Case of the Disappearing Post


I just deleted a nearly completed and somewhat lengthy (and quite lovely in my opinion!) unsaved post by accidentally hitting some hot key shortcut that closed it. WHYYYY? You know, I’ve done this before and told myself to ALWAYS save drafts so as to avoid this situation once again and yet clearly I learned nothing from my mistakes.

I am tired. I am ready for bed. I was all happy and feeling productive for having written such a nice and detailed post. And now it’s gone. And now I’m just more stressed than I was two minutes ago.

I think I need a massage.

There is no way I am going to try to rethink and thus rewrite what I did before, so I guess it’s down to the basic and simple recap since I need my sleep. How unfun is that. :(


Blueberry Flax Waffle Tower topped with banana slices, blackberries and Liberté Méditterranée Vanilla whipped cream yogurt along with half an orange.

005 019

Drove to class through winter blizzard hell.

Did class like things such as listening, note-taking and trying to mentally stop the tummy grumbles that waffles do not prevent after a couple hours.

Drove back home nice and early since Wednesdays end by 11:30, still through winter blizzard hell, and promptly made myself a nice Lunch of some hot veggie stir fry.


Spinach, cabbage slaw, zucchini, yellow pepper, mushroom and leftover baked tofu in Caribbean stir fry sauce, garlic powder and chili powder, topped with a dollop of fat free sour cream.


I snacked on some good ol baby carrots while making this because I eat them like they’re going out of style. And in a sense they seem to be with all of this hoopla going around about them being rinsed in, what is it, chlorine or something crazy like that? I don’t know, I know the big ones are the more ‘natural’ way to go but sometimes convenience and speediness win out. Pretty much always in the case of carrot snacking.

Then I did some studying and procrastinating for a good chunk of the day. Nothing exciting there.

Dinner was something I’ve been craving for over a week now but for some reason just haven’t gotten around to eating… a veggie burger!

I had an Amy’s California Veggie Burger with salsa, dijonnaise, tomato and spinach on toasted rye. I pan cooked the burger to make it nice and crispy.


This was my last of the box which is kind of sad considering they are somewhat pricey and also not that conveniently available at all grocery stores, so I won’t be stocking up this week. Soon though, these things are good.

Time for some sweet: A small fruit smoothie made with

  • 1/2 cup berry yogurt
  • splash unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • small scoop vanilla protein powder

Simple and delicious but too cold. Smoothies and winter just don’t work well together for me.


It was still tasty though. Just cold.

And since I was still a little hungry, a few of these may have made their way into my stomach:


They’re no Medjools but I wanted to finish up the last few more dried up ones I had.

I didn’t feel like running on the treadmill tonight (treadmill and freezing cold dark basement? No thanks) so I went with Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite Mission Two: Maximum Power instead. I used to do Tae Bo ALL the time but I haven’t done it in quite a while now, probably because I got so used to the videos that they weren’t as challenging anymore. I’ve been slacking on strength a bit lately though and the Elite series does some hardcore weighted bands workouts so I figured now would be a good time to go back to it. I’m glad I did because I love Tae Bo and I needed to switch it up from the treadmill. I think it’s about time I look into some new Tae Bo DVDs though. I want a new challenge! The Elite Fat-Blasting Cardio sounds pretty awesome.
Has anyone else ever tried Tae Bo before? Did you like it?

The rest of the night I’ve been doing more textbook reading. Woo. But now it’s midnight and I need to SLEEP. Night!


18 thoughts on “Case of the Disappearing Post

  1. ahhh i hate deleted posts! that’s the worst! so so so frustrating!!!! all of your food looks gorgeous though!!!

    what happened to billy blanks?! I totally did tae bo in my off-ice work out class years ago. We always laughed about it, but it was a pretty good work out if you took it seriously!!

    HAPPY THURSDAY KRISTIE! hope your hanging in there with the school work!

  2. aw love bug i need a massage too let’s go :D OMG- so Billy blanks’ studio is like 30 min from my house! How sweet is that?? My friend goes regularly, like friends with billy-style, and she took me one time- most fun thing everrr i was drenched!

  3. Sorry you lost your post – I’ve been there. I say get a massage!

    All your meals always look so pretty. I always just slop stuff on a plate. You keep reminding me I want to try that Liberte whipped cream…oh, I mean yogurt. :)

    I’ve never done Tae Bo, but I have done some other Crunch Fitness DVD’s. I like Boot Camp. 30 minutes of strength/cardio intervals. It definitely gets the job done!

    Have a good night.

  4. UGH that happened to me a while back! HATE IT!!

    Agreed about carrots, I prefer the big ones, but the babies are just SO convenient!

    All your eats look yummy, love that pink smoothie!

  5. I used to do Tae Bo all the time, but sold my tapes. Yes, they were for the VCR! Dumb move really. If I ever found them on DVD I would buy them again!

    I have deleted posts before, too. Nothing ticks me off more! I feel your pain.

    And blizzaed hell? Understand completely!

  6. Ughhhh I’ve so been there!! I wish there was an auto save but that would just make things too easy, right?!

    You and I are going to turn orange from the baby carrots! At least we have our CC to counteract it ;) I’ve heard carrots are used as a turn over crop a.k.a they plant them to soak up anything in the ground before they plant other veggies but I haven’t died yet so I’ll still be eating them!

    Billy Banks doesn’t joke around – he’s intense!! Haha ;)

  7. Where were you able to find those tasty Amy’s burgers in Canada? Care to share, fellow Canadian? -lol- And oh I’ve never tried those Liberté Méditterranée yogurt before. Tasty? I usually go for Astro, but I seen Liberte at Safeway, so maybe I’ll pick some up next time!

  8. I’ve deleted a post or 2 before, only to make myself swear profusely at the computer, as obviously, it’s the computer’s fault.

    And I gotta say, the regular big carrots just taste better. I’ve never liked the baby carrots, I find them watery and weird, so I only buy the big ones. They aren’t TOO much troubles to peel and chop :)

  9. Amy’s does have some good veggie burgers, but like you said, they’re kinda pricey. Lately I’ve been making my own because it’s so quick and a lot cheaper. Usually just put some olive oil, beans, ketchup and mustard in the blender, and then mix it with dry oatmeal. Then I form it into a patty, put it in a pan on the stove and voila! Veggie burger! You can see the pics on my blog :)

  10. I’m so sorry a/b your post! It’s like not saving a homework assignment….been there:P
    How do you like the Amy’s veggie burgers??? I’m so loyal to my Morningstars!

  11. You take such awesome pictures. I’ve never tried the amy’s burgers but your picture makes them look amazing I’m going to have to go out and look for them now!

  12. i just wanted to say, i have really enjoyed reading your blog! your photos are beautiful. i am just starting a blog of my own! i literally just started it this afternoon, LOL, but check it out when you get a chance! I added you to my blogroll as well :)

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