Surviving the First Day

Well, I survived the first day back! It actually wasn’t bad at all, although it ended extra early because usually I will have a two hour lab on Mondays but since this is the first week of classes, the lab doesn’t begin until next week. This resulted in my day being done by 11:30. Yay!

I had two classes today, Information Processing with Microcomputer Systems and Research Methods II (Psych). They both seem as though they will be quite do-able so I’m feeling alright with them right now. We’ll see if that changes in a couple weeks time…

My classes tomorrow are Intro to Learning (Psych) and Abnormal Psychology. Hopefully they’ll be pretty interesting! As do-able as today’s seem, they also seemed as though they might be slightly dry.

My first class was at 9:30 so I woke up at 7:00 (I hate rushing around in the a.m.), did some reading, then had a random breakfast. I munched on a piece of fresh bread, then dolled out some cottage cheese and had half an orange and some grapes. It’s hard to have much of an appetite that early in the morning. Especially when I have to drag myself out of bed. Usually I don’t have an incredibly difficult time waking up and feeling somewhat alive, but today I was still in need of a couple more hours of sleep when my alarm went out. I guess that’s probably from regularly sleeping in until 9:30 basically every day of the holidays.

001 006

Surprisingly this breakfast held me over for a good number of hours, such that I was hardly even that hungry when I started to make lunch after 1pm. Although I did eat quite a bit more cottage cheese straight out of the container so I guess that protein powerhouse did a good job of filling me up!

I was excited to be able to come home for lunch (since I wasn’t sure if the lab would be scheduled for the first day or not initially so I thought I might be stuck at the school for a few more hours) and made myself a nice big salad. It consisted of spinach, cabbage slaw, baby tomatoes, baby carrots, green pepper, mushrooms, leftover baked tofu and leftover buttercup squash and was dressed with fat free sour cream, dijonnaise and balsamic vinegar.

This was preceded by a tiny heel of marble rye with red pepper hummus and spinach dip. Mmmmm.

I was very full after this but I needed something sweet and that leftover half of a Clif bar from the other day was calling my name. After Caroline’s suggestion of heating it in the microwave, I couldn’t let the idea go and knew I needed to try it asap.

Love it. I need to remember to try this more often with bars.

For today’s workout I did an hour on the treadmill. YAY. I always feel so accomplished when I’m able to run that long. I ran 6.3 miles in 60 minutes with inclines varying between 4-8 throughout the run. I was having an especially tough time today with the run though, I think because I was feeling a little tired all day long. Which I think has to do with the fact that I was shortchanged on my sleep nearly the entire last week of holidays. Time to catch up this week I guess!
One plus about this term’s schedule is that my Tuesdays and Thursdays don’t start until 11:30 so I’ll have ample time to get a morning workout in and still not be rushing around. Thumbs up to that!

As soon as I was done my workout I received a text from a friend asking to go out for sushi. Well, who can turn down sushi, right? So I hopped in the shower and then booked it out for a tasty dinner of miso soup, a big plate of edamame and a rainbow roll. Deeeelish and I was plenty stuffed after all of this and my many many cups of hot green tea. I love the green tea they serve at sushi restaurants, it always tastes extra delightful (Sorry no pictures. The place we went doesn’t present their sushi all nice and fancy though so it wasn’t much to look at anyway).
And on the subject of sushi, what are your sushi preferences, and how do you like to eat your sushi? My most ordered roll is probably a california roll (but I do like to switch it up and try new ones fairly often!) and I also usually stuff each piece with some wasabi, top it with a piece of pickled ginger and then dip it in soy sauce. I’m starting to use a bit less of the soy sauce though. Today I only used it for a couple pieces before deciding I was experiencing sodium overkill with that plus the salt coating the edamame.

As I said, I was good and full after this, but after a shopping trip to Chapters (bookstore – my friend spent nearly $200 on books about chocolate purely out of interest! She is in culinary school though) I came home craving fruit and yogurt. First I ate some pieces of chicken out of the fridge though? Kinda far off from fruit but whatevs.


Fresh berries! with plain FF yogurt and some Guardian cereal for crunch.


This wasn’t good enough though. Something was missing…

Chocolate chips make everything better.

Except that my sweet tooth was then triggered, so I also ate a bunch of those yogurt rice crisps from yesterday, plus a small chocolate mint cookie. Then I had to force resistance on myself because the chocolate craving was still screaming. So I began this entry. And now the craving has subsided. Woo!

We made it through Monday! :)


15 thoughts on “Surviving the First Day

  1. Yay! I’m glad u liked the micro version, I’ve found that helps to redeem soo many mediocre bars! My friend minored in psych…and she adored it! I’m sure those classes will be v. interesting, ha especially in comparison to the 2 today. Great run too! I’m the same way with my sweet tooth, snacky sense..I just sort of rummage in the kitchen till it’s satisfied! I usually have tons of sweets laying around- I just have to find the right one! Good luck at schooool tomm :D

  2. Hooray for making it through your first day! And that sushi sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!!

    I’m so jealous you get to take abnormal psych tomorrow, I took it in summer school, and it is a seriously interesting and rewarding class, you’ll love it!

    When it comes to sushi, I like to try california rolls from all different places, because everywhere seems to do them differently. I will occasionally get a raw roll like tuna or salmon, but I honestly just prefer the california. Bring on the wasabi and soy sauce!

  3. $200 dollars worth of books about chocolate? Your friend is my hero!

    Great eats and that’s awesome you can have late morning starts for school. So, yep, no rushing!

  4. SUSHI! i’m drooling. :) my favorite roll is called a “sunset roll” from a sushi house in my town. it’s simply a spicy tuna roll that is half coated in tempura. it gives the roll a nice CRUNCH while still being raw… oh my gosh, it’s wonderful! i hate the sodium in soy sauce as well, but i can’t eat sushi without it! i usually add wasabi and ginger to the sauce for an extra little kick!

  5. No day can be bad when it involves sushi. I never order the same thing, but I’m sad if I don’t get some sort of raw salmon in my meal. And I’m a big fan of anything tempura, so if it’s a roll, or tofu, whatever, that’s usually there. I mix my wasabi into the soy sauce, but I don’t do the ginger – ick.

  6. Wow congrats on 1 hour of running on the treadmill! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past 45 minutes because I get bored :/

    As for sushi, as much as I love it I’ve only ever eaten the prepackaged stuff at the store so I’m pretty sure i’m missing out on the good stuff. I do like mostly the veggie stuff dipped in a bit of soya sauce and topped with a smidge of wasabe. No edamame for me since I don’t like anything that’s a bean :(

  7. Glad to hear you survived the first day!! Jeal of your abnormal psych though! I tried to get in it but it was full, booo.

    I’m SOOO guilty of eating CC right out of the container – it’s too good!

    Congrats on the knockout workout! I love your coffee cups by the way! I’ve never had sushi – I know I’m missing out :(

  8. Glad you made it through the first day. I always find that the first day is usually the most boring. Your classes sound like fun!

    Your breakfast looks really good, that orange is just calling out to be eaten!

  9. Oh goodie! I’m glad your first day wasn’t a total bummer. Psychology of learning…get ready for more Pavlov and Skinner than you ever thought possible.
    I love your ensalada! It looks beautiful. All your pictures are beauty actually. What kind of camera do you use?
    I love sushi and sashimi but I haven’t had it since I went vegetarian and now vegan! I would have no idea what to get! I love raw fish.

  10. im a psych major and abnormal was alot of fun. its pretty interesting and you start looking at people funny because you learn about all the disorders.

  11. You must be a psych major! That was one of mine as well (along with art history) and I took both Research Methods and Abnormal Psychology. LOVED abnormal psychology – thought it was fascinating. :-)

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