Sales Addictions and Long Slumbers

Yesterday was pretty brutal for me in that my serious lack of sleep over the weekend kept me feeling completely drained all day.

However I still managed to fit a shopping trip with a friend into the afternoon, where I spent nearly $200 on clothing, underwear and earrings. Stupid sales! I just can’t resist them. Actually they aren’t stupid at all, I love them. But I really didn’t need to spend that much. But most of it was spent at Old Navy and I’m sure you all know just how great their sales can be… I think I’m going to be returning a couple sweaters, but regardless I’m still keeping at least 4 more. Oh how I love clothes. Eep.

I had intended to get some serious reading done after shopping but it was already dinner time by the time I got home and I was so completely dead after that that I decided to forget about the work and go to bed. Yes, I was in bed, lights out by about 8:30. The last time I was in bed that early was probably in elementary school. It needed to happen though and for the first time in a week I managed to wake up this morning without having to drag myself out of bed. It was wonderful.

In terms of my eating yesterday, it was generally quite poor. I was pretty much just constantly snacking and craving many sweets. I did manage to cram in plenty of fruits and some veggies, but there was also some chocolate cookie binging and the like going on. Because of the snacking, I missed out on photographing most of it. I caught a few piccies though.

A mixed cereal and yogurt bowl


The eggnog syrup I mentioned finding the other day on sale. It was from the same series of syrups as the gingerbread syrup I got a little while back. I like this one better though, and it actually tastes like eggnog! I had some with my coffee.


Random vegetable bowl with leftover chicken

Dinner of leftover chicken with pasta and buffalo sauce mixed, broccoli, and mashed potatoes with chili powder and oregano (I think? I can’t completely remember what I threw on there)

And then some frozen mango, vanilla yogurt and unsweetened almond milk Magic Bulleted and eaten. I also stirred in some vanilla protein powder after because I wanted a little more flavour. The frozen mango I used was pretty terrible and unsweet. Blah.

Then I had some tea and hit the hay for that long, lovely night of sleep catch-up.


This morning’s baked oatmeal slice was topped with apple butter. I swear I’m almost finished up my baked oatmeal stash. 007

This was accompanied by a lovely cold that I seem to have developed in the past day. I’m quite sad about this as I was so proud of myself for having avoided any colds this season so far. But I guess it had to happen eventually right? So I’m trying to load up a bit on the fruits and such, most especially the clems. Mmmm.

Then I went to two morning classes, ate an apple during my hour break while trying to start on my readings finally… then went to a two hour lab for my info processing course I have to take, then finally HOME time.

First things first, I made a gigantor salad while chugging down some hot green tea. I don’t drink this often enough because every time I do I always realize how much I love it. I should just get into the habit of drinking it every day. Maybe instead of coffee? Aha, don’t think so. 021

I also had a small slice of rye with homemade hummus, but that was eaten much too fast to take a picture of.

Now my plans for the night include getting in a good treadmill run (haven’t done that in two days, oops!) and lots and lots of textbook reading and note-taking. Plus hopefully another slightly earlier bed time tonight, I think I still  have a teeny bit more catch-up to do.


14 thoughts on “Sales Addictions and Long Slumbers

  1. Haha, I agree. Enjoy your purchases. At least they were on sale! LOL!

    And delicious eats! And another awesome syrup? I remember you had a cool Gingerbread one too! That is super!

  2. It’s the low prices – they’ll catch your eye and before ya know it, you’ve spent way too much! But it’s on sale right, so it doesn’t matter ;) That’s my philosophy at least!

    Those mashed potatoes sound good! Oregano and chili powder are two of my fav. spices!

    Keep downing the clems and getting rest – colds are no bueno!!

  3. dude, shopping is my enemy. i spent 100 bucks at target today…and 100 combined in the past two trips to publix. >X Grrrr…

    but loving the eats. colds suck, hope you feel better!

  4. haha! I go to bed a few times a week at that time.. but I also get up ridiculously early and turn into a not so nice person if I don’t get enough sleep.

    And I totally replaced coffee with green tea! Last month! And I was a totaly coffee fiend. After the first few days it was all good though!

    I’ve been trying SO HARD to avoid all of the sales this winter! I’m supposed to go to San Diego in March and I want to make sure I save up money for that.. otehrwise I would be all over Old Navy and various other places!

  5. That eggnog syrup looks interesting!

    I don’t think I’ve ever spent $200 in one trip – I am a thrift store shopper! I can sniff out J. Jill and Coach bags like nobody’s business!

  6. omg- do you love your magic bullet??? I just got one ( well a bella kitchen) but same thing- and I LOVE it so far! It is alot easier than my big blender!

    too bad that mango wasn’t sweet enough… looks like a yummy little dessert

  7. i’m a huge sucker for sales! my favorite is when jcrew has their sales, with extra 30 % off, and if you are a student and show your student ID, you get an extra 15% off! can’t beat that :)

  8. I’m back :-)

    **Just as a heads up: I will not be able to comment on blogs as often now, during this semester, due to work overload (I’m stressed already) – PLEASE know that I’m still loyally reading, but just won’t have time to comment. I hope you understand!!

  9. B_Healthy – Do I EVER love it! I use my Bullet alllllll the time. It’s been a kitchen staple since I received it for xmas last year!

    dailygoods – Whoa man, I so wish we had a JCrew here then. That’s quite the amazing set of deals there. I’d probably end up blowing ALL my money with those kind of sales though haha

    Kelly – Not a clue, but I wondered the EXACT same thing. A little strange, I must admit…

    VeggieGirl – Of COURSE I understand, don’t worry about it at all. Happy school working! Don’t get too stressed!

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