Happy Belated XMAS

How was everyone’s CHRISTMAS? I’ve been pretty much go go go since Christmas day so I haven’t yet had a chance to catch up on all of the Christmas-y blog posts that I am more than excited to read, but I will be doing that asap!

I didn’t get a ton of pictures from the past several days. I know, Christmas is when there should be plenty of pictures, right? But sometimes circumstances just don’t permit it. Or I’m just too lame to want to whip out the camera haha.

Anyway, backtracking a few days, here are some more of the baked goodies I made:

Maple Date Bars


Chocolate-Covered Medjool Date “Acorns”

056 060
These beauties are stuffed with toasted almonds, coated in semi sweet chocolate and then half in milk chocolate and rolled in more toasted almonds. Mmm.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Heather made this recipe and I just had to try em. Looks like you were my holiday cookie guru Heather haha.

039 042

All Together:

I did a heck of a lot of baked nibblin’ over the last week. And I’m still doing so on what’s left. Luckily the stash is nearing its end now.

Christmas Morning

This year my brother finally grew up enough not to set his alarm for 6AM. WOO! We woke up around 8:30 or so, chuggalugged some yummy hot coffee, and opened stockings and gifts. I think stockings are one of the most fun parts of Christmas. I love em. Mine included some chocolate so of course I had to crack that open right away:

Chocolate mint cookie thingers

Toffifee (How the heck is that pronounced?)

Usually we do french toast for Christmas morning breakfast but we were feeling eggs instead for some bizarre reason (I think it was the overload of sweets already prior to breakfast) so egg sandwiches it was.

I had to make it good though (can’t be too perfect on Christmas morning ;) ) so I went all out with a whole egg (no egg whites only on this sandwich), real cheddar and french white bread. It was awesome.

I was a good child and made myself fit in a workout Christmas morning. I would have never done that in past years. I’m becoming so hardcore! Haha

Then my broski and I headed off to my dad’s in the afternoon for Christmas dinner. I didn’t take any pictures but it was a pretty typical holiday meal of turkey, stuffing, salad, potatoes, rice, vine leaves… there was a nice array.

And dessert was apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Omg. Yum.

Somehow I managed to get zero pictures from boxing day but we then went to my uncle’s in-laws’ for a “leftovers” dinner. More turkey, stuffing etc etc. Hey, I’m not complaining. I dig it all.

I’ve been a poor food photographer for the past couple days now so I don’t have a ton of pictures and I managed to miss a whole lot of what I ate. I’ve been mostly nibbling though with all of the leftovers, sweets etc that are hanging around. As soon as New Years is over, boy, then I’m cracking down. Wishful thinking? Most likely ;)

Yesterday I ate some of these things:
011 015021 030 
032 037

Then my friends and I went out dancing. I know, big surprise there right?
We took pictures beforehand though because that’s how we do.
I don’t know what my deal with the peace sign is. I do it a lot though. That and the rock sign. I’m too hardcore for my own good. Sigh.

Today has been mostly snacking.
Plus Weetabix because of my love affair with it.

And some chicken with freshly grated real parm. Beats the crap fake already grated stuff any day.

Oh! And I also managed to hit a personal running milestone! I’m no pro at distance running (I usually do more quick sprint intervals) but with holidays now and having plenty of extra time for longer workouts, I decided to see if I could do it and I managed to run an hour nonstop! Woo! On the treadmill, with varying inclines of 4-8 the entire time. I’ve done it a couple times now and I’m already feeling much more confident with my running abilities. I think I’m going really try to work on furthering my running now. And I never would have bothered if I hadn’t read about all the passionate runners on this lovely blogosphere. You guys are so awesome. I never thought I’d see the day where I actually enjoyed running. But I really and truly do.

Now one of these days I have to try that outdoor running thing that everyone seems to love so much… I’m gonna save that one for the warmer weather though. Running + freezing cold + snow = not quite my cup of tea.



20 thoughts on “Happy Belated XMAS

  1. mm i love REAL parm. aahaha

    your baking looks AMAZING and your christmas sounds like so much fun! loved the dancing pics too! gorgeous! i tend to throw up the peace sign on occasion too. random.

  2. those date acorns are so cleever and cute!! congrats on running 60min straight -that’s a lot harder than it sounds. you rock ;)

  3. YAY for the running milestone – congrats!!

    I saw your top on the face and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! Where’s it from, it’s CUTE!!

    Those acorns look like little gifts of heaven – yum!!!

  4. Oh my goooooodness those Chocolate-Covered Medjool Date “Acorns” look amazing! As do all of your other baked goodies – you are a pro!

    It looks like you had a fun Christmas! And I love the dancing pictures – I tend to make the same expression whenever I take a picture, too :)

    I am majorly impressed by your running on the treadmill for an HOUR. I don’t know if I could do that! I’m excited to hear more about future running exploits!

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