I’m Baaaaaack

No, not from anything fun and exciting like traveling to an exotic tropical location, just back from the complete confinement and isolation created by exam studying. I have one more to go but it’s not until next Wednesday so I get to balance to the studying for that out over the course of nearly a week. Yay.

I wish I had some kind of thrilling news or stories to tell from the past week but since all I’ve really been doing is sitting in my room, my brain overflowing with knowledge and a great desire to take off and run until the end of time (or at least until the end of exam time), life was temporarily placed on hold and therefore allowed no opportunities for new events.

Eating was a little random too. Whatever was around and convenient is what I ate. There was a lot of it too. I have many a food picture to throw down here so I guess I’ll get right to it. Descriptions will be minimal, otherwise this could take all day.

I’ll try to make posts after this more exciting, such as today’s which I’ll get to later on. It’s my brother’s birthday today so hopefully there will be some lovely cake pictures to present later on. Yes, I am making the cake… should be an adventure. Might not look too pretty, I’m far from a pro cake decorator haha. But it’s the thought that counts, right? Right?

The Foods of Exam Studying

There’s nothing super exciting here I don’t think, but if anything strikes you as extra weird or curious and you can’t quite figure out what it is and I didn’t bother to leave a blurb underneath, feel free to ask me what the heck it was that I was eating ;)

002010 016 029 038 003 017 026 003 016 018 021
Leftover No Noodle Lasagna from the freezer, topped with Ragu sauce – edamame on the side

Doesn’t look that special, but it was Pumpkin French Toast made with egg whites, canned pumpkin and Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread. Delicious.

012 027
Emptying the freezer of its frozen meals. This one was awesome. Gotta love pesto.

A really tasty sticky chicken recipe from the Crazy Plates cookbook.

An awesome new cereal buy from Nature’s Path. It was the last box there so I figured it must be good. Love the crunch.

025 028 012 023 025 029 035
More freezer cleanout. Frozen pasta dishes make studying all that much better. If it’s ever possible to make studying better…

046 007 018  029 042

AND there you have it. About a week’s worth of study eats. There was more too but this is just whatever I happened to capture, the main stuff. All of the really small snacks and junk food was too shy for the camera. :P

Now I have a WHOLE LOTTA blog reading to catch up on… 595 items according to Google Reader?! That could take a while… haha. Guess I should get started!
It’s also time to start Cake Baking so I’m off!

Thanks for all the wonderful exam well wishes! Hope you’ve all been doing excellently!


17 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaack

  1. It’s okay lady! I’ve been so behind on blog reading too! I have over 600 updates on my google reader, I’m sure! I’ll be done by next weekend though…and then I hope to catch up!!

    Loving the eats, and I am so jealous of the gingerbread syrup you posted a couple days ago! I totally wish I could try that!!!

    Take care! And good luck with the last push!! Gotta focus!!!


  2. Erin – Yes ma’am! At least I think so… geez I don’t even remember exactly what I mixed but it was MOST likely yogurt and soy nut butter, possibly with some sugar free maple syrup mixed in there too. I make that mix fairly often so there’s a pretty good chance that that’s what it was haha.

    Marianne – Aw that’s such a bummer! Maybe try looking for it on sale at normal stores or something. Stupid Costco… although I sure do love the place. I haven’t been in ages!

  3. Yay! You’re back! I hope exams went well :) I wanted to make sure you know that I am hosting a Vita-Mix Giveaway through next Monday. The reason I’m telling you is because we’ve always discussed how certain things are in Canada and certain things are in the U.S…but Vita-Mix said they could ship to Canada, too this time! YAY!! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

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