Recap and Club Crap

I haven’t updated in a few days. There was no way I wanted to try to compete with all of the amazing Thanksgiving meals out there though! So I figured I would just lay low for a bit. That and I really just haven’t had a good chance to update. Until now that is. Unfortunately my eating has been really random for the past few days, more snacks and grabbing on-the-go foods than prepared and structured meals so I don’t have much to show.

On Thursday morning I had some overnight oats. I’m sure glad these were there because I had to pretty much inhale them while in the midst of getting ready for school, rereading and printing off an essay and running out the door.
The Combo: oats, pumpkin, cinnmon, almond milk, banana, pomegranate seeds, vanilla yogurt.
I should really make overnight oats more often. They are great.


Everything else on Thursday was just snacks at school. I don’t even remember what I had for dinner either but I guess it wasn’t memorable.

And apparently all I ate on Friday was a bowl of Fiber One and puffed rice with almond milk, yogurt, and banana, with a sliver of chocolate pumpkin loaf on the side.


The rest was a big salad, sushi for dinner, other stuff. Again, no pics. I haven’t done well with food picture taking the past few days. There’s just no point when everything you’re eating isn’t really a meal at all but rather small bites of everything. No photo-worthy stuff!

Yesterday I wasn’t very hungry before having to leave for work so I stuck with 1/2 a banana with soy nut butter and yogurt, plus an iced coffee.
I just bought soy nut butter for the first time. Anyone else ever tried it? It’s interesting… I think it takes some getting used it, it has a fairly unique flavour. It’s a little strange for me but apparently I like it because I’ve consumed it many times over the past couple days, usually with banana or straight from the jar. It’s a crunchy version so there are actual whole soy nuts in it. That part is kinda fun.

I ate lunch at work. A salad with some broccoli cheese bites and a Fiber One bar.

Dinner was a fridge raid.

  • Sweet potato with guac, peach mango salsa and cottage cheese.
    The salsa is a new try too. It’s also weird. But kinda good at the same time.
  • Salad with some not-so-fresh lettuce.
  • Yogurt with chopped up chocolate pumpkin bread. Dino seemed happy about it. Check out the grin…
  • And I think there were a few other things too. Mainly some yogurt and such.

And this morning I had Egg beaters, salsa, spinach and cheese in half a pita.

Plus some pumpkin loaf heated in the microwave. SO good.
I need mad hand cream. Anyone have any really good hand moisturizing suggestions? Either products or just tips in general… my hands are terribly dry and nothing seems to fix it. :(

Excuse my semi blah tone in this post. I went to bed after 4 last night and still woke up at 9. I have no ability to sleep in apparently. I’ll probably nap today. Possibly right about now. I also have a bit of a headache. Thanks liquor.
It was a friend’s birthday last night so a few people got together at her place for some drinks, then we went out to a club.

There was some of this (I didn’t partake in these):

And a lot of this (Jello Shooters):

Plus whatever other crap people brought. Plus the birthday girl works at the club we went to so we had bottle service. Therefore there were several drinks there too.

And of course there were plenty of stupid pictures, all before we went out though. 0777 (8)
Birthday girl is the one with the crazy dark hair. She has the coolest hair ever.

The night was eh though. It was kind of awkward at the club we went to. We were sitting with the owner (my friend is kind of dating him…) and some of his friends and a bunch of ‘classy’ club rat girls who were flirting with them. I’ve been to that club a few times before and have never been a fan anyway. Plus the birthday girl kind of disappeared and my friend and I weren’t really enjoying sitting there with a bunch of people we didn’t know nor want to know so we decided to take off and cab over to the club we go to nearly every weekend. It’s a comfort zone I guess.

And it was… pretty empty. More semi lame to add to our already semi lame night. We danced a bit but just weren’t really feeling it so we just mainly hung around and chatted with people there til the end of the night.

All in all the night wasn’t that bad. I more or less enjoyed myself but I think I had much higher hopes for it. Oh well. I’m sure there will be better nights once the holidays finally roll around… only a few more weeks… sigh.

Enjoy lazy Sunday!


17 thoughts on “Recap and Club Crap

  1. i LOVE aveeno hand lotion – i feel like it works wonders :)

    love all your combinations and the dino smile made me crack up :)

  2. I had one of those nights as well, such high hopes, can really lead to a let down. At least we both got quality time with friends! Always worthwhile, in my opinion…

    ps sweet potato and cottage cheese IS the bomb!! :)

  3. BLAHH shots..haha I can’t do those anymore. I feel ya on the soy nut butter, I think I went in hoping for a PB taste, so it was wierd, it’s saltier or something but half the jar is gone now so hmm..i guess it does slyly grow on you haha. For hand cream I like burt’s bees, eucerin and jergens- target has a good selection!

  4. I like her hair, but I LOVE yours! And your face is so happy and sweet. I love it!
    The banana with the nut butter and yog is so cool. It looks like it’s about to shoot off into outer space!
    I use bag balm (diaper ointment) on my hands. Olive oil and Crisco are really good too!

  5. as one of the many who made tina’s loaf…did you add the suggested amount of ginger? I used the called for amount and now my loaf SMELLS like MINT! am I weird? but it sure still does taste good…

    and i love your pictures…soooo happy!!! i wished i always looked like that in mine!!!

  6. I haven’t tried soynut butter yet. I still need to try that sunflower seed butter that everyone raves about, too!

    I once invested in a pair of hand gloves from Bath & Body Works (I’m not sure if you have those in Canada, but just your basic shop filled with lotion and shower stuff), and it works wonders! Just put lotion on and stick your hands in them! It really helped when I had red, dry cracked hands one winter.

    Cute club pictures! I’m sorry the night wasn’t all you wanted it to be…but you look fab :)

  7. Hi Christie!! =DD

    Sooo cool to hear from you again =D

    Well,well,that’s SOOO GREAT you enjoyed the OVERNIGHT OATS!! I eat them almost every day lately hah and just LOOOOVE’em!!! =D Try to make many different combinations of this stuff,it’s yummy and funny!! =)))

    Oh…I have a sensitive skin so it’s also dry especially in the winter,you know what, one of the best things that work for the dry skin on hands is ..

    COCONUT BUTTER/OiL !!!!!! It’s REALLY FANTASTIC!! I love to put a layer of it on my hands every few hours to help my skin recover when it needs it. And in the night before heading to bed I put a thicker layer and put on a pair of gloves ..and go to bed!! =D Then in the morning the skin looks way better if not completely good!! =D
    It’s really a great moisturizer!!I often use coconut butter/oil for my body as well..
    And the BEST part…it SMELLS HEAVENLY!!!!! =DD Pure bliss !!! =DDD TRY IT!!
    You can melt some coconut butter and pour it into a small plastic container and use like a cream =)) It’s easy works wonders!!

    And another great moisturizer is a simple oil/wax, the PARAFFIN WAX !!!! It helps skin recover very quickly ,great moisturizing =)) You can ask for it at the nearest Pharmacist’s =))

    Well,well..!! I hope I could help you a bit =) Try some of the stuff and let me know how you like it =D

    Hang in there,Girlie!! =))


  8. Melissa S. – Yep I’m pretty sure I did. It was definitely “spicy” so to speak and I could smell the spices in it but I’m not sure if mine smelled like MINT haha. I kinda WISH it did though, I think mint would be awesome in it. Like a peppermint patty loaf. YUM.

    THANKS for all the hand moisturizing suggestions guys! I can feel my hands getting softer already just by reading them ;)

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