Dress and Book Love

Yet again I fail to sleep in. I went out last night for some retro night dancing (heck, if they’re going to play the Fresh Prince theme song I cannot miss out on that) and didn’t end up getting home and into bed until at least 3:30. Same deal Saturday night.

What time did I wake up both mornings? 9:30. I try to fall back to sleep, I really do, but once I’m awake it’s a done deal, there’s no more sleeping for me if the sun is up. I’m going to have to try having an early bedtime tonight I guess!

Today wasn’t too eventful. I made myself a egg-y breakfast with egg whites, salsa, spinach, and a slice of fat free swiss on half a toasted english muffin. Eaten with some slices of a pear on its last leg, plus half of an orange. 023

After spending a good amount of time doing some room cleaning and jewelry organizing, I cooked up some sweet potato, white potato and butternut squash. I tried slicing the white potato up thin for some “potato chips” but I kind of burnt them. And half of them stuck to the pan because I was a true genius and didn’t bother spraying or anything beforehand. They were insanely crispy though, which works quite fine for me!

I also had a salad with a mixture of fat free sour cream, honey mustard and balsamic vinegar as a dressing, and leftover chicken from dinner last night. 039

Then I went out shopping with my mom to do some Christmas returns and whatnot, and I also bought my New Years dress!

I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t find something since it’s pretty close to the date and I wanted something within a half decent price range… but I found one, it was on sale and it wasn’t black. Now there’s nothing wrong with a black dress (I love em), but I have a couple and I just felt like getting something a little different. Success!
It’s strapless, slightly above knee length and has a slightly funny open back thing going on but I like it and this red is one of my favourite colours so it works for me. It was only $69.99 too, which isn’t exactly dirt cheap to my sale-loving and slightly stingy self, especially considering it’s not something I am going to be wearing on a regular basis, but it was cheaper than I thought I might be stuck spending for a dress I really liked so I can handle that.

And on the note of New Years, What are all of your New Years plans?

Last year I went to my friend’s boyfriend’s really sketchy house party. It was terrible and I wasn’t doing quite so well then… I hardly made it past midnight and was home by about 12:30. Haha. This year I am going with a group of friends to our most frequented club. Clearly that’s more my comfort zone. I’m anticipating a more enjoyable New Years this year at least!

Dinner was a random array of leftovers that have been taking up valuable fridge space: Lasagna, sweet sticky chicken,  and frozen veggies. I had a bit more of everything, except for the veggies of which I had a lot more. You can never have too many veggies!

Followed this up with a clementine
plus some frozen banana. And of course a few bites of chocolates from Christmas. Those always go down way too fast to capture on camera though.

And on a final note, since I know some of you will appreciate this, I finally jumped onto this bandwagon:
I received the first for Christmas…and was half done a day later. I haven’t yet finished the rest just because I’d had quite a few things to do but I now understand and appreciate the hype. And the complete and utter adoration of Edward Cullen. I plan on going out to by the second very soon. And now I’ll have to see the movie as well. The only thing wrong with the entire scenario is that I put off following the trend for this long. What was I thinking.


17 thoughts on “Dress and Book Love

  1. love the dress. black is my favorite for dresses but i totally agree that on new years i like a little something different so i got a purple dress. i loooove red though!! i’m going to a friends party nearby at their college apartment. have a great week!!

  2. i love the dress – so pretty!!!!

    whew – i envy your ability to stay out until 3:30… i can barely make it to 2 on new year’s eve… i’m a grandma in a 25 year old’s body i guess haha :)

  3. CUTE dress!! Love the eggy sandwich and the potato (love the crispiness!).

    My NYE plans: going to my friends lake house but I want to go out before so I, the party planner it seems, have to find some place for us to go to.

    I read Twilight but I just can’t get on the bandwagon – no idea why, it just doesn’t do it for me!

  4. The most important thing is that you’ve “jumped on the bandwagon” now! Enjoy :)

    Hott dress! Yay for 2009! I’ll be going out in Dallas with friends, I can’t wait!

  5. omg that dress is GORGEOUS! you are going to look HOTTT! hahah!

    i’m not doing anything…i normally stay home for new years every year cause it’s my mom’s bday…that and my brothers and i are too lazy to go anywhere…haha!

  6. I am almost finished with the second book, New Moon! They are pretty addicting..I’m hoping to find the next book soon so I don’t have to wait long! Happy New Year.

  7. um – yeah – where did you get that awesome dress? love the crispy potatoes – they look perfect for me.

    and I just started reading the book too – already half done!

  8. That dress is lovely! Great find :D

    I was the same way when I read Twilight, I read the first 2 books in one weekend.. but then the third book lost me, though I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority there.

  9. Thanks guys! The dress is from Le Chateau (www.lechateau.ca) but it’s a Canadian store.

    Glad to see all the Twilight enthusiasm (except for you Kara, what’s the deal?! Just kidding, I know vampires can’t be for EVERYONE ;) ). I’m pretty pumped to finish up the first and move on through the series now.

  10. Umm…you just made me so HAPPY!! I know I’m late on the comment train but I am absolutely thrilled you jumped on the Twilight bandwagon!! YESSSSSSS!!!

    And awesome dress! You are going to look gorgeous :)

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