Somebody Hide My Wallet

Remember how I spent a whole wad of cash while shopping the other day?

07shop1 shopping-cart-short-sale

Well. I went shopping again today. Why? It’s beyond me. But I did and I spent a whole OTHER wad of cash.

I justify it though because all of it was on sale. I seriously very rarely buy things not on sale, unless I really love them or they’re a great price to begin with.

Among the things I bought included a jacket for $30 (regular $130!), and some sweat pants and several sweaters, all pretty dirt cheap though. Plus the second book in the Twilight series since I finally managed to finish the first one and had a book store gift certificate so for me it was free. :) Can’t wait to get started on New Moon! Now if only I didn’t have so much required textbook reading to do first…

And still on the shopping note, Old Navy is having a giant sale this weekend only where everything orange ticketed is an additional 50% off. SO. Because my last shopping binge was mostly done at Old Navy and I discovered that most of the stuff I bought on that last trip was all already orange ticketed, I brought my receipt back today and they gave me the 50% off on all of those items that were orange ticketed. This resulted in me getting $40 back! Just for bringing in the receipt, I didn’t even need to bring all of the clothes in with me. I was beyond thrilled about how cheap I ended up getting all of those items for.

If you can’t tell already, I’m clearly addicted to sales. I think I have a serious problem.

But because I think  you’ve probably heard enough about my serious clothing addiction and because I have no clothing visuals at the moment to make this more exciting, I’ll just move on to what I ate yesterday, cool?

Food on Thursday

I already posted yesterday’s brekkie on the last post so I’ll just straight ahead to the quick lunch I threw together when I ran home between classes to finish up an assignment.


Red pepper, spinach, tomatoes and kidney beans pan cooked in a dressing of fat free sour cream, dijon mustard, buffalo sauce and balsamic vinegar. I know, I mix weird things together. It tasted good though.

The highlight, however, was this:

No words needed.

I then had a lecture scheduled from 4-6 but it ended an hour early. ? OKAY. Works for me.

I went home and threw together a quick bowl of rice, more kidney beans, and spinach mixed with hoisin sauce and buffalo sauce because I was just feeling too lazy to try doing anything else.

I also had a few bites of the hamburger rice casserole my mom made and a few small pieces of this delicious cheesy bread.

It doesn’t look like much but it’s addicting. And disgustingly greasy, I pressed it onto a napkin and there was a nice big blob of grease leftover. It was slightly frightening. I still managed to eat plenty of it though.

I also ate some sweet stuff but I always forget to take pictures because I just chow down on whatever I find first. I need to start fancying up my desserts.


I discovered some leftover reduced sugar cherry pie filling in my freezer the other day from a can I opened up ages ago, so I decided to throw some into my breakfast.

Weetabix with unsweetened almond milk, vanilla yogurt, blueberries, frozen banana slices and cherry pie filling.

The filling was kind of lame though, it didn’t add a whole lot of flavour so I ended up tossing the rest of the leftovers.

I had a couple classes today and they were in separate buildings so I had to do a fair bit of walking in the bone-chilling cold we’ve been experiencing lately. Today has, in my opinion, been the COLDEST day yet and I thought I was going to pass out right there in the middle of the campus parking lot as I booked it as fast as I could to get to my next class. I seriously hate the cold. The only thing that made it bearable was the bright sunshine that added a teeny bit of warmth. But the winds somewhat counteracted that. Go away winter!

After class was my shopping excursion with my friend. We managed to shop for 3 hours. Usually I cannot stand shopping for great amounts of time so this was like a record. I think the overabundance of sales left, right and centre definitely helped though. ;)

Because of the shopping, my “lunch” was an apple and a Clif bar (Peanut Toffee Buzz – first time trying. Opinion = not bad but nothing notable) from the grocery store.

I snacked on bread, soup, carrots and tea when I got home. Then went back to the mall with my mom to get that $40 from my Old Navy receipt. Then came home and had an actual dinner of sweet potato and cottage cheese, plus a bowl of cabbage slaw with feta. I got pictures of the sweet potato but I’m not in the mood to go get my camera and upload the pic so I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

I’m headed out of town tomorrow night to visit (and party with of course) a friend of mine and I’ve never been there before so it’ll be nice to do something different this weekend. I’m looking forward to it! Anyone else doing something out of their ordinary weekend routine?
Have a great one!


17 thoughts on “Somebody Hide My Wallet

  1. LOL those shopping images crack me up!

    My secret to making sure I read the Twilight series is to just not read my textbooks. Good thing I finished the series last week, otherwise I think I would be in trouble by now! It makes me really happy that you like them, though!

    Your “weird mix” looks so good! I love all of the colors – and with the way you take pictures, everything always comes out perfect, IMHO.

    CHEESY BREAD?! I can see how that would be addicting!

    My weekend routine is going to be pretty ordinary. I hope you have fun though! STAY WARM. It is F*C**** freezing :)

  2. 3 hours of shopping – wow! Sounds like you found some great bargains. Very exciting.

    Yes, I agree. Winter – please go away.

    I love my weird combos as well.

    Sweet potato + cottage cheese = the best!

    Date + nut butter = even better than above equation :)

    Happy weekend. No unusual plans for me. Enjoy New Moon.

  3. omg don’t tell me about old navy..i need clothes for the field for work but don’t want to shop and spend money but if ON is having a sale…gahhh…look what you’ve done to me. LOL

    love the eats though…sorry that cherry pie filling didn’t work out for you though! that blows. :P

    have fun out w/ the friend this weekend!

  4. omg im just as bad. I go through stores and probably buy things that i normally wouldnt buy simply because theyre on sale. but hey how can you stop a girl on a mission!

    i feel like mejool dates are the most popular dried fruit on the blogosphere right now! theyre so amazingggg

  5. Just ran across your blog … all your food looks delicious!!

    Yeah, I try to stay away from stores, especially when I know they’re having sales because then I won’t be tempted to buy stuff I “can’t live without”, lol … but sometimes it’s really hard to pass up a jacket for only 30 dollars when it used to be 130!!

    Have fun doing something different this weekend! My husband and I got to go see a movie together and that’s different than lately, it seems like we haven’t had much time for anything so it was nice to relax : )

  6. i must look at old navy’s website then again it could be dangerous :) i love buying stuff on sale,. thats usually the only time i go shopping but i wind up always going overboard LOL

  7. Sounds like a fabulous shopping extravaganze. Perhaps if you came to America to shop you would save the U.S. economy. :D

    Anway, I heart dates and peanut butter. It’s so delicious and really, only us food bloggers know (I think).

    Try not to trun into a Kristie icicle .. Kristicle.

  8. I kinda adore the spinach/balsamic/bean dish! It looks bangin!
    At least it was cash, not credit, right? Just here to help you justify.
    And if it WAS credit – at least it was at Old Navy!
    I thought of you when I went out dancing. :)

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