You Put WHAT In Your Squash?

My week did end up starting out better than my weekend ended up. Mainly because the first song that come on when I got into the car yesterday morning was one of my favourites and whenever it comes on it automatically improves the day. Hey, I’m easily contented. The song was Tegan and Sara – Back In Your Head (Tiesto Remix). I have a love/hate thing going on with it because although I completely love it, love when it comes on, and play it full blast, it’s also a bit of a downer song because I associate it with lameo girl emotions. You know how some songs just remind you of specific incidents or people or whatever? Yeah, this is one of those. But my love for it greatly overshadows the associations and as soon as it comes on I deem the day a good one.

My breakfast may have also contributed to a decent morning because it involved the last piece of baked oatmeal (finally!) that I’ve been eating for over a week now? Topped with White Chocolate Wonderful of course. How could I not?


The temperatures were also finally not unbearably cold to the point of near passing out, which was another huge plus in my books.

I had two morning classes and then a one hour break, during which I read some of my Abnormal Psych textbook and ate my Eat Natural bar from my grocery shop yesterday. SO glad I bought this, it was delicious! Big chunks of juicy dried fruit (I know that seems like an oxymoron but seriously, the dried fruit was so fresh and plump!) I’m kind of sad that I’ve only ever seen them at one place, but at least I know where I can find them again. I’ll have to try more of their varieties!

When I got home from my last class I wasn’t really hungry but routine beat out rationality and I snacked on some squash, baby carrots, and a mini heap of leftover tuna on a small slice of multigrain loaf. 


Then I did the 45 minute 3s and 5s Treadmill Challenge. I make it a little more challenging though by running the 4mph sections at 6mph, and doing the whole thing at 4% incline. Always a good one, and never disappoints. This gave me a total of a 5-mile run. I followed it with about 15 minutes of various squat/weights, lunge/weights and plank moves. I’ve been slacking on my strength training a bit lately so I need to crack down!

By the time I was done, showered and got a bit of textbook note-taking done, it was time for dinner. I knew I wanted to stuff the last half of my leftover acorn squash with something but I wanted something quick and easy, and although I considered a quinoa mixture, I’ve never cooked it before and didn’t feel like embarking on that adventure just yet (even though I know it’s really easy. I was just in the mood for something even easier). What did I decide on?

Savoury Oats Stuffed Acorn Squash


I loved this. I’m so glad I thought of it. It was quick, easy and delicious. I can’t wait to make it again next time I have squash!

I cooked the oats up first stove-top style:

  • 1/4 cup oats
  • Water
  • Spices: garlic powder, oregano, chili powder, pepper… whatever I saw in the cupboard first basically
  • A splash of Hot Chili Sauce
  • Spinach

Once they were all cooked up, I stirred in some salsa and threw on a slice of fat free swiss cheese, then turned the stove off, put the lid on, and let it all melt up.

While the oats were cooking, I microwaved the squash until it was re-heated (I had already cooked it in the over the other day). Once it was done, I just spooned the oat mixture into the squash and dinner was served.

I was very full after this, but I haven’t yet beat the habit of following my dinner with something sweet, so I served up a bowl of plain yogurt, frozen banana slices and a dollop of White Chocolate Dreams. And maybe another spoonful of the PB…


I also might have dipped into the stash of xmas chocolates in the freezer… I just want them gone! I had two small mint chocolate cookies… they were good. I was very full.

Then I tried to be a diligent student and work on my notes (while allowing myself to get frequently distracted by blog reading) for the rest of the night.

Now it is Tuesday morning and I am sitting here blogging rather than getting in the run I wanted to this morning. I decided to spend the rest of my morning before class (which starts at 11:30) catching up on some notes though, and I’ll push my exercise until this afternoon when my classes are done. I think exercising in the aft just works out better for me if I can make it happen. My energy levels are much better then.

I opened up a can of completely delicious pumpkin to accompany my bowl of Weetabix. Boy was it ever a good can of pumpkin. Or I should say is, because I obviously did not consume the whole can in one sitting. Although I’ll bet you I could if, it’s that good. Some cans are just so much better than others…

But enough about my canned pumpkin obsession…

009 013 017


My total bowl of mush contained:

1 Weetabix biscuit, 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/3 cup best pumpkin ever, a splash of almond milk, frozen banana slices and cinnamon.

Obviously paired with fresh fruit. I love fresh fruit with my breakfast. And suddenly we’ve been buying grapes again, which I cannot stop eating. I always forget just how addicted I am to grapes until they are sitting front and centre in a big bowl in my fridge. I can’t open the fridge without nibbling on at least one, two… or ten.

Okay, NOW I’ve got to get moving though. I was going to do notes this morning but the time seems to be magically disappearing right before my eyes…


22 thoughts on “You Put WHAT In Your Squash?

  1. Your squash sounds really good! Salsa makes everything taste good!

    Oh thank you for the song suggestion. I love anything that Tiesto remixes.

  2. Songs connected to people = both good and bad in my book! Sometimes I’m afraid I might break the next button if you catch my drift :)

    Holy cow – that acorn squash needs to be on my plate pronto! Get yourself some CC, girl!! I would be going through withdrawal if I were you!

  3. i LOVE tegan and sara! but i totally am with you, they always make me think of the, um, more dramatic times of my life ;) oh to be a girl, right?

    btw, quinoa really is just as easy as oats so give it a try!

  4. That’s a brilliant idea, for real!
    And embrace those lameo girl emotions. At least we aren’t taught to suppress them (and thus don’t live as long!)!

  5. I’m glad your day and week is starting off so well! I freakin LOOOVE TIESTO :D :D omg i wanted to see him for nye but he was in some far off place….funny how time is disappearing on you! I’m finding the same thing..

  6. I’ve got so many comments running through my head, and so I’m just going to spit them all out in random order before I forget…

    Have you tried freezing your grapes? Makes a great snack, especially in the summer.

    What kind of canned pumpkin did you use? I’ve found I like Trader’s Joe’s brand the best. Isn’t it funny how different cans can taste so different?

    Your stuffed acorn squash was FREAKING BRILLIANT. I’ve GOT to remember that one! Sounds so good!

    Um, what else? Oh yeah, White Chocolate PB – I gotta get on that. Still haven’t tried it.

  7. I’m pretty sure that is one of the most genius ways to use squash that I have ever seen!

    I am a huge fan of putting spoonfuls of PB on top of anything.

    I like your pumpkin combination from yesterday morning!! And I’m very glad that I am not home to eat Christmas cookies :) But also slightly jealous that you still get to enjoy them.

    P.S. That edamame hummus in your last post is so intriguing!

  8. Heather – I LOVE frozen grapes. Can’t believe I hadn’t though to do that with this batch. Although I think the freezing cold temperatures might have had something to do with that… I think I’m going to go shove some in the freezer right now though!
    As for canned pumpkin, I use E.D. Smith brand. It’s the only one of two I’ve ever seen around here. It IS amazing how cans can taste completely different though. I mean, it’s all just pureed pumpkin, right? So weird…

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