The Dangerous Dinner

Yesterday morning I decided that a pancake was where it was at for breakfast. An oatmeal pancake to be exact. An Apple Instant Oatmeal Pancake to be super exact. I’ve only ever made them with rolled oats but I thought it would be fun to try it with an oatmeal package. So I used:

Yeah, pretty sure that’s all that went into. Mixed it up, threw it in a pan, cooked it to perfection and topped it off with banana slices, strained plain yogurt and E.D. Smith No Sugar Added Syrup.

SO easy. Really thick and fluffy too. And I managed not to burn it, which is a feat in itself. I’ll definitely be making this again.

I went to my morning class, came home and baked up some sweet potato and buttercup squash while doing a good 45 minutes of intervals on the treadmill.

Then I ate em u p for lunch along with a salad with spray balsamic dressing and a bit of cottage cheese.
022 032 026

I puttered around at home, went to my second class of the day (and last of the term! Yay!), then once class was over I discovered 14 missed calls on my phone. Um… WHAT? Apparently my brother’s car broke down in the middle of the road. Lovely. I missed the brunt of the chaos having been in class, but luckily he was able to eventually get ahold of my mom to go and help him. Gotta love car troubles. I’ve got some of my own right now too. My car is making weird and slightly scary grinding sounds… I’m not a fan. It’s going into the garage on Thursday. Booo.

Since our freezer is ridiculously full, I decided to make one of the frozen dinners that’s been sitting in there forever. I decided on this lovely box since it had been in there the longest.
210 calories, 3g fat, 2g fibre, 15g protein. Not bad.

I cooked it up, stirred in some heated spinach and topped it off with goat cheese, then dug it.

I was several bites in before realizing that the dinner had been in the freezer not just for a long time but for a very long time. And it contained chicken… I don’t know the rules with frozen dinner and frozen meats and appropriate waiting times for eating  etc but I decided to put down my fork and search for a best before date on the box. What did I find?
Best Before December 2007. Uh oh.
What did I do?
Ate it anyway.
Smart? Probably not. I did leave what was left of the chicken, but I finished off the rice part. Which all touched the chicken so it’s not like that was much better but I figured I would survive.

Then I got this slightly nasty stomach pain… who knows if it was caused by the insanely old frozen dinner or was just completely psychological but I got a little freaked out and started downing huge glasses of water and hot tea, I guess in the hopes of flushing any particular toxins out of my system. I guess it worked because I felt fine not too long after.

In conclusion, check the best before dates on frozen dinners. I don’t follow those dates to a T, but I think a year is probably pushing it.

And because of this minor dinner fiasco, I guess my appetite and my food palate were not satisfied because I was continuously hungry for a couple hours after that. Nothing I ate put a dent in the hunger pit. I ate cereal, banana with nut butter, drank lots of hot beverage and then FINALLY squashed it by inhaling an apple and another giant bottle of water. Took long enough though. Annoying!

No more classes! So today I’m just chilling, catching up on school readings for exams… ick, and probably doing some shopping with a friend in the afternoon. I have yet to do ANY Christmas shopping… eek. I’m the worst Christmas shopper ever so I really can’t wait to get started. Hm.

I guess I can show you today’s breakfast too. Nothing exciting though. Oatmeal with vanilla protein powder, banana, flax, cinnamon, honey…
…which wasn’t good enough because I was still quite hungry, so I also had some coffee/light hot chocolate, an apple and a clementine.

Later gators!


18 thoughts on “The Dangerous Dinner

  1. a fun post to read! I’ll take your advice to check on expiration date before putting any food in my mouth. :) (but I usually don’t buy frozen meal)

    the pancake looks delicious! I haven’t made those for a long time! thanks for remind me!

  2. Haha I tend to lose things to the abyss of my freezer as well. I actually cleaned it out a little while ago and found ice cream that had fully crystallized over from freezer burn!

  3. I’m SO bad at paying attention to expiration dates. My dad is OCD about them, so usually the second something is out of date, into the garbage it goes.

    The pear-shaped bowl is adorable! (and I don’t even like pears!)

    Hooray for classes being over!

  4. In my world, nothing expires.
    I’m so glad you’re DONE! YAY!
    Where do you go to school? You can reply to my e-mail if you want. I’m going to Toronto next summer, I think. I know Canada is big, but I was thinking maybe there’s a chance…

  5. Wow, sorry to hear about your brother’s car trouble! Do you have your phone on vibrate? That is what I do often, and usually I have it in my pocket so that I can text and pay attention to the lecture at the same time – obviously, that rarely is that case that I “do” pay attention!

    I should get my car checked too. The light for “maintenance required” is on. :)

  6. Hi Kristie!!

    Hah,what a ‘funny’ experience with this frozen meal…yeahh…we HAVE TO CHECK the expiration dates haha!! =DD Well,I hope you’ll ok by now =D

    OHHHHH!!! !! What a CUTE SWEET-y BOWL!!! Looks sooo art-sy =DD Must be like that everything eaten in it tastes even 100x better =DDDD isn’t it??! =)))

    Good luck with all your studying/reading stuff =)))

  7. Nice job with that pancake! I will have to try that with instant oats. I have so many packets and never use them – this would be an easy way to get rid of some of them!

    Thanks for the tip on that frozen meal – I’m glad that you didn’t get too sick!

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