Where’s My Salsa?

I seriously don’t like Thursdays. I have classes back to back to back and I have the hardest time sitting and listening for long periods of time so nearing the end of the day I start to go completely stir crazy. Today was one of the worst yet. By the third class I swear I looked at the clock every five minutes. It was brutal. I wanted to cry every time I looked at it. The last five minutes of the class were torturous. I was thisclose to just jumping out of my seat and running out the door. I could not tell you how I managed to restrain myself.

The day in general was meh. Actually this whole week has been pretty meh. I’ve been pretty isolated from human kind, mostly just going to school, coming home, doing work. I’m not such a fan of that kind of schedule. And on top of it, I haven’t actually been accomplishing much. My concentration lately has just not been there. I need to kick it up a notch!

But that aside, here’s a quick throw down of my eats before I go to SLEEP. I’m trying to make this an earlier night. Right now I’m failing. I just want to sleeeep. Sigh.

Breakfast. Another savory oats attempt. 1/4 cup oats, egg beaters, salsa, spinach, ricotta, some old cheddar, basil, oregano, garlic powder. It was decent but was missing something. That something being salsa. I only had a little left but I love salsa and it totally made the bowl last time. So this time, the minimal salsa just didn’t cut it.
I also had an apple and an iced coffee.

“Lunch” was an apple while doing some quick studying between classes, and then a bar I semi inhaled before my next class started. I tried a new bar that was randomly at the grocery store. This thing:
It was tolerable after a few bites and it was all I had to tide me over for the next more than three hours so I ate it all but I am not buying these again. WAY too protein bar-y/fake tasting.

Got home and devoured some cottage cheese and leftover baked tofu.

Then shortly after made some dinner. I had been craving a veggie burger for several days so I finally decided to go with it. I had it on rye with spinach, dijon and a FF cheese slice. I also had a baby potato and half a sweet potato on the side, as well as some hamburger stir fry or whatever you want to call it that my mom and brother were eating.

Then some puffins and corn bran with yogurt and hemp milk to fill the void that my big dinner didn’t. I think I was still catching up from that lack of lunch hunger.

I also had a clementine and then I was completely full and satisfied.

But then I later went for a walk with my mom. And then came home and did some work. And then suddenly decided I needed to eat something else. So I had a few pretzels dipped in salsa and all was good. For like 10 seconds. And then I decided to eat some frozen mango and banana and bites of ice cream and cinnamon raisin pb. Sigh. Stress/study eating hits once again. I had even brushed my teeth!

Oh well. I really need to sleep. I’ve been slacking in that department while trying to get more work done lately. I’d be better off just getting more sleep. Night!


21 thoughts on “Where’s My Salsa?

  1. ahhhh….savory oats. i def need to try mine w/ salsa next time! i wonder if it would be good to saute some onions and put em’ in there?

    and i hear ya on the stress eating…def did that tonight…boooo….and i brushed my teeth too. wtheck?

    have a great friday!

  2. salsa definitely kicks things into life – i hope you get some more soon. i’m sorry today wasn’t so good…. i have to say everything looks deish though. and you really aren’t alone in stress eating!

  3. love that bowl!!!! so cute!!!! (sorry, I’m a big fan of bowls…sometimes I looks more the bowls than what’s contained in it). But savory oatmeal…. mmmmmm…..yummy!!! of course, with enough amount of salsa and parmesean!

  4. I totally feel you on classes+feeling like an anti-social hermit+lots of snacking…I hope your sleep was a nice one!

    I need to try the savory oats, they look delish and I imagine the eggs make it pretty filling.

  5. Good luck getting through today!

    I know what you mean about sleep… it’s often the last thing we care about in times of stress, but it’s so necessary…

  6. Sorry you had a stressful Thursday! It’s hard to turn of the snack mode when you’re tired, stressed and overworked. I think you did very well though and at least you got in lots of good foods like savory oats, veggie burgers, etc.

    Hope today goes much better!! :)

  7. i hate thursdays, too. i have to go to my least favorite class, which lasts THREE HOURS, even though i usually peace out early :D
    brilliant idea to add salsa in your savory oats– i can’t wait to try that!
    happy friday- hope you got some amazing sleep last night

  8. Hey Christie!!

    Oh oh…stay positive,Girl =)) Don’t stress to much =)) It brings us totaly upside-down and our body goes crazzzy =/ But try to deal with it!! =)

    Savoury oats are CooL =) Really interesting!!

    If you have some time pls visit my new post =D

    Enjoy your weekend and relax!! =DD

  9. Sleeeeeeeep. It’s 7:30 and I think I’m going to go take a nap. Amazing, right? Gotta love Fridays!

    I’ve been so behind on blog reading, but you’ve had some yummy looking eats!!! I really want to try something similar to your lasagna that you made….and all of your baked tofu, of course, makes me happy to see!!

    I’ve been getting into Salsa lately too……and craving mexican flavors and beans a lot. Weird.

    OH and I laughed when I saw your Canada candy bars!! I remember when I trained in Toronto, and when Halloween rolled around and we bought all these bars I had NEVER had before! Some of them are so much better than some of our American candies. I wish I could roll off some of the others I enjoyed……but the Mr. Big and Wunderbars were awesome!!!

    HAPPY WEEKEND KRISTIE! Oh and you halloween outfit was adorable! You looked gorgeous!

  10. Here’s a little game a play to get through class: try to guess when 10 minutes EXACTLY has passed by. Play it a few times and next thing you know, class is half over. Sounds lame, but it works!

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