Miss Nancy Negativity

I am completely disappointed with my eating today. I hate to say it but it’s the truth. I felt like I did a pretty good job of eating healthy all week and then threw it completely away by my nonstop eating today. Literally. The one times I wasn’t eating was when I was out of the house briefly for errands and when I was working on an essay tonight pre and post dinner time.

It began last night when I severely overindulged on drinks while out for a mid school stress dancing night reprieve. Then I got home and decided I had better get some food into my system to avoid hangover. I did this via rice with goat cheese and shrimp plus rye bread…. who knows, I have some weird and limited options in my fridge right now. This was okay because it was food with a purpose, but it could have been a little more structured.

Then this morning I woke up and started right off the bat with my favourite post heaving drinking breakfast: toast with peanut butter, honey and banana. This was Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with pumpkin seed butter, honey and banana.
But it just triggered a mass eating fest and I consumed way more than my fair share of pumpkin seed butter, honey and banana just kind of randomly shoved into my mouth. Then I just kept eating other bites of this, that and the other thing, whatever came to my attention first really. And the course of the day followed the same pattern.

The only other picture I got was this lame bowl of veggies with feta. Actually it was quite tasty but did NOTHING for my hunger. I couldn’t stop eating because NOTHING would kill the hunger. Nothing.

But whatever. It’s over. Time to start over tomorrow and take a whole week of attempts at structured eating all over again. This could be difficult seeing as how I’m going to be dealing with essay writing stress until Thursday.

But enough with the lameo mood. Here’s Fridays and Saturdays eats in quick form because I need to get back to essay writing and then attempt to catch up on some sleep… ugh.



Weetabix with pumpkin, yogurt, cinnamon heated

Cooked up some squash
014 017

Ate some plain, some with refried beans, salsa, spinach and sour cream

Lots of yogurt over the past few days…and much of it mixed with protein powder just because it’s darn good.

More squash, rice, veggies


Pumpkin, yogurt, apple, Fibre One flakes



003 007

Squash…and there were some missing snacks and such somewhere in there.


Dinner: Rice, veg, shrimp and spaghetti squash mixed with dressing of ff sour cream and nutritional yeast flakes, topped with salsa


Back to the grind. Nighters.


20 thoughts on “Miss Nancy Negativity

  1. Oh man i totally feel you on the drinking, wierd hang over hunger thing. It’s like nothing sounds good but you keep trying to satisfy it?? That’s when I swear never to drink again….until the next time my friends say we’re going out…
    good luck on the essays :-)

  2. Oh wow, delicious eats – but good luck with the school work! How are those Fiber One Flakes? I saw that there were the Raisin ones and this other kind at Superstore.

  3. I did something similar last night – from the time I finished dinner until I went to sleep I could not stop eating! And it wasn’t good stuff either – things like chocolate covered raisins and random cookies!!

    Don’t sweat it too much, and hope you get some sleep!

  4. Some days, I just can’t stop the food from piling into my mouth either. But I’m glad you decided to accept it, move on and realize that tomorrow is a new day. You set such a great example!

  5. ugh. i hear you galpal.
    i got home for break tonight
    and managed to throw down
    half a box of cereal via
    handfuls straight from the
    box and six homemade chocolate
    chip cookies. oh. and did
    i mention the pretzels i dipped
    in peanut butter? and the
    little chips and salsa sesh?

    tomorrows a new day. right?

  6. don’t worry, you’ll be back to normal soon. It’s a common thing to happen to us (inexplicable hunger) sometimes, just eat light the next couple of days following your intuitions, you’ll be fine!
    thanksgiving is coming~~ be happy and enjoy it!

  7. Trust me, I’ve done this way more times than I can count. It’s just one or two days, nothing to beat yourself up over. Plus, like everyone else says, it’s a new week! :D Maybe it’s just stress too, which will hopefully be over soon. Have a great week!

  8. I’m sorry it sucked. I overdid it this wknd too. Even yesterday! No excuse, I was just being an a hole. At least you had good company down here in Texas. :)

  9. Carolinebee – That’s exactly it. Nothing satisfies. Arrrgh.

    Sharon – These ones were the honey cluster flakes or whatever they were called, I got a couple free sample boxes on my doorstep. They were decent, nice subtly sweet flavour, but I think I would just stick with the regular Original Fibre One.

    missbee. – Pretty sure I’ve eaten everything you mentioned during various snacky sessions.

    ksgoodeats – I actually used vanilla yogurt but I’m sure plain would be great too! I like it to have a bit of sweetness to it though :)

    Mel – I think a huge part of it is definitely stress. Good thing the holidays are coming… soon enough.. almost there…

    Katie – Yeah true enough, I sure do love them bananas.

    Thanks everyone for making me feel better. So good to know I’m not alone in my weekend eating madness!

  10. I’m sorry, Kristie. I’ve been there – and it sucks. No denying it. I hope that today went better for you and that the stress will end soon. ENOUGH ALREADY…am I right?

    On the plus side, Saturday’s breakfast looked absolutely amazing. It looks like pillowy marshmallows.

  11. do you buy your pumpkin seed butter or make your own? i’ve only seen it at whole foods, but it was $34 when i went there!!! i want to try it, but i can’t let myself pay that much.

  12. Jenn – Yes! I am SO ready for school to be over for the holidays. Only a couple more weeks to go… weeks of EXAMS though.. sigh.

    missbee. – ugh, I’m sorry to hear that. It must be the time of year… this time always makes me want to eat nonstop.

    Joanna – $34?! I bought mine at the grocery store, it was in a fairly small jar and it was only around $5 I think. I would never pay that much for it. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the kind I have and post it up soon.

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