Acorn Squash and Amy’s Kitchen in the House

I think I managed to do a lot better yesterday, after my weekend of uncontrolled eating. I even managed to talk myself out of an unnecessary snacking bout last night in the midst of essay writing! I was pretty darn proud of that. I was even already in the kitchen, fridge open, all set up for some stress relieving eating. But I wasn’t actually hungry at all and I managed to walk away only have one tiny bite of banana. Woo.

Yesterday’s breakfast was a bowl of oat bran (hadn’t had it in a while, I forgot how good this stuff is!) with banana, apple butter and pommy seeds. I meant to add some of them seeds to today’s breakfast as well but I forgot. It was a sad moment.

For lunch I finally baked up some acorn squash for the first time ever! It was lovely. My love for squash is forever expanding. I still think my favourite squash to date though is Buttercup. I can’t get enough of it.
I had 1/4 of the squash with roasted garlic hummus and salsa spread on it, and a salad with feta and honey dijon dressing.
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I also had a date stuffed with pumpkin seed butter. I like this nut butter but it’s the only one I’ve been eating lately because it’s ALL I have. Other than the Kraft fake crap. I need to do some nut butter shopping. I can only handle so much pumpkin seed.

I was still kind of hungry later so I made a smoothie with 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, almond milk, half a frozen banana and some frozen strawberries. This filled me perfectly until dinner time.

For dinner I made an Amy’s Kitchen Indian Mattar Paneer frozen meal that’s been in my freezer for ages and I finally decided to get around to trying.
I didn’t have overly high hopes for it because I’m not very seasoned in Indian cuisine and the dish I tried most recently (which was still quite a while back) was pretty bland and unflavourful. 

To my delight, this was awesome though. I loved the little cheese blocks. The rice was perfectly moist. The dish had lots of flavour and a nice little spicy kick. It was filling too (I only finished about 3/4).
I had it with a few spicy potato wedges on the side there. This was the first Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal I tried so now I’m looking forward to trying plenty more of them! (Hopefully I can find them on sale once in a while though…)


I’m skipping both of my classes in order to write an essay that’s due Thursday. I’ve started it but barely, so I have a lot to write yet. I have it fairly planned out though so hopefully it’ll be a smooth process!

I started the day off with some blog reading, and then some oatmeal:
1/3 cup of oats, 1/2 banana, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, flax and sugar free maple syrup. There was only a bit left in the bottle so I just dumped it in but it ended up being a little too sweet so I tossed the last few bites.

Now I’m going to start working on my essay… while in the midst of making Tina’s Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf… I’m a productive student… ehem.

Hope the week has started off well for everyone :)


18 thoughts on “Acorn Squash and Amy’s Kitchen in the House

  1. Oooh I’ve never tried any of the Amy’s Indian dishes. I will definitely have to snag this one – thanks for the review!! It’s always helpful to have a frozen dinner or two in the freezer for emergencies. :)

  2. Christie!!

    Sooo COOL you managed to control yourself a bit =DD you’ll do it ,it’s just YOUR POWER!! =D

    Well,well…!! Your eats look balanced and yum!! =D And this STUFFED DATE…oh yeahh!!! Love it!!! MMMMM CREAMY PERFECTION!! =DDD

    Try CASHEW BUTTER!! Abd ALMOND BUTTER!! SOOO YUMMY!! =D Highly recomended!! =D have PRODUCTIVE DAY!! =DD Enjoy!!

    And if you have time visit me of cuz pls =DD hehe!!


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