Time Warp

I’ve done a whole lot of cleaning and old junk purging this holiday. I love doing a giant clean, it’s so refreshing to get rid of all kinds of old and useless stuff and to finally have a neat and tidy room. Today I cleaned out all of my bathroom stuff too, which was a task and a half. I hoard so much old makeup. I didn’t manage to get rid of too much in that department though. Sigh.

In the midst of some of this cleaning I stumbled upon some old pictures from the kiddie days that gave me a bit of a chuckle. I love looking at old pictures.

  007 029 038 - Copy

I also had a super fun visit to the dentist today. Please note the sarcasm.
It was actually a fine visit though. My teeth are apparently just dandy and I’m doing a good job at keeping em clean. Good to know, especially considering my sporadic flossing habits… hey, it’s better than not flossing at all, right?

Pre-dentist I had a bowl of Peanut Butter Granola and Fibre One with strawberry yogurt, almond milk and frozen banana slices. Never the prettiest meal but delicious of course.
This meal + the mug of coffee I had after wasn’t the most dentist-friendly meal so I did a good scrub down and floss of my teeth before heading on over there.

By the time we were all done it was lunch time and my brother had a craving for McDonalds. I know, ick. But once in a blue moon that junk can be darn tasty. My mother ordered a cheeseburger kids meal for herself (the bro went all out with a Big Mac) and so this happened:
Two bites from this bitty burger right down the gullet. And they were darn tasty bites. I honestly have no idea when the last time is that I had McD food, nor do I anticipate having it again for a very long time, but those two bites were a fun reminiscence of the days when I actually ate that crap.
PS – I dunno what it is but I love the wee pickle slices on the McD burgers.

Then I ate some real food.

Cottage Cheese (2% – so much creamier than the fat free)

And a delicious wrap with butternut squash, roasted red pepper hummus and romaine lettuce.

I also had some grapes (many of these went unphotographed throughout the course of the day) and some chocolates. The bitten one is a Lindt. Insanely good. 033 036

Today was one of those neverending hunger days. I snacked quite a bit between meals. Mostly fruits and such, but there may have been a couple cookie bites and whatnot here and there. Holiday goodies are still kicking around so like I’m not going to eat them. I’m going to enjoy them til they’re all done!

Maybe it was all the cleaning that kept my appetite raging. It wasn’t intense scrubbing or anything remotely close to it, but dealing with the overwhelming mess requires a lot of thought and energy, I swear!

Dinner was stir fry with mini shrimp and scallops. I probably had this plate x3.
I love stir fry but it just doesn’t fill me up much. I ended up finishing off some leftover tuna in the fridge with crackers, plus an apple, plus an iced coffee, plus half a chocolate covered date.

Then I did a sweet workout of 20 minutes of sprint intervals followed by 40 minutes of alternating between a slowish run and an incline power walk. Then I did another approx 30 minutes of strength exercises ripped from Shape magazine.

After all of that, a shower and some last cleaning touches… the appetite was back. This was a little over an hour ago, at nearly 10pm. I don’t like eating that late but it was a slightly nauseous hunger so I figured I might as well fix it.
SO I had half of a large banana with some plain yogurt and a tsp of peanut butter, lots of grapes and a cup of tea/light hot chocolate. Plus a few more bites of some strawberry yogurt. It kind of helped but I still kind of feel hungry. Bedtime!


18 thoughts on “Time Warp

  1. You were such a cute kid! One of my favorite things is going through old memory boxes and videos :)

    Ya know, I have to say that a little McDonald’s (or any fast food) once in a while does the body good. Haha, considering I used to eat it twice a week or more growing up, sometimes I get a little nostalgic. Kind of like looking at old photos, right?

    I love the cottage cheese bowl! And Lindt chocolates are one of my favorites!

  2. AWW bebe you were so cute!! :D haha i mean still are of course…ya i always eat like a beast when I clean, I honestly think it’s because I want to take a break every 1/2 hour, and break = snack. I’m glad you enjoyed your McDonald’s bite, have funn tomorrow night!

  3. Love your kiddie pics–it’s always fascinating to see what people used to look like as children.

    I totally agree about cottage cheese–I refuse to buy FF, when 1% and 2% are so much creamier, for only 10-20 additional kcals.

  4. Such adorable pictures! I agree with you, I love looking at kid pictures too!

    And delicious eats. I totally need to jump onto the Cottage Cheese bandwagon.

  5. CUTE PICS!! Love the blast from the past wardrobe too ;)

    2% is the ONLY way to go with the CC!! Cleaning does work up quite the appetite!


  6. Jenn – Oh man, we definitely used to go out for fast food at LEAST once a week when we were young. No wonder I wasn’t exactly the healthiest child. Our McD frequency was evident by all of the old Happy Meal toys we STILL had lying around up until not too long ago. We FINALLY got rid of them but boy did we have quite the stash, all of those mini Barbies and such? Yeesh.

    Carolinebee – I think that’s exactly it. As much as I enjoy cleaning (I actually legitimately do!), I always want to take breaks. And what better way for a break than to eat right? Haha

    Caroline – I still buy the FF but I’ve been buying 1-2% more often now and I think I might just start to phase out the FF because seriously, the taste is tons better for such a small amount of calorie increase.

    Sharon – Seriously. Cottage cheese will change your life. DO it. I used to hate it, but I started out slowly wih the fat free and now I love it in all forms. And I eat it mostly plain, not even bothering to mix stuff with it, it’s just THAT good.

    Kelly – It sure is! Gotta love the novelty dollar store bowls.

  7. awww.. cute pictures! I can’t remember the last time I had McDonalds for lunch or dinner, but I do remember the last time I had breakfast there was back in March right after I returned from Ireland. For some reason I am such a sucker for Fast Food Breakfasts

  8. You were sooo cute! I can totally tell it’s you!

    I need to try 1% cottage cheese, I haven’t had any CC in a long time cause I sorta over did it about this time last year.

    I hope you enjoyed your hamburger! :D

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