Hooray for the Weekend

Thanks for all the textbook buying advice and insight everyone! I’ve now purchased all of them. I had five to buy and had to buy three of those new in the university bookstore, mainly because I just couldn’t manage to get ahold of them used, but I also got two of them used. One I found through the bookstore’s online used book listings so I bought it off a girl who goes to the school, and the other I ordered online so hopefully that will arrive sometime next week. My main fear of purchasing online though is that the books will take a while to arrive. So the one I got online is one that I think I can afford to fall a tiny bit behind on in readings and catch up once it arrives. Overall, even though I only got two of the books used, I still managed to save roughly $200 so I think putting the extra effort in to find used textbooks is definitely worth it.

Yesterday my first class of the day was cancelled since the prof had some meeting to go to, so my day didn’t start until 1:00. Sweet!

Breakfast was a delicious bowl of Weetabix and Optimum Power cereal with almond milk, vanilla yogurt, bananas and a rainbow of berries. Every bite was scrumptious. Oh how I love cereal. It’s a love/hate thing though because I always want to go back for a second bowl and thus never feel quite satisfied after a cereal breakfast. It’s nothing coffee can’t fix though. 


The longer morning gave me plenty of time for a workout, so I did 40 minutes of running on the treadmill, varying between 6mph and 7.5mph every five minutes, and varying the inclines between 4-6%. Once again, I was struggling through this entire thing. Every workout this week has been a struggle. It’s really disheartening because usually workouts just feel empowering. This first week of school has really been draining me for some reason.
I followed this by about 10 minutes of various ab exercises on my exercise ball.

After showering and getting ready to head to class I took more time than I should have because I had to throw together and practically inhale my lunch. 026

Just a quick salad with leftover baked tofu and a piece of marble rye with salsa and goat cheese.

I was still hungry though and knew I wouldn’t be eating for several hours since my last class on Thursdays ends at 6, so I also quickly ate an apple and some yogurt. AND a handful of yogurt rice crisps. THEN I was quite stuffed.

My classes were fine but already I’m starting to feel stressed and overwhelmed. It’s the first week! My classes are mostly fairly drab and some seem as though they might be exceptionally complicated. I think I’ll survive but with the amount of reading I already have to do… sigh. I’m just not recovered enough yet from the fall term to jump into this already. I see many a de-stressing nap in my near future.

When I got home from my last class, my family had ordered pizza. Blech. I love pizza but they always get the crap-o pep n cheese. And sadly enough, I love the stuff so I can’t bypass it without a taste. Or two.

I paired my pizza (I swear they were slivers!) with a black bean sweet potato patty and some baby carrots. The patty was made by mashing together leftover black beans, half a sweet potato, a bit of buffalo sauce and a bit of salsa, cooked in a pan and topped with honey mustard. Deelish.

032  043

Then I was still hungry so I had a small piece of bread with salsa and some pickles.

Then I had a sweet craving that I tried to kill with an orange.049

Sometimes that works. Not last night. I also had 1/2 a date, some Misty Mints and a small chocolate cookie thing. THEN it was gone.

THEN I slacked when I should have been reading school stuff. No wonder I feel stressed, yeesh. I did manage to get some stuff done though.

This Morning

I got up nice and early and still found myself rushing out the door. I get up early so that that doesn’t happen. Where does the time go?!

I had a pack of Quaker Less Sugar Apples & Cinnamon instant oatmeal with extra rolled oats thrown in because I like the chew and the packet alone is too sweet. I also put in some frozen banana, berries and yogurt on top but decided that I didn’t actually want the yogurt so I pushed most of it to the side. 005

I was in a terrible mood this morning. It was one of those mornings where I hated the world and myself. I was late, I was tired, my hair looked bad and my mother probably wanted to smack me. I ran out the door to my car only to realize it was covered in snow and ice and needed to be scraped. Since I was already late, I said screw it, turned around and went back inside, skipping my first class.

I think this was the best decision because it gave me about an extra 40 minutes to calm down, recollect, and de-stress. And of course, fix my hair. ;)

I went to my second class but after sitting there for 20 minutes, no sign of the prof. Seriously? So about 3/4 of the class just stood up and left, myself included. I hate wasting my time sitting around doing nothing so I ran over to the bookstore and picked up the last couple books I needed, then came home.

Now I’m in a decent mood, am done classes for the day, survived (sort of) the first week back, and am cooking some squash. YES.

I anticipate the rest of the day being better than my morning, and am glad it’s finally the weekend. I hope you all managed to get through your week as well and have a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Hooray for the Weekend

  1. I totally would have skipped class too. Sometimes it’s not worth the stress and rushing around – and the wear and tear that puts on your body!

  2. Niiiiiice on the canceled class!! Hope your classes don’t stress you out too much :( Naps are always fab though!

    Um, hi, that sweet potato burger concoction contains probably the best foods ever (SP, BB, salsa, hot sauce?! YUM!)! Squash is a great way to turn around a bad morning ;)


  3. ooo good job on saving the money on the textbooks! buying textbooks online was KEY to me affording them in college & grad school!

    that berry & cereal bowl looks fab! i need to get that cereal :)

  4. I’m so sorry-I HATE those days! OH YES-the dreaded commuter frustration with the stupid ice on the windshield! I feel you. At least your eats look delish and healthy.Did you make the patty or is it a Boca/morningstar/other frozen item?

  5. Sorry to hear that your morning was kind of rough. Did the professor not notify anyone? I hate when that happens, especially when it is like those 8am classes, super super early!

  6. Hell ya on “postponing” your class :D It’s Friday!! Your foods look delish- I must say I really love your photos, the coloring/lighting is very unique and different from other blogs, yours is one of my faves (shh)….i don’t know I just like it! :D

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