Mmm Pumpkin Loaves and Breakfast Cookies


Sort of. I am FINISHED the essays, assignments etc. The last two get handed in today but they are done. Oh what a relief. Exams start at the end of next week but they’re spread out enough and I’m not too worried at this point. Talk to me in a week and I might state otherwise. But for now I am good and relieved.

The past two days have been full of essay writing and slacking by eating some fairly yummy things. Our fridge is pretty bare right now so most of my eats have consisted of last bits of things I’ve been finished up. I like those kind of meals, they’re always pretty random and I get such satisfaction out of emptying containers. Ha.

Let’s start with a recap of


I already talked about my breakfast in the last post so if you’re insanely curious and missed out on that, you can go back there and check it out (it was only oatmeal though).

I also mentioned that I was going to do something extra special in the midst of my essay writing. I made Tina’s Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf. This recipe sure is getting tossed around the blog world a lot isn’t it. And I fully understand why. It’s great!
I followed the recipe pretty much exactly except used Egg Beaters instead of egg whites because that’s what I had, and I reduced the sugar just a little. I also used peanut butter chips instead of chocolate because that’s all I had. These are really awesome in it too. I’ll bet a mix of chips would be wonderful.

I was really pleased when my mom loved this too. She normally isn’t too fond of the results of the baking ventures I partake in. Then again, I’m most often testing out “healthified” recipes and they just don’t have that same sweetness appeal as “real” desserts. This baby is sweet and fudge-y and awesome though so no wonder she liked it. My brother unfortunately wasn’t much of a fan but he’s not a die-hard pumpkin addict so I wasn’t surprised.

For LUNCH I had a big salad and some acorn squash with my leftover Amy’s Indian meal from the other night.
Don’t you just love my pj pants. I was in them all day. That’s what essay writing will do to you. No need to change. Or shower… kidding. Or not.

Then LOAF. Duh.

I was still hungry shortly after so I had a cereal yogurt pumpkin mix.

DINNER was egg whites, salsa, spinach and goat cheese on mini naan bread. I just discovered this lovely little naans in the grocery store the other day. I was so excited. Naan is awesome but not exactly the healthiest stuff out there… but once I start eating one I want to eat the whole thing. So these wee ones, with only 110 cals each, work out pretty perfectly for me. I don’t know what brand they were or anything but I’ll check it out later.

I also had more acorn squash with roasted red pepper hummus.

Now onto


It had to be done. I made…

How could I not with all the hype, right?
1/4 cup oats, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2 tsp pumpkin seed butter, 2 T almond milk, 1/2 mashed banana.

Deeeeelicious. This will be made again. And again. I love how quick and easy and awesome it is, as well as how versatile. I can’t wait to try different combos!

I had a Snack later of the last of the acorn squash with salsa and FF cottage cheese.

For LUNCH I made potato leek soup (Well I didn’t make the soup, I just heated it out of the carton. Like I would actually make a soup like that from scratch…) with refried beans, spaghetti squash, spinach, buffalo sauce and mozzarella. Hey, I did mention that I was trying to get rid of leftovers.

But I was in snacky mode so regardless of the fact that I wasn’t really hungry, I kept eating shortly after. I wanted sweets so I ate a fair amount amount of random things. I don’t remember it all. There was an apple with yogurt and pumpkin to start it off though.

I finally went to class for what felt like the first time in weeks, even though it was only like a couple of days. It was nice to get out of my house for once, away from the essay writing and whatnot.

Then I had DINNER when I got home. A Gardenburger on one of those mini naans with dijonnaise and spinach. Yum.

Totally not filling though. So I had a giant salad.
It doesn’t look that big from the picture but rest assured, it was. I chopped up the biggest carrot into it. Pretty sure the carrot had been in our fridge since the beginning of summer… Oh well, still tasted good.

Then I had more sweet things, did more essay writing and slept.
Now I’m running pretty late so I have to eat, get dressed and rush off to a full day of classes.

I’m in Canada so no Thanksgiving for me today but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who’s celebrating!!


14 thoughts on “Mmm Pumpkin Loaves and Breakfast Cookies

  1. AMAAAAZING loaf, breakfast cookie, squash & hummus… yum!!!

    I have 5 papers and 2 group projects to work on right now (and it’s my Thanksgiving break!! Not cool!!), so I hear ya on the work – good luck, girl!!

  2. Great eats!!!!! And you pj’s really cute! My favorite color! And yes, I do wear my pj all day long when I work at home which is probably 90%. hahah….
    Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Ha I definitely bought those mini-naans last week. They’re good, but on the pkg, it says not to refrigerate them… but it doesn’t say why or anything… weeeeird.

  4. I’m so glad that you’re FREEEEE (for the most part)! I’m entering into the final stages, too. GOOD TIMES :) Can’t wait for break!

    I really want to make that chocolate pumpkin loaf!! I have a huge can of pumpkin back at school that I’ll need to dig into! Especially if your mom liked it – my mom is the same way with my “healthy” baked goods. She always rolls her eyes at me!!

    MINI NAAN?!?! I must find that! I’ve never seen them anywhere!

    Yay breakfast cookies!! I can’t believe we’ve waited this long to try them – we were missing out, for sure!! I’m glad you enjoyed yours :)

  5. love the pajamas-they are GREAT!! your eats look great. any pumpkin-flavored thing i am allll over it. well done!!!!! i made the chocolate pumpkin loaf as well, and i think its so cool you made it with peanutbutter chips!!!!! as you can probably guess, i’m a big fan. you are totally right when you say it is fudgy and moist and delicious-my dad called it CAKE and i said no it is bread! we made it on wednesday and it lasted a few days before we ate it all up. it is certainly rich and delicious–with a smear of Pumpkin butter and peanut butter it is total heaven!!

  6. At first I was like, where’s all the Thanksgiving eats?! Dur. I have a friend from Canada and we were just discussing it the other day and I STILL forgot!
    Those mini naans sound awesome! The huge ones are juts a little caloric, right?! Your bread looks beautiful too. I hope you slather a piece in PB!

  7. Pearl – I found pumpkin seed butter in the grocery store with all of the other nut butters in the health food section. I’m not sure how common it is though so it might be a bit harder to find.

    Lee – It practically IS like cake, I almost feel weird referring to it as a bread haha. And it’s totally awesome with nut butter…mmmmm.

    Erin – Yeah naan is SO good but the stats on the big ones scare me just a bit… so the little ones are perfect!

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