.


Breakfast: Oats with pumpkin, cinnamon and banana. This bowl was extra creamy because I dumped in some whey that I drained from about 1/3 of a container of plain yogurt. I heard dumping it into oats was a good idea so I figured why the heck not? I couldn’t taste it at all but I liked the added creaminess and it adds extra protein right? Can’t go wrong with that.


I was still slightly hungry so breakfast part 2 was black coffee and half an orange.


Lunch: I was in a mad rush to get to class but needed to get some food in me so I quickly heated up the last of my leftover baked tofu and cut some cut up zucchini and baby carrots with edamame hummus.


During my break between classes I snacked on one of my homemade bars (the second one :) ). I calculated that one out at slightly over 100 calories so it was like a mini larabar, which was the perfect size to satisfy my teeny hunger and snack craving. And it was delicious too.

Once I got home my mom had some rice stir fry a cookin so that’s what I had for my dinner. In the stir fry: red pepper, broccoli, garlic and shrimp. I also mixed it with a bit of salsa and buffalo sauce. Everything is better with a little buffalo heat. Plus some baby carrots once again. I also snacked on some bread and cottage cheese (not together) while waiting for this to be ready since I was pretty darn hungry.


I had another serving of the stir fry then a big plate of spinach with some garlic vinaigrette.


The hunger wasn’t quite gone so I went to the sweeter side of things. A coffee/hot chocolate combo and a bowl of vanilla protein powdered pumpkin micro-ed til nice and warm.


I tried to get some work done but was extremely unproductive last night. And strangely pretty darn hungry. I couldn’t resist it any longer so eventually I gave into a small bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls, Guardian cereal, frozen banana slices and berry yogurt. Plus several handfuls of cereal straight from the box.


Then I started to feel sick. Rotten cereal perhaps?! Ha. Who knows. I kind of doubt it was the cereal’s fault though.


Breakfast: Oats with pumpkin, banana and blueberries. Topped off with soy nut butter mixed with unsweetened original almond milk and a little sugar free maple syrup. This was one tasty bowl of oats.

006 023

I also ate an apple but I didn’t bother to take a picture, mainly because I kind of forgot about it and ate it really quickly.

I eventually headed off to my Friday classes. Luckily the driving today was a little less slippery. Phew. There’s still plenty of snow to slide in though. When shall it end?!

I kept my lunch light today because I knew I would be having a big dinner. What kind of big dinner? A big sushi dinner! :) Had to make sure to have some room for that. So I had a spinach/veg salad topped with balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard, with a side of 1% cottage cheese.

026 031

My mom went out for lunch and came home with half of a lemon square. I had a sliver (Hey Mom with no head in the background).


And finished off the last of my container of rice pudding. Well, had some and then made my brother finish it off. He didn’t complain too much.


I need to eliminate all of the excess sweet junk we seem to have had around lately. It’s not good for my ridiculously annoying sweet tooth.

Sadly I got no pictures from my sushi dinner with my mom and brother. We went out to an all-you-can-eat sushi place but while my brother opted for that option, my mom and I ordered off the normal menu. We both started with a wonton soup and then split an order of dumplings and three rolls: a king roll, california roll and tempura shrimp roll. We brought a few pieces home but managed to finish off a good chunk of them. They were all tasty but all pretty similar, packed mainly with cucumber, avocado and then either crab or shrimp. We didn’t realize they would be so similar since the menu has no descriptions (I was hoping the king roll would be something a little more exciting) but oh well, at least now I know for next time.

I think I’m going to call it a night. I have a long weekend ahead of me of working and… more working. Plenty of studying to get done and very minimal time to do it.

Hey spring break, I could use you right about now!

Happy weekend :)


23 thoughts on “Eat and Study, Study and Eat

  1. your food is always so delicate and dainty!! i love it! and im jealous!!

    your oats look totally scrumptious too….i want to try soy nut butter also!!! what’s it taste like??

    have a fab weekend!! I’m working for part of it…then have friends driving in for sat-sunday……and then i gotta bust my butt to finish hw on sunday!!


  2. Your eats are all so tasty and delicious! I really need to get started on some studying myself! And of course, get my art assignment accomplishes… eeek. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Snowshoeing – haha, please do it and post pictures! I would FOR SURE trip myself with every single step!

    “Everything is better with a little buffalo heat.” Truer words have never been spoken!

    I don’t think this snow is ever ending…MAKE IT STOPPPPPP!!! Only a few more months :( Why am I still a sushi virgin – I need to try this glorious food everyone loves!

    Good luck with work and studying!!

  4. You always have such gorgeous pictures of your food! And hey! I have that same blue rimmed ramekin…actually, I have 6 of them! :)

    I tried the skiing thing to get over the winter blues…even went tubing a few times. No go. I still hate being cold!

  5. Spring break will be here before you know it! Hope you get your studying done this weekend, and I’m sure you’ll get your motivation back as well. The winter months can be tough.

    Your oat bowls always loos so pretty. I love Fall colors and the pumpkin you add gives your breakfast that burnt orange color. It’s like a mini work of art every morning. :)

    Love all your veggie intake. You definitely eat a variety of colors. Lots of vitamins on the menu.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. dang those pumpkin oats look right up my alley even though i like mine “runny/soupy” most of the time. You take darn good pictures!

  7. haha LOVE your oatmeal spoon from Friday! Hope the weather and school lighten up for u, what a drag! My guy friends looove all u can eat sushi nights- they seriously starve themselves all day and gorge :D haha i’m not really down with that

  8. Soy nut butter! Where do you get it? I mean, I know you’re in Canada, but still.
    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling like a recluse. :( Poo poo!
    I think you eat SO GOOD. You are very balanced and portions always look perf. I would keep the junk around because you’re always so well behaved!

  9. Em – The soy nut butter is interesting… I don’t really know how to explain the flavour, I find it quite different from most other nut butters. At first I found it really weird. I grew into it pretty quickly but I’m still not sure if I would buy it again. It’s crunchy though with lots of soy nut chunks so it’s fun to eat haha.

    Erin – I’m pretty sure I got it at the grocery store, most likely in the health food section where they keep all of the other non-Kraft nut butters. I know for sure it was somewhere simple like that anyway and not online or something like that.

  10. The pumpkin oats look so delicious and punmpkiny! I’ve never heard of adding the whey from yogurt in the oats.

    My nephew is allergic to nuts and he has to have soy nut butter. I feel bad for him. It’s so dry, don’t you think? Maybe you have a better brand.

    Congrats on being chocolate cov’d blogger of the day. So cute!

  11. your food always so pretty! again, can’t get enough of the great lighting you have. I’m soOo jealous!

    Your oats look yummy too! I just came from Gliding Calm and saw that you both have pumpkin oatmeal. I gotta try it! Cause they look delish on both of your sites.

    btw, when did you start drinking coffee black? Did I miss something? Sorry if I did. I could have sworn I always saw iced coffee. oh, speaking of iced coffee, I’ve been hooked on these Espresso Frappe’s lately, I think you’d really like ’em.

  12. Just dropping in to say I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and just love it!! Your pics are beautiful and you have great, simple, creative food ideas. It’s a lovely break from being glued to med school books and class…hope you keep it up! Stay warm!
    Emily :)

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