The Time Has Come…

This coming week is about to be pure brutality. I’ve already plowed through one exam today. Four more to go, three of them next week. Research Methods in Psychology on Wednesday, Social Psychology on Thursday, and my Conceptual Issues in Communication and Culture take-home exam due on Thursday as well. As nice as take-home exams seem like they might be, they’re not. Especially when they due at the same time as two other major exams and they are based on complicated material, require complicated thought, and are marked by complicated TAs.

I’ll survive, but probably barely. I anticipate late nights, early mornings, little exercise, lots of stress eating and lots of hair being ripped out of my head by next Thursday. Then I’ll have nearly a whole week to study for my last exam, Cognitive Psychology. So mainly I just can’t wait until next Thursday. After that, studying for the last exam will be a piece of cake.

Needless to say, I haven’t had time recently to post, haven’t photographed half of what I’ve eaten, and have eaten more than one would think is humanly possible. I love how my appetite decides to skyrocket when I’m studying and stressing and have hardly any time to work out. It’s so convenient. And it’s honestly my appetite that has been causing me to eat more, not even just boredom and stress eating. I’ve literally been having trouble trying to eat enough to satisfy it. My brain must just be working so darn hard that it’s causing my body to burn up double the energy it normally does. Or not.

Anyway, sorry for lack of updates and sorry for majorly falling behind on blog reading! Time just does not permit right now. I will do some mad catch up by the end of next week though, and try to do a bit here and there during those much needed study/sanity breaks that will have to happen.

Hope you’re all doing well! And most especially best of luck to all those suffering in this lovely time of exams before the freedom of holidays comes to us.


24 thoughts on “The Time Has Come…

  1. I’m sorry the next week will be so painful for you, none of those exams sound like any fun. Suddenly my 15 page paper and two exams don’t sound so bad. Good luck! Keep some advil, chocolate and tea handy, I think those three can solve any amount of stress! :)

  2. BLAH, that totally sucks. I just graduated with a history and spanish degree so I feel ya on the ridiculous finals, papers and take-home exams- damn you liberal arts! I’ll send u good vibes, and maybe if you can get out for a quick walk with flashcards or just to organize your thoughts, that would make you feel much better :D Good luck lady!!

  3. totally understandable. It’s finals time and I know how terrible is. Endless studies, stress eating that stress us even more, no workout to balance the stress and the overload of food…. yes, pretty much a vicious cycle. But fortunately it’s only a couple of weeks. So, be strong and do your best!
    good luck :)

  4. Ugh I hear ya! Because it was my last day of CLASS for the semester yesterday, my mom said, “Wow, you must feel great now that you’re done.”

    I was like, “Whaaa?! This is my most stressful week EVER! Essays, exams, more essays, more exams!”

    We’ll get through it! And we can have a super-huge party on Thursday when we’re both done :o)

  5. Good luck with all of your exams, I totally know how you feel. I’ll be thinking of you next week, since my finals aren’t until the weel after!

  6. Good luck getting everything finished! In a week and a half it’ll all be over… I’m holed up at the library trying to get two research papers written… not going too well right now.

    Carolinebee’s suggestion for walking with flash cards sounds very good. Hang in there :-)

  7. I know how you’re feeling. I just finished 4 exams in 2 days, and now I have a week to study for my last one. You’ll get there, my friend. And it is wonderful. :)

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