I Missed You Cottage Cheese

  How am I enjoying my morning today? Let’s ask Miss K! I think she’s slightly familiar with this combo:


I was a little deprived of cottage cheese after having gone, what, possibly a week now without? Unacceptable. Picked some up last night at the grocery store.

Yes, the container is already half gone. I need to start buying this stuff in BULK.

I was plenty full after this but was pleasantly reminded by my mother that there were kiwis in the fridge. When is the last time I had a kiwi?!


Well, now it’s ten minutes ago. I ended up only eating half though because I suddenly felt a little nauseous. Too much food to early in the a.m. I guess.

Today is one of my late mornings (class doesn’t start until 11:30!) and I usually try to fit a workout into my plentiful morning time but I’m just not feeling it this morning. I think I’ll do it after class and dinner tonight instead. I feel like lazing around and reading right now instead.

But I missed yesterday because I was actually being productive and getting work done. I’m feeling slightly less stressed now that I’ve gotten some of my readings and assignments underway. I doubt that relief will last long but it’s something.



I had a chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast drink for, well, breakfast, what else?


One instant breakfast packet, one cup of unsweetened original Almond Breeze, and half a cup of strawberries into the Bullet.

Then two early classes, in one of which I ate a Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate granola bar since breakfast drinks just don’t seem to hold me over all that well.

Wednesdays are nice and short for me (9:30-11:30, score!) so then I came home, did some internet browsing and such, then made some lunch.

For lunch I ate this, which had been in my cupboard for I don’t even know how long:

230 cals, 1.5g fat, 5g fibre, 10g protein

Taste-wise it wasn’t bad, but it could have used some more flavour or spice or something. It was a little bland. I threw in some wilted spinach and a dollop of fat free sour cream for good measure.


I also snacked on rye, leftover chicken and raw veggies while waiting for this soup, as it was of the ‘pour in boiling water and wait 5-7 minutes’ variety. I am not a patient person.


Then I re-discovered a few pieces of Jenn’s Betta Banana Bread that I made a while ago in the freezer. Sweeeet. I had a teeny slice sandwiched with banana and soy nut butter


Shortly after, I did this random workout that I jotted down on a piece of paper. It’s pretty similar to most treadmill workouts I do, just varying up the speeds and inclines constantly. I get bored really easily so my favourite treadmill workouts involve switching things up as often as possible.

Hilly Variation Workout

Minute 0-5:  6mph  4% incline
5-10  7.5mph  4%
10-12  6.5mph  4%
12-14  6.5mph  8%
14-16  7mph  6%
16-18  7.5mph  4%
18-20  7.5mph  8%
20-25  6.5mph  4%
25-28  7.5mph 4%
25-28  7mph  6%
28-30  7mph  6%
30-33  6.5mph  6%
33-36  6.5mph  8%
36-38  7mph  4%
38-40  6.5mph  6%
40-43  6mph  4%
43-45  4mph  10%

I wasn’t sure how do-able this one would be but it’s quite do-able. Challenging and yet I was never on the verge of quitting, nor was I ever bored since it switches up every few minutes. Next time maybe I’ll try throwing in a couple sprints or something equally exciting.

Then I went to the grocery store with my mom pre-dinner (where I picked up my beloved cottage cheese), came home, unpacked and put it all away, and proceeded to have a serving of cottage cheese in the process.

We ate dinner soon after, where I threw together a quick egg white omelette stuffed with spinach, tomatoes, chili sauce and salsa, along with a side of velveeta mac and cheese because it’s one of my downfalls.

I was in a snacky/sweet mood last night (I think it was a homework procrastination thing) so I ended up snacking on some mellocremes from Halloween (I know, why do I still have some of those lying around? They were in the freezer), as well as an apple, a few (too many…) semi-sweet chocolate chips and a thing or two that I can’t remember.

Then I did plenty of school work. And now I should do a bit more before heading off to class. Long day today: 11:30-6. I’m not a fan of having classes for that long but there’s a 1h40min break in there so it’s tolerable.

Tomorrow’s Friday!


19 thoughts on “I Missed You Cottage Cheese

  1. Your food photos are so FREAKING TANTALIZING!!!!!! Holy goodness yum.

    Best of luck with the long day!! The weekend is almost here, at least :-)

    **Just as a heads up: I will not be able to comment on blogs as often now, during this semester, due to work overload (I’m stressed already) – PLEASE know that I’m still loyally reading, but just won’t have time to comment. I hope you understand!!

  2. Woo that workout looks great to me. I agree that the best way to do the treadmill is VARIETY! I’ll have to try this sometimes, since I’m not very good at getting creative, I like to follow other people’s plans, haha ;)

    I too LOVE cottage cheese, but do not buy it quite often enough!

  3. Wow, I love your eats, everything is so delicious!
    And thanks for the quick review on the soup from PC. I’ve seen that a couple of times, but never really thought about it. I guess adding more to it spices things up a little in terms of flavor and all. Thanks thanks!

  4. Hm – that’s odd…I have no idea what your talking about, CC with an English muffin?! Nope, not ringing any bells ;)

    YUM to that dinner – mac and cheese AND an omelet?! Girl you’re a genius!

    Congrats for getting some work done, I haven’t even bought my books yet haha

  5. good luck with your long day! I eat lots o CC too, but I can’t commit to buying the big container..b/c it looks so gross to me and I don’t really trust it after it’s been open a few days! Anyway what a dilemma :D

  6. First off, LOVE your bright and clear photos! The lighting makes all the difference eh?

    Second, I love cottage cheese too! I also can’t eat a huge breakfast. I agree too much too early. But, hey your breakfast looks absolutely healthy and light still!

  7. That kiwi looks so purty! I love the green color.

    Too bad the soup was bland – it looks freakin’ awesome! The dollop of sour cream was a very aesthetically pleasing touch, if I do say so myself!

    Hurray for rediscovering that banana bread! Mm, I never tried it with nut butter, though! Next time, next time.

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