Baked Breakfast Beauty and a Stellar Sandwich

Well, I have now experienced 4 out of 5 of my classes. They all seem decent but I’m already started to feel a tiny bit overwhelmed. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that I don’t have any of my textbooks yet though, so I can’t get started on the readings. I plan on getting them asap but I’m trying to get my hands on some used books, which can be a bit of a task sometimes in trying to contact people who are selling them, arrange meeting times etc.
Do any of you buy any your textbooks used? Or do you buy all new? Or what other alternatives to you use? Sharing, photocopying, ordering online? Textbooks are so expensive so I’m trying to figure out the best way to get deals but not have to wait weeks to have all my textbooks in my hands. Last term I managed to get most used and save a good chunk of money but it was a couple weeks into term before I had them all and I fell a bit behind of some of the readings…

Anyway, sorry for no update yesterday, my wireless Internet has been a pain and a half lately. I think our router is on the fritz. 


Tuesdays and Thursdays begin at 11:30 so I have plenty of morning chill time. For this reason I decided on baked oatmeal for breakfast. I have made this before using Kath’s method but I made a few slight modifications: no salt, used carton egg whites, 1 cup skim milk and 0.5 cup unsweetened Almond milk, only half a mashed banana and also threw in some cinnamon.

I was completely starving while I made this though and I knew I couldn’t wait the half hour baking time, so I had a bowl of plain yogurt with mashed naner and a dollop of pumpkin seed butter.


Then I did some blog reading and puttering until the baked breakfast goodness was ready.

003 009

By then though I was starting to run out of time and wanted to get a workout in before heading off to class, so I had half of a piece of this and then was off onto the treadmill for a quick run that I believe ended up somewhere around 4.5 miles.

Then I was starving again so I had the rest of the piece of oatmeal.
020 022

This was definitely not enough to fuel me through the next three hours of classes that I knew stood ahead of me though, so I scarfed down some cottage cheese and an apple before running out the door.

Classes were fine but felt very long because my two classes are back to back and in the same room so I essentially don’t move for 3 hours. I already have trouble sitting for long periods of time as is so this might be a little bit of an annoyance throughout the term. Luckily there is a 10 minute break between the two classes so at least I have a chance to get out of my seat, if only briefly.

Between the two classes yesterday I snacked on half of a CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT Jocalat Larabar. My first attempt with this flavour. WHOA. Seriously delicious. If you haven’t tried this one, DO IT.

By the time I got home from my classes mid-afternoon I was starving once again. When I remembered I still had buttercup squash in the fridge I practically ran to it. I could seriously eat it at every meal. I made up a nice big bowl of raw veggies, squash, leftover chicken and leftover baked tofu. I basically ate this bowl twice…

… and then wasn’t hungry for dinner until quite a few hours later.

Even when I did make dinner I wasn’t that hungry but I was really looking forward to making a fridge-clearing quesadilla so I ignored my lack of hunger and just made dinner anyway :)

I packed this with black beans, guacamole, tomatoes, salsa and spinach, topped with ff sour cream, and managed to get rid of at least three containers of leftover foods with it so I was quite satisfied.

I was exhausted last night and told myself I was going to get to bed before midnight but then my friend wanted me to join her for her co-worker’s birthday because she didn’t want to show up alone, so I figured I could suck it up and try to stay awake. We didn’t stay too too long but I still didn’t end up getting to bed until after midnight. TONIGHT I will sleep!


Every day this week I’ve had to drag myself out of bed. Blah. I can’t wait until it starts getting lighter earlier. It’s so much easier to get out of bed when it’s not pitch black outside.

For breakfast this morning I went to my fresh baked oatmeal stash and had a reheated slice, complete with 2 tsp soy nut butter, half an orange and fresh strawberries.
003 011

Then class time. Classes on Wednesday start at 9:30 (tolerable) and end by 11:30 (wonderful).

When I got home I did an arm-burning shovelling job since we got a lovely snow dump last night (The driving was brutal. Stupid winter). Then I did some online textbook searching (paaaaainful).

THEN I made some lunch. The greatest sandwich ever. Or at least of the month.

A slice of marble rye toasted, with roasted red pepper hummus (my favourite kind), tomato, spinach, chicken and honey mustard. Every bite was awesome.
037 038

I ate it with mushrooms, zucchini and a bit of leftover baked tofu on the side, but they had nothing on the sammy.

I finally got onto the treadmill a bit later but today’s run was hard. I did a sprint interval workout that I’ve done many many times before. It was only 30 minutes long but even the first five minutes of a slow-paced 6mph warmup was tough. I’ve been energy low all week so far so this is why I must force myself into bed earlier tonight!

This is also why I have trouble working out early in the morning. My energy levels just aren’t up yet! Do you guys just plow through it if your energy is really low during a workout? Do you lower the intensity instead? I always want to keep going but I feel like I can hardly get through it if I’m too tired and I feel like I’m not putting nearly as much effort into it.

After some shopping (where I found some sugar free eggnog syrup on sale! – I’ll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow) it was dinner time. I’ve been meaning to make this dinner for ages and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I finally decided to make it tonight. Pretty sure I saw the idea via Erin a while back. Sweet potato with Amy’s Organic Medium Chili with Vegetables. I also added spinach and a bit of salsa on top.  
045 (2)

First time trying this chili. Very good! There was a nice kick to it, and it’s very hearty. It’s Amy’s though, how could it be bad right?

Well, I just finished drinking up a yummy eggnog iced coffee and I think it’s about time I try to start doing some school stuff… Night all!


25 thoughts on “Baked Breakfast Beauty and a Stellar Sandwich

  1. I try really hard to buy all used but sometimes it just doesn’t happen – the prices are OUTRAGEOUS though :( $260 for just my Physics book boooo!

    You have been bus-eey these past few days! That baked oatmeal looks oh so good – I need to make some stat!

    Good luck going to bed early! Sleeping issues just aren’t fun. There’s a good possibility I take allergy meds when my allergies are fine if ya catch my drift ;)

  2. Chocolate Hazelnut larabar is AMAZING! Glad you thought so too!

    As for textbooks, I usually but used when I can, but most of the time I get lazy doing all the searches and just buy it from the campus bookstore (which most of the time is new).

    Have a great night and keep the posts coming… the eats are fab as always!

    Good luck with classes!

  3. Your foods look amazing, I love the marble rye.

    I almost always buy books online unless they are class specific. The nice thing about my campus is that most of my profs only order books into the off campus bookstore which is so much cheaper. If you can wait a couple of days, I highly recommend buying online, it is so much cheaper!

  4. I buy used if I know that I will keep them. But otherwise I buy new ones, so that I can sell them. Lately, however, the editions for most of my books are brand-new, so I have to decide whether to cheap out and buy the used old edition and risk not having the same info, or to just buy the new edition.

  5. the quesadilla and the sandwich looks amazing! and chili on a sweet potato is a great idea! actually, i just want to eat everything you just posted…

    i usually buy my textbooks on if you don’t need them after the semester is over, you can sell them back on amazon, and you don’t get ripped off like you would at the school bookstore. i’ve gotten back like $10 for books i paid $100 for at the school bookstore school, but sometimes i actually made a profit selling books back on amazon, lol. good luck!

  6. definitely go to its through ebay, and people sell their old textbooks on there, and you can type in the book number and everything to make sure its the right one! it saved me a lotttt of money at school! Its crazy how expensive they are, and how they hardly give you any money back for them when you sell them back! amazing eats :)

  7. I second, it’s how i got 80% of my college and grad school books that I have rarely touched since! :)

    I get through sluggish workouts by watching Oprah or listening to dance-y music – if it’s energy, sometimes eating 1/2 a granola bar mid workout helps.

  8. Gosh I missed your blog! Sorry I’m wwaaay behind, but I just got caught up and you had some seriously delicious eats goin’ on! I’m glad that your first day back went well, too!

    I’m getting overwhelmed, too. I usually buy used textbooks at our school bookstore. Sometimes, if it’s WAY too expensive I’ll check out and find a better deal.

    Your baked oatmeal looks so good! I love the fruit on top. AND I have a chocolate hazelnut Jocalat waiting to be eaten! I’ll make that a priority now :)

    I love that fridge-clearing quesadilla and marble rye sandwich. Wow, seriously – AMAZING eats!! I want them all!

  9. Textbooks, I usually buy used, mooch from my friends, or resort to buying new. But I usually check out the used bookstore first, and then go to the other bookstore on campus. Luckily, they are very close to each other, like four stores down.. lol. So easy price comparisons!

  10. I usually bought books used at the bookstore, but then I check online if it’s super expensive.

    I love the quesadilla and oatmeal!

    Re: workouts. Sometimes I just stop, but rarely. I can usually feel if I’m just being lazy or if I need a rest.

  11. For textbooks Amazon has a used textbook section, but my courses are done through correspondence and the books are included in the tuition so I”m pretty lucky.

    That sandwhich has left my mouth WATERING. yum.

    As for workouts, I normally do like 80% running and 20% biking when it comes to cardio but when I’m super exhausted I just skip the running and get on the bike and try to push through for at least 2/3 of the workout.

  12. Great Blog!! I love your eats :)

    I usually try to buy my books using and have found some great deals on used books there. I buy the course specific and special books from the bookstore = expensive! Textbooks are always painful to buy…

    Have a great day and keep up the awesome posting!

  13. I ALWAYS buy used when I can-it’s ridiculous expensive usually anyways. Where did you find the sugar-free eggnog syrup? do tell:)

  14. Kate – I bought it at a store called Winners, kind of like a department store that carries random brands for cheaper than normal department stores? I don’t really know how to explain it haha but they carry a whole bunch of random stuff. I think the syrups were only around for Christmas though and there was only the one left when I got it :(

    THANK YOU everyone for your textbook buying info. I love hearing all the different ways you guys get ahold of them and it’s been quite helpful. I still have a couple more to get but I managed to get two used and get AWESOME deals on them. One I had to buy from the store and I think I may have to do the same for the others as well but at least I saved a bit of cash!

  15. Awesome looking baked oatmeal. I love the way you arranged it with the strawberries & oranges – it almost looks like a Mr Potato Head (or maybe I’m just crazy).

    Does your school’s bookstore not buy back books and sell used ones? Because that’s how I always got used text books back in my school days.

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  17. Ashley – Thanks! It sometimes miss out on blog look changes because of Reader too. Wouldn’t it be nice if the actual look of the blog were viewable on Reader?

    Marianne – They do, but I always seem to miss out on the used stash that is sold in the stores (I tend to put off getting my books until classes have already started… eep) and I know there are other used sale options at random dates and locations in the school but I never know how to find them or miss them etc. I really need to get more informed on that business!

  18. Pingback: Staying Power « eating bender

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