Food Boredom and Food Burning

One positive of yesterday: I found out the test I was supposed to have today has been pushed back a week. Awesome. The down side: I’m probably not going to love it as much next week since I have so many things due and such next week… oh well, at least I have a week to try to budget my time between everything properly… ha. Yeah right.

For the past couple days I’ve been mainly just studying. And going to class of course, although I’m thinking I’m probably going to skip my class this morning. Considering I should probably leave in a little over half an hour and yet I’m still sitting here in my pjs writing this… I guess I’ll be productive and studying during the class missing time instead. Woo!

I’ve also been eating food obviously. I’ve been feeling in a bit of a food rut lately though. Nothing seems appealing. I can never, ever pinpoint what I feel like eating. I feel like nearly everything I’ve been eating has been me settling on that food choice rather than actually wanting or craving it. No matter how hard I try to come up with ideas that I really want to eat, nothing comes to mind. What’s up with that? Anybody else ever go through periods of food boredom?

On TUESDAY I basically studied for most of my free time because I had a test Wednesday morning. Cram time. Some of the food of the day included:

Oats with vanilla hemp milk, raisins, and cinnamon raisin pb

Cream of mushroom soup with cabbage slaw and a few chickpeas thrown in. I got this idea from a friend who ate it one day for lunch while I was over. I was intrigued. It was pretty good. I probably should have wilted the cabbage a bit first though instead of just pouring the soup over fresh stuff. Next time.

Grilled chicken sandwich with roasted red pepper hummus, wilted spinach and red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and dijonnaise.

An apple heated and sprinkled with cinnamon, strawberry yogurt and a bit of PB granola.


Then on WEDNESDAY (yesterday)

I actually wanted nothing more than a big bowl of cereal. This probably wasn’t the best choice because it never holds me over very well and I had a test that morning so I probably should have had something that lasted longer but I survived with minimal tummy grumbling.

I came home and decided to make myself a snack of some sweet potato slices. Except I’m an idiot and my snack ended up like this:
So apparently shoving small pieces of sweet potato in the microwave for FIVE minutes and going upstairs is a bad idea. I clearly wasn’t thinking at all. I bolted down the stairs after the smoke detector started going off. The house smelled like burning all day. I was tempted to try to eat this things except they were like rock hard Styrofoam so into the trash they went. I thought they looked kind of artsy and lovely though. Maybe I should have framed them.

So instead I had some crackers with the last of a container of Mexican layered dip.

This was a completely inadequate snack. So I cracked out a bar I bought a while ago and had been wanting to try:
Slim Secrets Morning Rev-Up! bar
A delicious snack bar made with real coffee beans
059 062
The nutritionals seemed pretty good. For a 40g bar:
136 calories, 4g fat, 3g saturated fat, 152g sodium, 15g carbohydrates, 3g fibre, 4g sugars, 13g protein
13g protein for only 136 calories seemed pretty good to me. The size was pretty good and the taste was tolerable. I little “fake” tasting but those real coffee beans helped. I would consider possibly buying it again in a pinch but probably not on a regular basis. A little too pricey for that. It also managed to mildly satisfy my hunger until lunch but I had lunch not too long after so I’m not sure how much staying power it would really have.

For lunch I had some tuna mixed with FF mayo, hummus and dijonnaise on a bed of spinach with sun dried tomato dressing. I also had a few small spoonfuls of hummus alone. I love hummus. I was stuffed after this. Maybe my hummus spoonfuls were actually pretty big…

Then for dinner I had ravioli with homemade croutons on the side. Yeah I just ate them plain like that. I can’t resist homemade croutons. I also had some in the salad that I didn’t take a picture of. But I ate many more alone. This dinner wasn’t filling at all. White pasta and white bread croutons. Not a good combo. I don’t remember what I ate after this to try to kill the rest of my hunger but there were a few more nibbles of things that went on.

Then I went out to meet my friend for her birthday. We did a little bit of pub hopping but I was driving so I didn’t drink at all. And it was a Wednesday night so everything was virtually empty. I peaced out pretty early. Bed seemed much more appealing. I wasn’t really even feeling going out in the first place but I guess sometimes you gotta do these things for your friends eh?
This seems like the time of year for birthdays. I have a few more yet to celebrate in the next few weeks. Just when school is getting nice and busy. Great. Hah oh well. Breaks from school work are always appreciated….

This morning for brekkie I had some oatmeal. In it was banana. I made it with only water though and it didn’t taste very good. I don’t know why, I’ve often made it with water and it’s been fine. But anyway, topped it with a mix of cinnamon raisin pb and vanilla yogurt. Best combo and it makes the peanut buttery taste go so much further. A sprinkling of flax finished it off.

Now it’s back to some studying. Maybe some napping too? If only…

Hope everything is well with everyone. I’ve been trying to get in a bit of blog reading. It’s not working that well. I haven’t had much time to do any commenting either. I’m going to try to catch up sometime soon though!


27 thoughts on “Food Boredom and Food Burning

  1. great grilled sandwich and that bar looks amazing! so big and so low in cal.
    sorry about the sweet potato, it happened to me a couple of times when I was too concentrated on reading…… ^_^
    have a nice day~

  2. i’ve been the same way lately– super busy and with practically no appetite. BUT this morning i woke up with an intense craving for pumpkin pancakes. so i skipped class to make them, and it was totally worth it haha

  3. Well you might be bored by your food, but your food certainly isnt boring! Maybe try checking out some other blogs to get some new ideas for the ingredients you love/ have on hand. That’s normally what I do when I feel like I’m in a food rut.

  4. That’s been happening to me too! I can never pinpoint what I feel like eating, so whatever I decide on doesn’t satisfy. It’s almost like if I never felt hungry, I just wouldn’t it. Eating literally bores me. And yet, I still read food blogs. :)

  5. Hahaha I’m the same way about test postponement. My initial reaction is, “YES! I will have so much more time to study!” and then the night before the test comes and I’m in the same place I would have been had I just gotten it over with :)

    The oats with hemp milk look extra creamy – delicious!

    YIKES! That sweet potato is definitely a little on the burnt side ;) It’s ok – you got an artistic photograph out of the deal! TOTALLY worth it!

    Mmm…a bar with real coffee beans?! YUM!

    I still need to try your PB/yogurt combo!

  6. Time budgeting is so difficult at this time of year :\ And I do that too–skip class to study XD It’s so bad, but when there’s no time, there’s no time!

    And microwave mishaps are annoying :( But at least you got a nice picture :D

    PB & yogurt = best combo ever! I love all the artsy photos in this post!

  7. not to be rude, BUT YOUR FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD! It doesn’t look like a rut to me! Cream of mushroom pasta and roasted chicken and PASTA?!! SOOOO GREAT!!


  8. Oh no! Poor sweet potato…that cream of mushroom soup idea sounds really good! I’ll have to try it soon :)

    Happy Friday! I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  9. I think I’m in the opposite situation as you are (which is just as bad): EVERYthing seems appealing to me! lol
    Like, basically everything in this post made my mouth water and I can’t eat half of it! haha

  10. Oh, where did you get those cool bars? They look tasty! I have never heard of them in good ol’ Canada! -lol-

    And sorry to hear about the sweet potato incident! If it makes you feel any better, I burn a lot of things myself. I have made the smoke detector go off, even from using the toaster to toast my bread!

  11. All of your food looks delicious! I’m sorry to hear you are bored with it. You might want to try opening up a recipe book and cooking whatever is on the page you happen to open…

  12. Ugh, I’m in a bad food rut right now. I’m renting a room close to work and I have no friends nearby…. so no one to cook for, no one to eat with, and I don’t like using my shared kitchen. So I’ve been eating instant soup ALL the time. BLAH. I hate food ruts!

    And LOL at your sweet potato misfortune. I ALWAYS do that to sweet potatoes so from now on I’ll take caution not to put it on for too many minutes!

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