Bread in my Oats and a Christmas Candy Feast

Thanks everyone on the friend advice. She is a really good friend of mine and that’s what makes it so hard. Especially since she’s very inconsistent. One day she can be in the best of moods, fun and chipper, and the next she can be downright depressed. It’s hard to always be supportive and not be brought down a bit at the same time, but since I truly do value the friendship, I’m going to do my best to continue just being a listening ear and hope that she manages to find some greater balance one of these days. I’m sure it’ll come. She’s had issues for several years now but currently there have been greater problems thrown into the mix. Hopefully she’ll at least come to terms with the most recent things sometime soon and I’ll just have to try my best to brush off the worse of her days.

Now onto more exciting things. Aka FOOD.

I was going to try starting my day off with a workout first thing. HA. I was totally kidding myself. Going to bed by nearly 1am and waking up by 7:30am is not the best recipe for a morning workout. I have to be in the mood to workout. And I knew I had time after my first class to come home and workout, which by that point I am usually totally in the mood for it, so I figured I’d do as per usual and work out later in the morning. And I did. And it was grand. I just don’t think first thing in the am workouts are for me. At least not at this current time in my life.

So I read some stuff. And I ate some stuff. Mainly oatmeal.
008 015
1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup vanilla hemp milk, 1/2 banana, raspberries + blueberries. Topped with more berries and chopped up banana bread. I don’t know why I did that but it seemed to work out decently well.

After my morning class, return home and treadmill sprint workout, I had some lunch.
1/2 slice rye with ricotta and salsa heated in the microwave, a couple bites of cold leftover lasagna, and some plain tofu…
+ a salad.
and a cherry Astro fat free yogurt.
I also had a date. An edible one I mean.

Then a trip to Bulk Barn with the friend I was referring to before. Today she was fun and chipper. Shrug.
They have all of their Christmas candy and such out now so I went to town. I got small bags each of Christmas candy corn, eggnog almonds, and Christmas Misty Mints. Yum yum yum. I love me some Christmas candy. I also picked up a package of creamsicle flavoured protein powder that I can’t wait to try, as well as some Pumpkin Spice Tea! I had every intention of glugging a mug tonight but for some strange reason I was feeling an iced coffee instead. The tea will have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be calling me at breakfast time.
(I would take pictures of the candy but I already wrapped it up and tucked it deep away into a drawer. I don’t want to pull it out again for fear of great temptation. So for now it must continue to reside in the depths of my tank tops.)

But I’m clearly jumping all over the place here. I had some candies. Then I went to class. Then I came home and had some dinner.
Quite the array eh?
Clockwise from top left: Leftover noodleless lasagna topped with feta, (over)baked tofu coated in honey dijon dressing, a small baked potato topped with roasted red pepper hummus, 1/2 a tomato, and rye topped with mexican mix dip.

One of those a little bit of everything dinners. I like those. This was pretty satisfying.

Then I had a few more christmas candies and a few too many pumpkin mellocremes. Oops. I threw the rest into the freezer. Lets hope I forget about them in there for a little while.

And then, as mentioned, I chilled out with an iced coffee while doing some blog reading.

THEN I finally started on some school work. Until I started writing this post instead. Now it’s back to the work. I think. That should be what happens next anyway. 


19 thoughts on “Bread in my Oats and a Christmas Candy Feast

  1. I hear you on the Christmas candy…they go in the back behind everything, under everything…so I forget about them. LOL!

    but your breakfast looks great! i love the banana bread in there!

  2. Eggnog almonds? To be honest, I have never tried eggnog before, and I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to try it – as silly as that sounds.. Eggnog.. the name scares me! Haha!

  3. I’ve been doing the “little bit of everything” for dinners too lately, I find them certainly more filling, and just more interesting in general ;)

  4. Sharon – I’ve tried it before but honestly, I don’t even remember the last time I had actual eggnog. It always scared me a bit too… but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have it in chocolate-y covered almond form. Sure tastes dandy good that way.

    Jenny – I’m totally all about the variety.

  5. Your oats are very patriotic – are you sure your a Canadian? ;) By the way – how was the banana bread the second time around? Sorry if I missed it!

    Christmas candy corn, eggnog almonds, and Christmas Misty Mints? I have not heard of ANY of these – what kind of rock am I living under?! I love eggnog – my mom makes the BEST eggnog punch that I cant wait to show on the blog this year!

    Your dinner is quite the array, indeed! I love it when there are so many different options on one plate!

    Oh pumpkin mellowcremes. I just finished the last of mine during Halloween. Let’s just say the number of days the bag lasted in my apartment is inconsistent with (or in other words, much lower than) the number of “servings per container” :)

  6. banana bread in oatmeal sounds amazing!!! i really want to try eggnog once. maybe i should start at starbucks, haha. seriously, every time i eat a date and write about it, i want to make some sort of un-funny pun – it’s just such a cute name for a fruit!

  7. The oatmeal is beautiful! :D Banana bread in oatmeal–I definitely need to get on that!

    And eggnog almonds sounds intriguing! How did they get the eggnog flavor in the almonds?

  8. I like your dinner variety!

    Sorry I missed your friend issue. It seems like you got good advice and know what you want to do. I agree that it’s hard sometimes with a negative friend, especially a rally good friend. It’s easy to distance yourself from someone who isn’t really a great friend, but I think it’s important to be there for a true friend.

  9. Hey there! I didn’t get to comment on the previous post about your friend. I think a great thing to do is the next time you are on a walk and she is discussing her heaving emotions, listen and then respond by saying something like “It sounds like you have a lot going on, have you thought of meeting with a counselor to discuss those feelings further?” Because, she obviously needs to work through her issues in a safe environment where she will recieve professional help:)

  10. I love Christmas candy, but the fact that it comes out earlier and earlier every year makes me sad. I have never heard of eggnog almonds though, they sound really tasty!

  11. Jenn – The banana bread the next day was tasty! Nice and moist! Mmmm.
    And I can’t wait to see this eggnog punch you speak of either. I’m super intrigued!

    Carmen – Bon question. The almonds were coated in an eggnoggy/chocolate coating. I don’t know how eggnoggy they reeeally are, but they sure taste good. Probably mainly because of the thick chocolate layer around them.

    Katie – HAHAH. He tasted marvelous. :P

    Michelle – Thanks for your input. I think she’s talked about seeing a counselor before. I’m not sure what the status on that is right now. Another problem though is that she is really sensitive and gets offended very easily. So I really have to tiptoe around saying certain things. Sigh.

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