Where Did the Holidays Go?

I am on the verge of tears here as I reflect on the realization that the last few hours of holidays are here and tomorrow is back to the grind of schooling all over again.

Okay, not quite on the verge of tears, but hardly far off. I’ve quite enjoyed my holidays but they were much too short lived. I don’t feel rested or ready to get back into the stress all over again. Hopefully it won’t pick up too fast and the first couple weeks will be fairly tame (as they usually seem to be) so as to ease into it.

New terms always make me nervous. It’s that whole unexpected, unknown thing that really gets me. I’m sure it’ll be fine though… breathe…


Twas a day of work, as per my every Saturday.

I woke up with a hankering for a smoothie. I remembered that I had this sitting around waiting to be tried, so I figured there was no better time.

I blended it up in my VITAMIX Magic Bullet with half a frozen banana and about a cup of unsweetened Almond Breeze.


It tasted like a melted Fudgesicle… works for me!

I had to balance it out with some hot coffee too though. It is still winter after all.


Work was same old. Breakfast held me over fairly well through til lunch so I only needed to snack on 1/4 of a Clif bar through the morning. This was my first encounter with this flavour. Not bad but probably one of my least favourite so far. For some reason it tasted apple-y to me? I know that makes no sense considering there are no apples in it but I can’t control my bizarre-o taste buds.


For lunch I packed a salad, an apple and leftover tuna Kraft Dinner that I also stirred some homemade spinach dip (from xmas eve… it’s still good!) into for more creaminess. Leftover KD just isn’t the greatest reheated unless it’s got something else stirred in to revive it I find.

10 (5)

Work work work.



Really yummy garlic butter flavoured tilapia fillet with broccoli and leftover hamburger casserole.  The fillets were boxed and pre-flavoured but so good and moist and like butter. My seafood tastes are really expanding. I used to hardly touch any seafood. Then again, I used to be quite the picky eater. Now I’ll eat nearly anything. Well maybe that’s a slight stretch, but there’s no way I could be classified as a picky eater anymore. 033

Saturday night I was supposed to go out with my friend to her work friend’s birthday but apparently she wasn’t getting along that day with several of her work people so we ended up just going out dancing instead. It was pretty fun but I must say, I really hate cab services. They are way too expensive. Do you guys have to pay an arm and a leg for cabs? I’m sure they are pricey no matter where you live but seriously, we need better bus services or something. Or maybe I just need to relocate myself closer to the bars ;)


I woke up and did a bit of blog reading first thing. In the midst of this I saw someone (can’t remember who, sorry!) eating hummus on a wrap and I knew immediately that that was what I wanted. With that, an egg white roasted red pepper hummus wrap was born, complete with spinach and leftover broccoli from last night’s dinner.
004 016

Then my mom and I went out for a big grocery haul since we were out of a lot of the essentials.

I hate coming home from grocery shopping because I always have to rip open half of the foods right away and eat them. I did this with fresh bread, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, tofu, grapes and frozen mango.

Then I decided to be more structured so I baked up the whole tofu block. Rubbed with rice vinegar and hoisin sauce and baked to perfection.

019 025

Alongside that I also baked up my all-time winter lovebuttercup squash.
I love squash in it’s many forms but nothing beats this baby.

After munching on several pieces of tofu and squash, I decided to plate some of it with a hunk of green pepper.

Then I lazed around and eventually did Tina’s (Not Boring) Treadmill Workout (which Jenn did today too!) I altered it a bit though by doing incline 15 for the 4mph walking parts and incline 4 for the rest. And the last 5 minutes I did running 6.5 at 8-10 incline, then actually cooled down at 4mph 15 incline for 5 minutes to bring the whole workout to 50 minutes. I really like my inclines heh. This workout is definitely worth attempting, it’ll give you a good sweat that’s for sure. 

Dinner was kind of random. My mom made meatloaf (the kind that’s not even remotely healthy) and although I’d prefer not to eat it, it tastes so good that I can’t stop from having a small portion of it. So I paired that with some cottage cheese, salsa, more squash and raw veggies, as well as a few potato wedges.
Then I had a few more bites of meatloaf. I told you I can’t stay away from it.

Then I had many many grapes and an iced coffee.

Then I did some blog reading and whatnot. Then I wanted fruit. So a devoured an apple, more grapes and a mug of tea.

Now it would be in my best interests to head to be since my first class starts tomorrow at 9:30 (sob) but I think I’ll do a little more blog reading first. Going to bed early is not the most appealing idea ever.

Happy back to classes for those of you who are going back!
And Happy New Week to the rest :)


12 thoughts on “Where Did the Holidays Go?

  1. Hey now, no need to heat up the leftover KD – it’s awesome cold! Mmmmm…cold KD.

    And I’m sure your new semester will go well. Have a great first fay of class.

  2. I’ve tried that Clif bar heated in the micro–mm really good, try it maybe with the rest! DUDE, cabs are soo expensive in LA, it’s nott worth it at all, it’s like avg. $40 to go somewhere relatively close :O I totally have a weakness for meatloaf too, it’s such a comforting winter food..I like it w/ketchup . Oh and your wrap looks profesh! I’m starting next week at community college, after already graduating from my 4 yr university…yikers. haha but it will be good and hopefully help me decide what career I eventually want to pursue! So i feel ya on the schooltime dread :D Good luck!

  3. Oh my, classes already?! I don’t go back until like January 28th! I hope you have a good day!

    And I do the same thing when I get back from the grocery store…I totally eat a ton of food I just bought!

  4. Cabs here are ridiculous! Last time I used a cab for a ride to the train station, our driver was driving like he was DRUNK! It was so crazy. It was surely an adventure.

    Fudge pop smoothie!!! SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!

  5. I’m a little sad the holidays are over too :( BOO!!!

    Melted fudgesicle?! YES please!

    I’m the same way with grocery shopping – I feel like I have to taste test EVERYTHING the minute I walk through the door! That dinner (CC, salsa, carrots, etc) has my name all over it – delish!!

    Re: cab fare: We have ZERO public transportation around here so someone always has to be the DD and let’s just say…it’s not me!! Luckily my friends boyfriend can’t really drink for med. reasons so he drives us – I adore him!

    Re: bar creepers: Without them I just wouldn’t have so many great going out stories! They’re a vital part of the experience ;)

    Hope you survive your first week of classes!!

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