Stale Won’t Stop Me

Another midterm down! Now only two essays and two assignments to go. Luckily the assignments are small…

As I’m a little behind in updating, here’s a backtrack to


For Breakfast I just had a plain ol’ bowl of oatmeal with banana, almond milk and flax on top.

I did a bunch of midterm studying and in the process snacked on some microwaved egg beaters with hummus, salsa and spinach mixed in.

For lunch I decided to crack open some of Eden‘s Refried Beans. This was my first time trying this kind (they were on sale), and I’m sorry Eden, but I’ll stick with my grocery store brand refrieds from now on, even if you are organic. These had (have – there’s still a bunch left in my fridge) a funny texture and a very bland taste. Nothing that mixing them with some chili sauce didn’t help though.

I made a salad topped with these guys heated up. Here’s the spread.
Beans, last-leg guac, FF sour cream, salsa, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach.

And combined.

Later I treated myself to a Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin that I’ve been saving in the freezer forever waiting for the right moment to eat it. Unfortunately I guess I waited a little too long. The majority of it was very dry. That didn’t stop me though. I mean, how could you possibly resist THIS:
Dry or not. I ate the moistest of parts (mainly where the big chocolate-y chunks are) and then took the dry pieces and did this:
All mixed up into some strawberry yogurt. Perfection.

For dinner I had a completely delicious Sunshine Burger on an english muffin with Laughing Cow, dijonnaise, and spinach.
I also just bought another flavour of these (the Southwest kind) that I can’t wait to try. I only treat myself to these once in a while because not only are they expensive but they are darn hard to find. So when I do see them I have to snatch up a box!

I had some pumpkin mixed with splenda and cinnamon, topped with peanut butter granola and raisins for dessert.

During my later night studying I was in a snacky mood but not overly hungry so I just had an apple. Somehow though the stupid apple managed to trigger my actual hunger. So I made a snack of some crackers with salsa and cheese. I forgot how great of a snack crackers and cheese is.
Some have goat cheese, some have shredded mozzarella. 


was an all day of classes including a midterm day.

For breakfast I had oatmeal with banana and almond milk, pumpkin seed butter and POM SEEDS. I kept seeing these thrown into oatmeal all over the bloggie world and I finally remembered to try it. Not only are they delicious but they sure add a lovely pop of colour to an otherwise pretty uncolourful bowl of oats.

I snacked through the day because I didn’t really have time to eat an actual meal during classes. One of the snacks included this:
(I saved the wrapper and took a picture later last night because I know you all have no idea what a Larabar wrapper looks like…)
I don’t see this flavour mentioned very often so assuming it wasn’t that well liked I wasn’t all that excited to try it. Well imagine my wonderful delight when I discovered how awesome the Pistacho Larabar is. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I was excessively hungry but this was delicious. I’m definitely getting this flavour again. And I thought I didn’t even like pistachios that much!

For dinner I had some of those refried beans with hummus, salsa and spinach in half a pita, heated in a pan and topped with sour cream and the last of the icky brown homemade guac I had.

Now it’s the AM and I am losing precious workout time by continuing to ramble so I’m off! Happy FRIDAY!


18 thoughts on “Stale Won’t Stop Me

  1. Your salads looks really good. I love using salsa instead of salad dressing, it’s just so much better!

    Hopefully, your two midterms will be easy and then you’re home free!

  2. The vitamuffin was a great choice! I would have still eaten it, dryness and all. I sometimes like the store bought/cheaper version of stuff too, it works out nicely! Have a great weekend!

  3. No way I would have been able to resist that Vitamuffin, no matter how stale it was! It looks like heaven in a muffin cup. I’ve still never tried one – but I hope to fix that soon!

    I’ve also never tried Sunshine burgers. I’m still working on clearing out my freezer of a million other things I “still haven’t tried” but I’m sure that once I accomplish that I will pick some up!

    “(I saved the wrapper and took a picture later last night because I know you all have no idea what a Larabar wrapper looks like…)” – you always manage to make me laugh :)

    I’m so glad to hear that the midterms and assignments are wrapping up…at least until finals start!

  4. Jenn – I have so many things I “still haven’t tried” sitting in my freezer. I always take FOREVER to get around to eating that stuff. Why the heck is that?!

    Juliet – I actually found them in the health food section of the local drugstore but I’ve also seen them in a couple grocery stores. Always in the freezer section. I don’t think they’re common to all grocery stores though, I think they’re kind of hard to find. Good luck with the search though!

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