Bonjour 2009

I had a good chunk of a long entry written that I was working on in little bits throughout the day and I just somehow managed to close it on myself without saving it so I lost it all.

I am ridiculously annoyed with this, and it especially sucks because what I had written was nice and chipper. I am too annoyed to try to rethink about and recreate what I wrote so I’m going to condense about here. It’s unfortunate because what I wrote before was more exciting than how I’m about to write it now. Then again, there will be slightly less writing so you’ll have to read slightly less of my rambling. There are benefits to all disappointments, right? ;)
Save your drafts, save your drafts!

Anyway, here we are in 2009.

This is what I ate on my last day of 2008:

Scrambled eggs and yogurt with frozen banana slices. I hadn’t had a good ol’ scrambled egg in ages. I almost regretted adding the ketchup though, for some reason it was tasting too sweet…?


Followed by a clementine and coffee, to which I added hot chocolate powder that somehow made white specks floating on top. Lovely.

Then I made chocolate pretzel bark in order to use up the rest of the condensed milk sitting in my fridge from Christmas baking. This was made using condensed milk, semisweet and milk chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, dried cranberries and leftover graham crumbs/oats from the date squares I made for xmas.

After munching on plenty of that mess, I needed something a little less full of sugar. A salad it was, with balsamic vinaigrette and 2% cottage cheese.

Later on in the day I did a heart pumping treadmill run and an arm-defining exercise ball pushup session (gotta maximize the muscle definition for dress wearing!). Then I showered and threw together a quick dinner, which I munched on while painting my nails. The bigger priority was clearly the nails.

A Gardenburger on rye with goat cheese, spinach, sundried tomatoes and dijonnaise.

Then I took my sweet old time getting ready and headed over to my friend’s where we:

Drank champagne
(complete with fingerprints on the glass hehe)



Played Shooter Battleship aka Shipwrecked
Notice the joy on her face. Clearly it’s a great game…

Danced in front of the window…?

Ate Vodka chocolates

Posed for group shots

Then finally headed to

the Club.

Unfortunate to say though, but I think we just should have stayed in. It was a heck of a lot more fun before the club than actually at the club.

There were hardly any people there. I’ve never seen it so empty. I guess no one wanted to pay the entrance price they were asking (which was much too much for that club), and to really rub salt into the wound, the club right next door (although smaller) was packed, at capacity. Clearly we chose the wrong place to go.

Midnight was hardly acknowledged, we didn’t dance once, I didn’t even take my coat off because I was cold the whole time, my friend got sick so I had to contend with her and then she had to head home early, and my other friends were having a little too much fun with a group of sketchy and pathetic guys who were immature and gross to boot.

They also left early. I wasn’t ready to go home (it was NEW YEARS, come on!) so I stood around and chatted with one of the bouncers I know there while he manned the door until the bar was closed and everyone was heading out by around 3:30. How’s that for an exciting New Years right?

It was an improvement from last year. Hardly, but an improvement nonetheless so I’ll take it. As lame as it was, I honestly wasn’t too torn up about it. I guess I didn’t really have the highest expectations to begin with.

I had fun dressing up anyway. :)

How was everyone else’s New Years? Hopefully plenty exciting with blow horns and paper hats?! I’m behind on blog reading but I’ll be sure to catch up as soon as I can!

This is already insanely long so here’s a simple and quick recap of the eats for the past two days:


Oats with granola topping

Kraft Dinner (!!) with tuna and tomatoes.
I hadn’t had KD in ages and had a crazy craving for it. Mmmmm.


Spinach with dijon


Baked potato


Christmas cookie


Waffle with banana, strawberry, SF syrup and strained yogurt


Plus coffee and a clementine (again)

Salad with black beans, sour cream, guac, salsa

Leftover tuna KD
017 (2)

Rest of the grapes

Hamburger/rice/cream of mushroom casserole

Pretzel bites

And way too much of this stuff.
Insanely addictive.

PHEW. I’m exhausted now. Hope you all somehow survived this monster post. And your New Years ;)

I’m off to start some blog reading catch up now!


18 thoughts on “Bonjour 2009

  1. Love the new blog layout!!

    Ooooh, chocolate pretzel bark – divine!!

    Aww well hey – dressing up IS one of the best parts of going out and such, so that was a fun component ;-)

    Enjoy your evening, Kristie!!

  2. The girl on the far left looks EXACTLY like a girl I went to high school with…but judging by your age, I’d say it’s not her, as she was a year below me. Plus, I don’t know where you live, but it’s probably not Edmonton.

  3. I’m with you on having a sorta tame New Year’s. But you look so cute in that dress, totally worth the dressing up! =]

    Love all the eatssss

  4. Chocolate pretzel bark? Um, hell yes. Is there a recipe? Because I want it. Looks like heaven.

    And too bad your New Years wasn’t spectacular, but as long as it’s a step up from the year before, then that’s something. Happy 2009 :D

  5. Ugh, I’ve had a draft disappear on me before, too. It stinks!

    I’ve never had frozen banana slices before. The last time I froze a banana it turned black – is that what’s supposed to happen?

    That pretzel bark sounds and looks AMAZING.

    Too bad about the club – the the pregame looks so fun! I love your dress – it looks great on you! Happy New Year!

    Your new blog layout is awesome, by the way :)

  6. Rachel – Haha no, I don’t live in Edmonton. Isn’t it weird how some people can look SO much like others you know though? Almost creepy…

    Sarah – I definitely thought of you while doing up the waffle!

    Marianne – I based it off a recipe that I found here that I can’t seem to find again! I didn’t really follow the recipe in terms of portions or even ingredients really. I just threw condensed milk and chocolate chips in a pan, melted them and mixed them in with pretzels, Fiber One (because I didn’t have a ton of pretzel sticks left), and dried cranberries, poured it into a pan lined with tinfoil, pressed it down into a flat layer and stuck it in the fridge.

    Jenn – Haha I don’t think it hurts it if the bananas turn black. I always peel mine first though and freeze them in a plastic baggie. No blackness!

    And thanks everyone for the layout comments! It’s a slow work in progress more or less.

  7. Your bloggie looks great! OMG that Kraft mac and cheese, glorious- haha I think that was a daily staple in my life from 5th-11th I love the food flashbacks. You looked super cute even though you didn’t have a fun night :D! Mine was totally lame too..

  8. Love the new header!!

    The bark looks great! How were the vodka chocolates? I’ve seen them in the airport before but thought they were too weird to buy them haha.

    Sorry to hear your NYE wasn’t that great – mine was meh and filled with plenty of bar creepers (including the one you saw on my facebook) which made me think of you haha! BUT you have a really cute dress so that has to pump up the NYE just a little bit!

    Yogurt rice crisps just SOUND addictive!

  9. It’s so great to hear from you! I love your header and you and your friends looked so pretty and perfect on NYE! I honestly went to bed at 10:00 like the loserface that I am! I rang it in wearing sweats like a class act! That bark looks divine! Enjoy the dairy! ;)

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