It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today specifically is the most wonderful because today marks the official start of my holidays. Finally! It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this moment. I finished my last exam at 3:40pm. And then I jumped up and down in the athletic complex where the exams were held, ran screaming and cheering through the aisles of desks, threw the pile of exams in the air and booked it.

Okay clearly not. Instead I huddled up inside my jacket, fast-walked to my car, drove to get gas while it’s still insanely cheap, then drove home, ate some buttercup squash, drank some peppermint tea and relaxed.
That works for me!

Now it’s about time I recap the past couple days since I’ve been cramming in some last minute studying and haven’t had time for an update.


I love oat bran. I really need to remember to have it more often. So good. Especially with banana and gingerbread syrup. 010 006

Lunch began with leftover chicken cacciatore and ended with the plate of veggers.
021 025

Actually that’s not true. It ended with chocolate cake.029
There were several of these random chocolate cake eating sessions over the past fews days. Somehow I was able to restrain myself to only a couple bites at a time though. Must have been because of the cake’s insanely rich nature.

I think I also had a snack sometime in the afternoon because I wasn’t very hungry at all at dinnertime. Then again, I wasn’t feeling super dandy the past few days so that could have been part of it too.  This was leftover chicken with buffalo sauce and guac, half a baked potato and a few small slices of white bread (I can’t resist it when it’s fresh).


I made an omelet for breakfast. Weird. Haven’t done that in a while but there were egg whites sitting in my fridge leftover from cake making so I figured I should use some up. I stuffed it with mushrooms and spinach. And I had buttercup squash on the side because I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough…


For a snack I had half of my strawberry homemade larabar

I was still feeling blah on Tuesday. I thought soup and veggies might be a good call.

Rounded off with some apple, vanilla yogurt and Optimum Power cereal

Dinner was stir fry with chicken, baked tofu, spinach, mushrooms, red peppers, rice.

But come night time I was feeling really bizarre. Like sick but not sick… I can’t even begin to describe it. But it was accompanied with a very gross empty feeling that would not go away. I finally curbed the bizarre sick hunger thing after hot chocolate, an apple, tea, cereal with yogurt, toast, crackers and pita. It was seriously the weirdest thing ever and a huge annoyance. And I couldn’t just go to sleep to ignore it because I had to study. So eating it away was the only option. I think it was the bread that ultimately helped though, so maybe my body was craving mad carbs or something… who knows.


Today I woke up early and had a good, solid 5 hours of cram time before my exam to do some last minute review. I started those off with a workout. Best idea ever. I did a quick 30 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill followed by some exercise ball ab moves. I really need to start getting my workouts in first thing more often. It just leaves the day so nice and wide open.

Then I sorted out my priorities. What do you think came first, studying? Heck no. Breakfast!
Pumpkin Oat Protein Pancake!
004 007
1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, splash almond milk, splash egg whites, cinnamon.
It probably could have used more than a splash of egg whites considering it didn’t stay together all that well but it was good enough. Wasn’t the sweetest thing ever either, but nothing a few banana slices and some sugar free maple syrup couldn’t fix.

Then the last of the studying began. Along with an iced coffee. I don’t have them nearly as much now that it’s winter but sometimes I just get a craving that needs to be dealt with.

I threw together a quick lunch before it was time to head out for my exam.
A wrap with 2 tbsp hummus, salsa, spinach and red pepper slices.

I also had an apple along with some hot coffee with cinnamon this time around. 027
See the lovely little ducky notebook there? That’s where I write down all of my eats each day. It’s nothing obsessive in the least, I just like to have a visual list of what I’ve had and I do a rough tally of how many fruits, veggies, proteins etc so I know where I might be lacking. Then if I’m craving a snack or something later in the day I try to choose foods that fit into an area where I might be a little low :)

Then I headed out to write my long, all multiple choice cognitive psychology exam. It was one of those exams where every single question is long and you have to read it over 2-3 times minimum to make sure you know what it’s asking, and then you need to read all of the answers over multiple times to pick the one that seems best. I swear, for at least half of the questions, all of the answers seemed right. So although I’ve done well throughout the course on all of the tests up to this point, I probably felt the least confident after this final. Sigh. I guess I can only hope for the best… but at least it’s DONE now. WOoo.

I got home and celebrated with the last hunk of buttercup squash. It’s like an obsession. But now it’s all gone. Time to cook up the acorn now ;)036
Funny enough, I think I ate the majority of this squash cold. Is that weird? I really like it cold, straight out of the fridge! And plain too. It’s just that good.

Then I made Enchiladas for dinner. YUM.
There were three different kinds in here: beef, pork and refried beans. Beef and pork for my mom and brother since they like that kinda thing and I needed to use up some leftovers in the fridge, and refried beans for me because they’re awesome. They were stuffed with a mixture of salsa and fat free sour cream (plus spinach in mine), and topped with enchilada sauce and cheddar cheese (light mozzarella on mine). So easy, so tasty, so filling. 043

Even though I was stuffed, I just had to have something sweet. So I had one of these salty sweet babies:
My mom brought them home from work. It’s just a pretzel with a melted Hershey kiss on top, then that topped with an M&M. I love the salt of the pretzel mixed with the sweetness of the chocolate. Perfect treat.

Oh, and I also had a few more bites of chocolate cake. Luckily it’s almost gone (yes, that huge honker of a cake has nearly been devoured), so I think those will be my last few bites.

Now I’m going to get ready to go out tonight with a couple friends to celebrate school being dooooone. It’s hip hop night at the local sketch bar. Can’t miss out on that one! I haven’t been in ages. ;)


16 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. grrrrrrrr……I’m seeing so many squash!!!!! it’s making my squash hiatsu hard!!!

    Great eats!!! And congrats for the start of your holiday!!! ENJOY~~~~

  2. Congrats on being done!!

    I make those pretzel things all the time – SO addicting! Someone actually asked me for the recipe haha I was like…are you kidding?!

    Yum to the protein pancake and larabar!!

  3. yay for being done!

    when i read the, “i just can’t get enough, i just can’t get enough” i heard that little tune in my head…yet i can’t remember what it was from! hahaha

    and that pretzel/kiss/mm concoction is so cute!

  4. Congratulations on being done! Wahoo!

    Gingerbread syrup?! Wherever did you find that? It sound so good and is something I could probably enjoy year round!

    Mmm…chocolate cake and STRAWBERRY homemade Larabars?! You know the way to my heart (through my stomach).

    That pumpkin pancake looks so good and I absolutely LOVE pretzels topped with Hershey’s Kisses! It’s on of my favorite holiday treats!

  5. P.S. I almost forgot to ask – how did you get your picture to pop up when we type in your web address? I’m not sure if I know what it’s called – but the little tab to the left of the URL has your picture there now!

  6. I have a non-food related question (although I love that pretzel thing). As a Canadian, what do you think about the fact that pretty much every school in my state (Rhode Island – pretty far north) is closed tomorrow becase it might snow a foot? Thanks.

  7. Hey hey hey !!!!!


    Well,well….your eats look sooo nice…!! YUMMM HOMEMADE LARABARS!!!!! =DDDD

    And don’t mind the ocasional treats and emotional eating…try to deal with it somehow..=DD


    Hope you’re having a great relaxing time now..=))

    HUGS!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you on my blog some day..=DD

  8. i love the abundance of squash in this post…and your oatbran with banana and GINGERBREAD SYRUP (still dying to try that), plus the tofu stir fry, PLUS the protein pancake……..PLUS the enchiladas……..all look amazing.

    the enchiladas def. have me craving mexican.

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND KRISTIE! oh and you look so adorable and gorgeous in your Foodbuzz apron!!!

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