The Only Weekend Highlight = Groceries

I tried posting this entry last night but for some reason it wasn’t working so I’m posting it this morning instead.

I’ll be honest and say that this weekend was pretty much crap. I mentioned how I was supposed to visit a friend out of town on Saturday night? Yeah, that didn’t happen so a great big round of applause to the terrible winter weather conditions for that one.

I don’t know exactly why but from Saturday night on I was just in a funk. I’m not going to bother blabbing on about it because that’s no fun to read, so instead I’ll keep it simple and let my weekend eats up the brightness factor instead.

I mentioned how on Friday night I had a sweet potato with cottage cheese for dinner but I was too lazy to upload the photo. I did that now:



Work day. Pre-work was breakfast time obviously. Still cleaning up the baked oatmeal I made… what, a week ago now? And yes, there’s still some left… one more piece!

Topped with a mix of soy nut butter, SF maple syrup and a splash of almond milk. Plus half a kiwi to the side if you didn’t notice that big round green thing there.

I forgot my camera for my packed lunch at work but it wasn’t that exciting: a salad topped with cottage cheese, an apple, a homemade trail mix of nuts, raisins, dried pineapple and Guardian cereal and 1/3 of a leftover Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif bar.

For dinner there was lots of carb-y goodness going on:


Ravioli, garlic bread hot dog buns (they were on their way to stale so my mom garlic breaded em up!) and mashed cauliflower.
I ate quite a bite more of the garlic bread than that… shh.

And what better way to follow a hot carb-y meal on a cold and depressing winter night that ended up not going as planned at all and resulting in me staying in and doing absolutely nothing than having a bowl of ice cream.

Light Vanilla Ice Cream topped with “melted” frozen strawberries mixed with peanut butter and peanut butter granola.


I was so proud of myself for serving up a nice little bowl, putting the container away and enjoying it…

…then I went back and ate from the container. Okay, lies. I ate not only from the ice cream container but also from the peanut butter jar. I was bummed, okay?

But let’s forget about that moment (or entire night) of weakness and move on to


Today was a grocery shop day. Woohoo.

But before that was a much needed stomach grumbling settler. So I settled on this:


A blueberry waffle topped with peanut butter and banana slices. But where’s the other half?

Right here.

But my entirely terrible short-term memory completely forgets which blog I saw this idea on last night. I apologize! I thought it was pretty genius though and knew that I needed to have it for breakfast this morning. So the other half of the waffle got submerged in half a cup of fat free plain yogurt. Mmms.

Then we grocery shopped. I bought a few “extras” for myself (that my mom deemed unnecessary and wasn’t willing to buy for me this time around… darn haha) Check em out:


Celestial Seasonings Dessert Tea – English Toffee aka the best tea ever.
Liberte Yogourt in Coconut flavour – there are actual coconut flakes in it. It’s amazing.

Peanut Butter & Co White Chocolate Wonderfulpretty sure this one speaks for itself.
Amy’s Spinach Feta in a Pocket Sandwichhave never tried it, have heard nothing but good things about it, can’t wait to EAT it.

We got plenty of other groceries too but these ones were the beauties that came out of my well-worn wallet.

One of the things that didn’t but that I HAVE to draw attention to is this:
 024 026

Summer Fresh Edamame Hummus!

I was beyond excited that I found this. And it was the last one! I love you edamame. I also love you greatly in hummus form. Geeeeenius.

OH. I forgot that I also found this bar that looked like it was worth trying. Eat Natural with macadamias, brazils and apricots. I had never seen these bars before but I saw several different kinds when we swung by Bulk Barn so I wanted to give it a go.



I’d say it is. Curious about the nutrition label?



The cals are 220. This will probably be eaten between classes tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes!

After putting groceries away I cooked up squash (acorn and butternut)…

and made a big salad

and a mini turkey and garden vegetable havarti sandwich on fresh multigrain loaf.


I munched on several squash fries once they were done.

Between lunch and supper I kind of studied. I didn’t seem to accomplish much though. My motivation is just completely shot in every way this weekend.

I had dinner. It was random. And very orange-y red… quite the angry-tempered dinner tonight.


Leftover pasta, the rest of the squash fries, leftover cauliflower and bread with edamame hummus.

I wasn’t hungry in the least but, as you know, I bought coconut yogurt and white chocolate wonderful today. There was no way those were going unopened.


I also munched on many a fresh juicy grape. Then I was even less hungry. No. Then I was stuffed.

Then I sort of studied. Then I shovelled. Then I studied some more.

I had every intention of working out tonight. Most especially because I didn’t last night. I hadn’t planned on it last night because I was supposed to be rushing out right after getting home from work to drive to visit my friend. But since that didn’t happen I was all thrown off. And then I was all blah and exercise was the last thing on my mind. So I needed to tonight. But I just could not do it. I had the biggest back and forth fight with myself, trying to somehow make myself do it. But I couldn’t.

Where are you energy? Where are you motivation?

Stupid weekend. I’m ready for a fresh week. Full of lots of… textbook reading.

Okay okay, I’m done grumbling. Time to sleep. Hope you all had a wonderful (and warm?) weekend!


PS – If you haven’t already, head over to Angela’s blog Oh She Glows, she has a great contest going on that includes the chance to win a great pack of Neal Brothers goodies if you’re in Canada, or some awesome Honest Foods Country Squares if you’re in the U.S. Sweet!


19 thoughts on “The Only Weekend Highlight = Groceries

  1. I hate when I get in funks… they can go on for days and completely ruine my weekend!!! Hope you come out of it!!!

    I have some extra butternut squash laying around.. it think youve inspired me to use it tonight :)

  2. Sorry you were in a funk this weekend. I’ve been there. I notice I usually get down in the winter with all this gloomy weather. I’ve been taking Vitamin D this year, and I think it’s helping since I’m definitely not getting naturally from the sun.

    So many things to say about your lovely eats! Love the garlic hot dog buns – very innovative. :) Your mom is so wrong (sorry mom), but PB & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful, Celestial Seasonings Tea (My fav. too), and coconut yogurt are necessities for sure! I’ve never had the Amy’s pocket, and so I can’t include that one…but I hear they’re delish!

    Edamame hummus?!? Oh man, I gotta find me some of that.
    Butternut squash fries – YUM! I hope your week is off to a fresh start. Next weekend will be better. :)

  3. lol your ‘extra items’ pretty much look like my extras :D

    That tea is bought on a weekly basis since I drink so much of it! haha!

    And it’s funny I saw the coconut yonghurt for the first time this week and contemplated buying it but decided not too. I might go back sometime this week and pick some up though!

    And YAY edamame hummus! I can’t get enough of it! I bought 2 containers of it this week, 1 to keep at work and one to keep at home! It’s SO. GOOD!

  4. You just bought 2 things I have been meaning to pick up – that coconut yogurt, and the edamame hummus. Damnit! I keep checking the store for the hummus, but the shelf is always empty, and I couldn’t justify another splurge the day I saw the coconut yogurt. It is payday this week though…..hmmmmm.

  5. that sweet potato is positively glowing! and i am SO jealous of edamame hummus, wow! we have those eat natural bars in the uK, i like them, depending on th flavour – not sure i’ve ever tried that one, hope it’s good :)

  6. I had to de-lurk when I saw you eating the Clif Toffee buzz…they just recalled those (even for canada) due to salmonella tainted peanuts. Go to to get more info!

  7. Kara – Ugh I know, I just found that out the other day and when I went to the Clif site and saw the Toffee Buzz recalled, my heart stopped for a second. It’s been nearly a week now though and I’m feeling fine so hopefully mine was alright! Ehe… yikes.

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