Birthday Baking and Some Much Needed Sleep

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent Friday morning baking up a cake for my brother’s 17th birthday.

This was one mean cake. Huge, dense, heavy, and stomach-expandingly scrumptious. I used the Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe featured on this site which is a Barefoot Contessa recipe, and I used the fudge icing from here.

I set my laptop up on the kitchen counter, pulled out all of the ingredients, and then Foodbuzz and I got down to some serious baking business.

Dry and Wet Ingredients

Mixed together



Baking ’em up

Cooling Off

Cooking up the Fudge Icing

And the Finished Product…!
191 194

So I’m clearly no master cake decorator but in my defence, our cake decorating tools and objects are limited, and I left the icing in the fridge for too long so it was too cold and pretty darn hard to spread, even after whipping with an electric mixer for a while. Fortunately the decoration of a cake doesn’t affect its taste.

I will most definitely be using this cake recipe again. It results in a perfect chocolate cake. I think next time though I’ll half it because this cake was GINORMOUS. I practically needed a forklift to move it from the counter to the fridge. It could probably work with any kind of icing but I think next time I would try a slightly less rich icing since the cake is already so rich. Regardless, it was (and still is since there’s still a bunch sitting in the fridge… anyone want some??) darn delicious.

Right before baking it, I started off my morning with a quick bowl of oatmeal made with a Quaker Reduced Sugar Apples and Cinnamon instant oatmeal packet, topped with vanilla yogurt and frozen banana slices.

I didn’t really have much of a lunch, but rather snacked on some icing licks plus some raw veggies, an apple and some cottage cheese throughout the day while running around.

For dinner we went out to Red Lobster as my brother’s place of choice for his birthday meal. I’ve only been there once years ago and it was back in the day where I did not touch seafood except for tuna sandwiches, so I was pretty pumped to try them out.

If you’ve never been before, they provide unlimited biscuits. Hello danger zone. There was no way I was even going to bother resisting these goodies though. I had one and a half.

My brother was not impressed with me trying to subtly take his picture.

For my entree I ordered a create your own feast meal where you can pick two or three main dishes from a list of around 15. I picked broiled scallops and garlic shrimp with a side of broccoli.
I also had a few bites of my mom’s shrimp linguine alfredo. It was all super tasty. I don’t order seafood that often at restaurants but I think I should. I have a new appreciation for it. Although I don’t really eat out that much to begin with other than sushi, which I guess is seafood anyway so maybe my last statement is kind of skewed. Whatever. In conclusion, good meal. I brought about half of the shrimp home and finished everything else plus a garden starter salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side that came with the meal as well.

Then cake time.

My piece, which was probably more like times two with all of the crumbs and picking and such I did after chowing down on this one.

Then a quick recap of yesterday’s (Saturday) food:

Breakfast: Bowl of Weetabix and Nature’s Path Optimum Power cereal with almond milk, vanilla yogurt, banana and frozen strawberries. The strawberries were thrown in last minute. Best idea EVER.

Lunch: Salad (mostly cabbage slaw, carrots and zucchini with dijonnaise) and some leftover shrimpies, plus an apple

Snack: The Dr Weil Banana Manna Pure Fruit & Nut Bar. The first time I tried one of these (the Chia Razz flavour) I wasn’t the biggest fan but this flavour was a nice improvement.

Dinner: was random. Raw veggies, cooked veggies, boxed mac & cheese (gotta love that processed cheese.. mmmmm…) with salsa and a piece of pita with hummus and salsa. Plus some unpictured cake later on. Obviously.

Then I went out with some friends for a bar night… Fun at the time? Yes. Fun once I got home? Not so much. Fun today? Again, not so much. I honestly didn’t even think I drank that much… weird.

I have no idea what time I got home but I think it was probably somewhere around 3am. I don’t think I got to bed for another hour, but it may have been even longer. Somehow I lost one of my hoop earrings too (tear).

Then I woke up at 9:30 this morning? Ugh. I shoved plenty of food into me, mainly consisting of bread-y products like an english muffin, toast, pita, and crackers. Yes, all of the above. Plus some banana and a whole lotta pb. Oh and some cereal straight from the box. Plus plenty of water. None of this helped me as much as I was hoping it would. Then I fell asleep on the couch for about an hour. Then my friend called and woke me from my much needed nap. Then I had to go pick up my car that was parked at my friend’s house. Then I came back home and slept until dinner time.

When I woke up I felt a little better, but still not super. Hungry though. I ate lots of chicken cacciatore which was mainly eating a lot of pasta, plus some broccoli. Then I had yogurt with frozen fruit. Then I had tea. Then later I had an apple and a clementine. Now I feel okay. Still kinda blah though.

And because of my sleeping all day, I didn’t really get much studying done. So the next two days will be filled with plenty of that in prep for my exam Wednesday. Woo…

Hope you all had some super weekends. And particularly a better Sunday than I did…haha.


20 thoughts on “Birthday Baking and Some Much Needed Sleep

  1. fun pics! My brother would probably do the same thing. Boys they’re just so shy!

    Your cake looks so yummylicious!

    Good luck on your exam on Weds. Mines coming up on Thursday!

  2. great work with the cake!!! It looks so chocolate!!!!!! which is everyone’s love!

    The shrimp and scallop look delicious~~~~~~~~ :D

    good luck for the exams.

  3. Cute apron! Glad to see the cake was a success :) Big chocolate cakes remind me of that movie Matilda haha

    I liked the Banana Manna bar MUCH better than the Goji Moji one too.

    Good luck!!

  4. I will take some cake, please! It looks great, Kristie – I love the pic of you and your Foodbuzz apron. You two were really workin’ it – and the result? I could stuff it in my mouth right now if it was possible to eat computer screens.

    Your brother looks like he had a fun bday! I like Red Lobster – those biscuits are definitely dangerous, though! It reminds me of the KFC biscuits I used to chow down on back in the day.

    Good luck with your exam on Wednesday! And hooray for snowy WordPress backgrounds!!

  5. I can’t believe you didn’t have cake as part of your hangover cure!
    That picture of you i so cute, and I love cakes that look rustic instead of all perfect. ;)

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