Minimal Food and Tagged Tidbits

This weekend was kind of all over the place so I didn’t manage to get pictures of the majority of my eats. Sorry! But none of it was overly exciting anyway so I’ll just throw down a few of the things I did manage to get.


Banana and strained yogurt (mmmmm) and pommy seeds.


And a snack to kill a cheesy craving – salsa and various cheeses and cheesy spreads on crackers and rye. Seriously no idea about this one…



A picture perfect work lunch salad with leftover baked tofu and an apple (and some fried rice a bit later…)…

And a big ol incredibly mushy baked sweet potato alongside some broccoli and meatloaf.


Oatmeal with vanilla hemp milk, banana and cottage cheese (2%! whoa creamy…)

Cracker crusted chicken with mixed veggies, mushrooms and pasta salad.
I think I had two or three helpings of everything. I swear there hasn’t been a moment of the day today when I haven’t felt at least a little hungry. The never satisfied hunger was going full throttle today.

The weekend wasn’t overly eventful. Highlights included:
–  Going out dancing last night. That was pretty fun. No overly crazy stories this time around. I tried to beat my friend up and another friend had to hold me back (totally joking though, I swear) and then someone thought I was talking to a parked car when I was on my cell phone but that was about it haha.
– Going shopping today. Although the experience wasn’t overly impressive. I bought some nice black heels super on sale which was awesome because they were exactly what I was looking for and were marked down like crazy so that worked out perfectly, and I also bought a necklace. But those purchases were made in the first store. I went in nearly every other store in the stinking mall or so it felt, on the lookout for a winter jacket, sweaters/sweatshirts and a new bag, and pretty much anything else that looked interesting but I found nothing. I was totally unimpressed with the clothing selection out there. And now I still don’t have all of the things I need. Shopping can be such a downer sometimes.

And because this post is severely lacking, let’s do this TAGGER deal

I was tagged by Marianne, Sharon, and  Krista, so here goes!


  • Link the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  • Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
  • Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links.
  • Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

    7 Facts:

  • I love to sing. I sing all the time. Even if I don’t know the words. Or can’t hit the high notes. Then I just make up the words or hum the parts I don’t know, and trail off when the high parts come. I drive an hour to and from work every Saturday and I sing along to the radio literally the entire ride. I’m pretty sure my brother wakes up every Saturday hoping I’ll have lost my voice before we have to leave.
  • I don’t like sleeping. I mean, I do for the fact that it gives me rest and I obviously don’t like being tired, but sleep takes up so much time. I wake up early and go to bed late so I can maximize my waking moments and therefore do more things. There is no visible productivity in sleeping!
  • I am a huge wussy when it comes to bugs. Especially spiders. MOST especially wasps. I literally scream and book it if they come near me. Therein lies one of the few positives of the cold cold months that lie ahead…
  • I haven’t done this much lately but I used to play Guitar Hero all the time. My favourite way of playing it? While walking on the treadmill. Seriously, great way to sneak in some extra exercise.
  • Speaking of sneaking in exercise, I also either do wall sits or calve raises nearly every time I brush my teeth. The wall sits have done wonders for my thigh strength.
  • I eat every meal at my kitchen table sitting cross-legged on my chair. I pretty much can’t sit at my table and not sit cross-legged anymore. I have no idea how I adopted this habit.
  • I love organizing things. Especially food cupboards and fridges. I would love to go through and organize the kitchens of everyone I know. That would be a field day for me.

    And I’m going to be a the lameo who breaks the rules and doesn’t tag anyone because this list seems to be passing around pretty quickly anyway so I’m sure many have already been tagged, and because I’ve just wasted a lot more of my precious text book reading time than I should have. I’m so pro at doing that now…
    BUT if you haven’t been tagged yet and really want to do the list, do the list anyway! We all want to know what crazy, random facts everyone throws off the top of their heads.

    Happy new week peeps!


    14 thoughts on “Minimal Food and Tagged Tidbits

    1. I always sit at the kitchen table cross-legged as well! Mind you, I hardly ever sit at my own kitchen table, but when I’m at my parents, or other places, I’m always cross-legged.

    2. Great tidbits (reminds me of timbits!!! LOL) I am scared of spiders too!!!! I freak out, even though, in comparison to size, the spider is only a small small thing!

      Anyhow, great eats for the day! I need to get a new winter jacket myself too..

    3. i’m the same with bugs! and sleep! and i played guitar hero with the boyfriend once and he laughed at me because i had been taking the p!ss out of video games until then, and i got SO addicted to it!! haha. love th eats as usual – your cheesy snack really appeals to me right now!

    4. I share with you the fact that you don’t like to sleep. I don’t know why that I don’t enjoy much sleeping as most people do.
      And the fact that you always eat in your kitchen is so fun…I can picture it!

      that bowl of strained yogurt and pommy seeds looks so cute!

    5. You sound so much like my best friend. Not only does she love dancing, her motto is “I’ll sleep when I die,” and one day she actually asked me if she could organize my closet for me! I was only too happy to let her!

    6. No worries!! The eats that you photographed/featured look wonderful (especially that sweet potato!!! Loooove).

      Great facts!! I too loooove organizing things, and am DEATHLY afraid of bugs (I have an extreme case of arachnophobia – just THINKING about spiders right now is making me shudder!! Ahh!!).

    7. Your photos are really artistic – I love the placement of objects and the colors.

      I agree with you on the sleep thing! I wish I didn’t need to rest so I could get everything done :)

    8. I love the pictures, they are amazing!

      I agree with you on the organizing, especially in the kitchen. I freak out (kinda) when my boyfriend doesn’t put stuff where it belongs. :)

    9. 1. how did you strain your yogurt- looks super delish

      2. your sweet potato also looks amazing

      3. i either sit ‘indian style’ or cross my legs all the time- canNOT break the habit

      Have an amazing monday!!

    10. bugs—- aisjsijqiowrqwr ! I just got goosebumps! I’m totally with you on that one. and i have to aggree with #2…sleep is nonsense!!

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