Greasy Brownie Bonanza

First day of December, last day of classes. Yay! First exam Friday… boo. Time to crack down on some studying! I’ll start that tonight… one more class to go today first.

Backtracking to the rest of yesterday’s eats, I had a couple pieces of grocery store sushi. 50% off, slightly unfresh (I ripped off a lot of the rice because it was kinda hard…) but still passed my taste buds standards (which are not that high).
And some leftover sweet potato with roasted garlic hummus.

AND some veggies and deli sliced turkey on toasted rye
AAaaand some cottage cheese in a mini bowl x2

All of that was basically my lunch. It was one of those snacky kinda days. It was a Sunday after all… my Sundays always seem to want to be snacky.

For dinner my family was having pork which I do not like, so I microwaved up a tasty veggie burger with buffalo sauce and dijonnaise. Deelish. Sides were mashed potatoes with parmesan and herb seasoning and salad (a lot more than what is pictured there, that was just added for a pop of colour to the plate :P)

My hunger was pretty persistent for the rest of the night though so I had a couple bowls of pumpkin and yogurt with Fiber One.

Kinda helped but not overly so I also had an apple and some decaf hazelnut coffee.

And then my mom made DANGEROUS brownies. Hardcore dangerous. These were the moistest, greasiest brownies I’ve had yet. Check out the pan…
My brother clearly likes these brownies… these were made hardly 10 minutes before the picture was taken. This was last night. Today they are long gone. Oh to be a male and non-concernedly shovel brownie down the gullet. Haha.

Here was my plate of brownie scrap.

I also had several icing licks right from the bowl. Heavenly.

Now I’m off to get ready for class. I’ll update with today’s foods later!


18 thoughts on “Greasy Brownie Bonanza

  1. Hi Kristie!! (sorry for writing your name with a “Ch” before!! it won’t happen anymore !!=D) sad for the suhi have to make/buy some fresh ones..=))

    Your dinner plate is really perfectly colourful =)) Looks YUMMY!! =D

    I wish you luck at school ,with classes exams and all !! =D You’ll DO IT !! =D


  2. thank you for coming to my blog again! those brownies look out of this world… i feel like i could just reach out and grab some, mmmm. so great to see what you’ve been up to!!

  3. well how could you ever deny those brownies? yum yum yum.

    I can’t believe you’re done with classes already, I’m so jealous! Good luck studying!

    Thanks again for such a sweet comment on my blog, it really meant a lot to me :)

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