Slacking Payback

So I managed to slack pretty much all last week when I had plenty of time to do stuff. And now everything is approaching at record speeds and I am slightly regretting not having budgeted my time better. Crap.

So here’s a quick post. There will probably a lot of these quick posts in the next couple of weeks, and several missing posts as well as I will doubtfully be able to get to posting everyday. I’ll do my best though.

For breakfast I had a blueberry flax waffle (just the plain ol Eggo brand or whatever the standard waffle brand is. I’ve never tried any of those fancy schmancy brand waffles many people seem to be eating. Maybe next waffle run I’ll finally pick one of those up…) topped with banana, strained yogurt (just strained an entire container of plain fat free yesterday. I’ll never get tired of doing this) and SF maple syrup.

Class. Home. Snack: Sweet potato with mexican dip stuff (sour cream, salsa, refried beans, guac… premade stuff).

Treadmill workout. Lunges, squats etc. Lunch: Stir fry of sorts containing broccoli, tomato, spinach, cabbage slaw, chickpeas and sweet potato, dressed with balsamic vinegar and dijon.

More class. Home. Dinner: Mushroom lasagna (frozen store bought stuff) on a bed of spinach. I also had some bread on the side.

Dessert: Frozen berries with strawberry yogurt, topped with PB Puffins and PB Granola. Unmixed…
And mixed.

I don’t know exactly why but lately my body hasn’t been fond of certain things I’ve been eating or something. I just haven’t been feeling top notch the past few days. Maybe I’m coming down with something, who knows, but I feel like the slightly icky feelings are triggered by things I’ve been eating.  Maybe I’m developing food allergies… blah. Who knows. I’m going to see if I can figure it out though.

And now I guess I should get some sleep. As I’ll probably be up late every night for the next many many days, trying to keep up with all of the tests, assignments, essays extra that are being piled on to finish up the term with. Woo.


22 thoughts on “Slacking Payback

  1. I’m with ya on the Slacky McSlackerton gig. It’s all coming back to haunt me leading up to Thanksgiving – yikes!

    So cool that you strain your own yogurt! What exactly is that process? Does it start to taste bitter like Greek yogurt or does it maintain the sweetness?

    Mm…good call on the sweet potato and Mexican combination!!

    Ugh, sorry to hear about your icky feeling – I know it all to well :( I hope you can figure out what’s wrong! And I REALLY hope it’s not a food allergy!!

    Good luck with all the work!

  2. Good luck with school. I hear you on the slacking thing, I’ve been doing it myself.

    Hopefully, your stomach will calm down soon. It may just be stress too. :D

  3. Ug I hope it’s not a food allergy!! That happened to me a few months back in regards to stomach problems and it turned out I was allergic to wheat! :( Chances are you’re just stressed or fighting one of the many bugs that are going around. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope you feel better soon, as well, and it is very smart that you are listening and honoring your body. Your awareness will come in handy for sure! Can food allergies really develop after age 18?

  5. Hey Girl!!

    Well,I HAVE TAGGED YOU AND ….have just realized you HAVE DONE THIS in your last post =(((( ohh well..=//

    STAY POSITIVE !!!!! Maybe try to check if you’re allergic to sth??Make some tests and watch yourself a bit =))

    If you have time pls visit my blog =))

    Enjoy the time!! =))Good luck !!

  6. I absolutely love your blog! You make some really delicious looking meals and treats….ummm I must try! I just started a blog of my own in order to help myself and inspire others to change the way we think about food, “dieting” and our body image. I look forward to following your blog ;)

  7. about the strained yogurt..have you tried quark cheese? i forgot the brand but it’s found at Great Canadian Superstore…in a white tub with blue print…like 100kcal per half cup or something…tastes really good

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