Samples, Sushi and Suga

Yesterday morning, after doing a bit of last minute Christmas shopping (nope, not done yet, still have to go out today… eek), I got a freebie in the mail!  026 
I signed up for this free sample a couple weeks ago. Clearly I don’t get anything very fun or exciting in the mail for me to be excited about this, but whatever, doesn’t take much to amuse me!

I used to drink this Carnation Instant Breakfast stuff years ago when I didn’t like to eat breakfast but was trying to make myself have something in the mornings.  Although it has 21g of sugar, the whole pouch is 145 calories and has 7g of protein so it’s not bad for a freebie and I remember it tasting pretty good too. I’ll bet it’ll make a mean chocolate-y shake. The sample also came with a notepad and $4.00 off coupon so I’m hoping I can stumble upon the Sugar Free version and buy that with the coupon!


Anywho, lunch was random leftovers including half a sweet potato with sour cream and salsa, and some cabbage slaw with balsamic vinaigrette and goat cheese.


Then I made some Butter Balls that Heather featured. 041
(I had already put the rest away, hence the lone singleton right here)
I only made half the recipe just so I could have a few of em but they seemed to turn out quite well, and they’re super easy to make!

Then my friend asked me if I wanted to go out for sushi and clearly I can’t turn down sushi so off I went.

We went to a place called Niko Niko which I had only been to once before but remember enjoying so I was pretty pumped for it.

All rolls come with soup and salad so we started off with miso and a garden salad with some really yummy dressing. Sadly I have no idea what it kind it was.
I’ve read enough “Guides to Sushi Eating” articles here and there that you would think I would know well enough that a spider roll is one of the main types to be avoided, but for some reason this completely slipped my mind and I ordered it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but I kind of wish I had ordered something that didn’t include deep fried (aka tempura) crab throughout the entire thing. Next time!

My friends ordered three other rolls to split between them, so I tried a piece of each.

Crispy Roll

Super California Roll

911 Roll (Spicy)

My friend decided she wasn’t as big a fan of the 911 as she thought so she was going to leave it there. Abandon sushi?! Heck no! I took it home :)

Then we went for a quick trip to the asian marketplace down the road. I’ve only been there once before but I’m always so intrigued by the selection of foods they have there, completely different than the typical grocery store fare.

I picked up a few goodies to try.
044  048 051053 057 070

I only took a bite of each one (had to see what was in the middle!)They were all quite different… pretty good though! My favourite was probably the dried mango balls (last picture). LOVE dried mango.

I also had a small bowl of Christmas-y goodies from my mom’s friend. I only had a teeny taste of each one but they were all completely delicious.

This was a bit too much suga though, and I needed something a little healthier so I chowed down on an apple along with a mug of hot tea.

I did some more baking this morning, which I’ll show later on, but first I have to run out and finish up those last bits of shopping!


21 thoughts on “Samples, Sushi and Suga

  1. horray for free samples!!!!!

    Your sushi looks amazing.. i cant say no to a great sushi date either… yummmm

    My boyfriend is half korean, so his family always has those tasty treats at his house. I LOVE THEM!!!! lots are made with sweet beans and such… so different but still yummy

  2. Mmmm great treats!
    I ended up getting the same sample too, but haven’t got around to trying it yet! Did you sign up for the Kashi cereal freebie for Canadians? I ended up getting a free box of Honey Almond Flax cereal!

  3. oh my gosh ! I loveeee Mochi! my parents lived in Japan for many years, so growing up we always ate a pretty ASIAN diet. Mochi is hard for some to get used to, but I loveeeee the sweet soft texture (it’s like a CLOUD) and the red bean paste inside is really yummy!!! but definitely some people can’t stand it!!! i wish i could find an asian market near me! i mean I could try…..and should. hmmm maybe some web surfing on xmas?!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS KRISTIE! oh and sushi is bomb dizzle. spider tempura isnt that bad at all in terms of the healthy factor… and so delicious!!!

  4. I’m excited to see what you baked! I love going to Asian food stores too! They always have products with smiley faces and cartoons on them and I don’t know about you, but that’s more motivation to buy! :)
    I love dried mango too. It’s so delish.

  5. Yeah for free Carnation Instant breakfast. I love anything free in the mail, too.

    I am soooooo soooooo sooooo excited that you made one of the cookie recipes! I don’t love butter balls, but they always smell great. Let me know how everyone likes them! Thanks for making them. :D You made my day.

  6. Sharon – They had an offering of free samples to Canadians? WHAT? How did I miss this?! Sob.

    Em – You should totally try to track down some asian markets. We seem to have a lot of them here! And a cloud is the perfect way to describe it. I looove the texture. You’re also right about the spider roll… the deliciousness is totally worth every bite.

    Erin – The packaging is SO fun. I was looking at everything. And I wanted to buy it all too. I had to restrain myself many many times.

    Heather – Aww I’m so glad that you’re glad that I made them! I’m liking them and so is the fam, so thanks for enlightening me about them! And you’re right, they smell deeeelicious.

  7. Yay samples!! It’s so exciting to get a new product in the mail :) I bet it will make a fantastic shake – yum!

    Mmm butterballs sound awesome! As does that sushi – it has such a pretty presentation! I’ve ordered sushi out before but have never gone to a “sushi bar” and really want to.

    That candy looks like some of my favorite – you know the ones I’m talking about that are fruit shaped and covered in sugar? Doesn’t get much better than that. I definitely think I’d like the dried mango best!

  8. all that sushi looks so colorful and pretty :)

    my brother is addicted to carnation instant breakfast – i have yet to try it!

  9. Sushi! Mochi! And free samples! How lucky are you? XD

    And I totally agree with you–sushi abandonning should not be allowed! The super california rolls definitely look super! Who would have thought those could get even MORE amazing?!

    Good luck with christmas shopping–the malls are INSANE right now!

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