Yet again I’ve fallen behind! I feel like I’ve been pretty on-the-go the past few days though, trying to get in some of that Christmas shopping business that I hadn’t yet started as of a couple days ago…oops.


I enjoyed a morning of sitting in my pjs, reading magazines and doing crossword puzzles. Seriously, that’s all I wanted to do. I was able to sit and do whatever the heck I wanted and not feel guilty that I should be studying instead. What a treat :)

I spent this lazy time accompanied by a bowl of Weetabix mush. I seriously think this is one of my favourite breakfasts. Weetabix biscuits, frozen banana chunks, canned pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, cinnamon and unsweetened almond milk. I could eat three bowls at once.

I finally got my butt in gear and did a hardcore Fitness magazine cardio/strength combo workout, then I had some lunch.
Amy’s California Burger with hummus, piece of sushi and piece of leftover baked tofu with a piece of pickled ginger on top. Weird? Nawww.
This was my first experience with the California Burger. Verdict? Winner! Look at all of that grainy goodness. I’m glad I still have 3/4 of a box left.

This wasn’t enough food though so I followed it with a loaded salad.

Then my mom got home from work and brought some food in tow, including bean salad and shortbread. I had to try em both. I tried to be good and portion out some bean salad but I just ended up eating a bunch straight from the container after my too-small portion in the bowl.

And homemade shortbread rules. Only way to go. 039

Then I went shopping with my mom but first I stopped off at the bank to pay my tuition for next term. Talk about leaving it to the last minute. I paid it right on the day it was due. Hey, at least it wasn’t late!

I was shopping for Christmas gifts but of course ended up buying stuff for myself. I like clothes. I just can’t resist them sometimes. And I was sick of my “going out” shirts so I wanted some new options.
I also picked out a third that my mom is wrapping up as a Christmas gift. Yay clothes. :)

I had a rando dinner of edamame, potato wedges with ketchup, and more bean salad mixed with cabbage slaw. I ate a whole lotta bean salad. It was darn good. And to think there was once a day when I refused to touch beans. Terrible childhood taste buds, they had no good taste at all.

I followed dinner with another one of those chocolate pretzel bite dealios.

And an iced coffee while doing some primping for a night out dancing. I wore my new red shirt. It’s so much more fun wearing new shirts out. We were going to go to one slightly fancier place but it was already crazy lined up by 10:30 and there was no way we were waiting in the freeeezing cold so we just went next door to the club I go to all the time. It was pretty much empty when we got there but filled  up quickly with all the excited and finally school-free students. Other than spending a great deal of time trying to comfort a bummed friend who was pretty dead set on not wanting to have any fun, the night turned out to be a pretty good time. Phew.


I forced myself not to be too slow in the morning and get going because I had to get some shopping done.

I also wanted to get out early because of the appropriately dubbed “snowmaggedon” (by a clever fellow on my msn list) occurring outside. Crazy weather. So how fitting of Heather to ask in my last post:

As a Canadian, what do you think about the fact that pretty much every school in my state (Rhode Island – pretty far north) is closed tomorrow becase it might snow a foot? Thanks.

I kind of wanted to laugh because I swear it takes about ten feet of snow here before they even consider closing anything. It’s nuts. The side streets were brutal, I think I skidded around every turn. Gotta love them snow tires, they save everything. I think I should just invest in a snowmobile, soon enough that’s going to be the only way to get anywhere around here if we keep getting the crazy snow like we have been. I guess I understand the fact that they’d want to take precautions and close things just in case though, especially if you’re not used to getting large amounts of snow at a time in Rhode Island. We could probably benefit from doing the same here. Winter driving is dangerous. I’ve seen many a car stuck in a ditch over the course of the past couple days.

Before braving the treacherous streets I downed another bowl of Weetabix mush because it was so darn good on Thursday.


Then I accomplished a bit of shopping. I had more on my agenda but the weather was getting progressively worse and I didn’t really want to get stuck out there so I ended up heading home early. Probably a wise decision too because the snow continued for a good chunk of the day and I could hardly see out the window while trying to get home.

Once home I made myself a salad with refried beans, salsa, sour cream and spicy guacamole.

Plus I had some Christmas-y treats. My mom has been bringing home several different goodies from the little kiddies at the elementary school she works at. I get to reap some of the benefits there. Uh oh.

For dinner I had an egg white-salsa-spinach-cheese mess on an english muffin with a sliver of frozen boxed pizza to top it off. The sliver ended up being x by about 3. Pizza is GOOD, what can I say?

Then more holiday treats and an iced coffee. 105

Later on in the night I braved the winter roads yet again to go to a small music show at a super sketchy bar downtown with some friends. I was actually a teeny bit nervous because I had never been to this place and I’ve only heard less than great things about it, but it actually ended up being a decently good time and the music was pretty good too. The few old men regulars who clearly go there every night and have nothing better to do with their time were a little creepy though haha.


Today I woke up early and chilled out at the computer for a bit before having some breakfast. I was starving while sitting at the computer but by the time I went downstairs to scrounge for some food my hunger had disappeared. I hate when that happens. Breakfast is so much more enjoyable when you’re hungry.

I had to eat something though because I had to head off to work, so I went for a bowl of cereal instead of my intended bowl of oats, which always goes down much easier on a not-so-hungry stomach.
Nature’s Path Optimum Power and Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls with frozen banana slices, almond milk and vanilla yogurt.
I just realized I’ve had cereal for breakfast for the past three days straight. In the winter? Weird. I love it though.

Went to work. Eventually ate lunch.
Salad, apple, breakfast cookie. Yeah okay so it wasn’t exactly breakfast but I made a small one the other day and didn’t feel like eating it come breakfast time so it was sitting in the fridge for a couple days… seemed like a perfect lunch addition, no?! I thought so.

Too bad this lunch didn’t keep me full very long though. I ended up drinking two big cups of coffee along with another small apple and a Fibre One bar later on.

After work I came home and had dinner right away.
More salad with refried beans, salsa, sour cream + lots of broccoli with vinegar (Anyone else like their broccoli or cauliflower with vinegar? I’ve been eating it like that since I was little. It’s good stuff), beef stroganoff mixed with salsa and cheesy garlic bread x approx 2.5. I ate a lot more of the noodlies. I think I’m a pasta addict. Once I start eating it I just can’t stop. Maybe I was secretly born Italian? Or maybe not.

I ate some yogurt with frozen fruit and pb after dinner…

…but I was actually craving more hardcore sweets than that so I had a couple chocolates. And some gelato. And some hazelnut coffee.
But then I still felt actually hungry so I ate a giant orange.
Then I was feeling tired and lazy and bummed but somehow managed to find the motivation to get my butt downstairs and onto the treadmill. Best decision ever. Seriously, exercise is never a bad decision. It makes everything better.

And regardless of the fact that it is a Saturday night, the first Saturday night since school has been over and the last Saturday night before Christmas, I am sitting at home, in my pjs, and about to go to bed shortly. I’ve been out late the past three nights in a row and I have plans to go out tomorrow night. I figured a break in between was needed.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and are getting geared up for that holiday that is right around the corner… what’s it called again? Oh. right. Christmas!!


18 thoughts on ““Snowmaggedon”

  1. Mmmm, everything looks delicious, like always! I have never tried Weetabix, but I am actually interested in their products. I should try them when I get the chance!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I used to live in Jerusalem when I was in grade school and when it snowed EVERYTHING shut down. Thank God it only snowed 5 days a year or so!!

  3. Your weetabix mush sounds/looks SO uber-yummy!

    LOL in Texas, people FREAK out when it snows (which it does, every couple of years). If it snows so much as ONE flake, parents drive to school to pick their kids up and people stay glued to the tv to see if school will be cancelled (and it often is!). Having grown up in Pennsylvania, I always think it’s funny to see the little kids get all excited because it snowed a flake or two!

  4. Can we party together, pleeasse? haha Your first week off for vacation sounds so fun! Love the shirts, love the eats…and cereal for breakfast in the winter? I say if you found something delicious, never let it go! ;)

  5. Glad to hear you’re enjoying vacation!! CUTE SHIRTS!! Girl, you gotta add me on the face – there’s a picture on mine of my friend with one of those typical “old man creepers” you’ll laugh your socks off when you see him! I’ll email you my name haha

  6. dude, those shirts are freak’n HOT! i need to find something like those!

    and i do that too…go shopping for christmas for others and end up getting myself stuff…hahaha! and then get other people to give it to me…sneaky we are!

  7. Those shirts are great!

    And all the food looks tasty! Beans are something I never liked as a kid and as an adult I’m trying to like them because they’re so good for me.. but I can’t do it! lol

    On friday a co-worker asked me if I was prepared for snowmageddon and I could not stop laughing. I like that term v. much.

  8. That burger picture just looks absolutely gorgeous to me! I love that you put hummus on top – that’s a great idea!

    Homemade shortbread…MMMM!!! ‘Nuff said :)

    I love your new clothes! They are so cute! And those chocolate pretzels are one of my favorite parts of the holidays.

    I laughed out loud at the comment about the snow and school closing. As a Minnesotan, I totally hear ya – I was so bummed that we NEVER got snow days!

    I need to try your Weetabix mush, too! So much deliciousness in this post! Have a great night!

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