Halloween day started off pretty sweet. UN-literally. Breakfast was actually savoury today for a change. Savoury oats to be exact. My first attempt at savour-izing a bowl of oats and I think it was a great success. I will be eating this more often, maybe even as a dinner dish. My MOM even loved the bite she tried, and she thought something was horribly wrong with me at first when she saw me throwing salsa, spinach, eggs etc into my cooking pot of oats.

Into this tasty dish went:

1/4 cup of oats cooked with water
oregano, basil, pepper, garlic powder
egg whites precooked in the microwave
slice FF cheddar

So good. Bulky. Filling. I was hardly even hungry when I had my lunch many hours later.

I followed this with a small bowl of STRAINED plain yogurt with pomegranate seeds. I tried straining yogurt again only this time I used 1% plain yogurt and strained a fairly big batch of it with an actual strainer placed over a bowl and lined with cheesecloth. It turned out SO perfectly thick and amazing. If this is anything near what greek yogurt actually tastes like then I now completely understand why people love it so much. Rich, thick yogurt is the greatest thing ever.
028 039

I went to my morning class, then went and got a coffee and walked around on this beautifully warm and sunny day (no more snow! score!) for about half an hour before my tutorial started. But when I went there I discovered that it was cancelled for the day. So I called up my friend who I was supposed to go shopping with after I was done the tutorial and we went right away instead.

We did a bit of uptown shopping, mainly food stuff. We went to a little local health food store that we hit up every time we’re uptown and I discovered this time around that it has EVERY LARABAR. No joke, no exaggeration. I’m nearly positive they had every kind I’ve ever heard of. Including the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar, and all of the Jocolat varieties. I was pretty darn shocked. I only picked up a couple this time around, along with some amazing roasted red pepper hummus and the Living Harvest Hemp Milk. I’ve never seen this anywhere around here before but I know I’ve seen it featured several times in the past on several blogs so I HAD to pick some up to try. I still haven’t opened it yet though, gotta finish up my almond milk container first.

I still wasn’t super hungry at this point from that crazy bowl of oatmeal, so I just had a plate of veggies and plain tofu with hummus while in the meantime baking up a bunch of good stuff in the oven.

Onto the pan I threw a butternut squash, some broccoli and tofu both rubbed in hoisin sauce and rice vinegar, a few baby potatoes and some Plantain. I had bought the plantain about a week ago, never having tried it. I tried a small piece and it was gross. I let it ripen for a few days then tried it again and it was nice and sweet. I read that plantain is usually cooked in some way so when I saw it sitting on the counter while getting all of the other stuff ready to bake, I figured I’d throw it in too. So I cut it into slices, sprayed it with a little oil spray and threw it in as well.
I devoured that plantain. SO good. I will definitely be buying plantain again.
I also ate a couple pieces of the tofu, the broccoli and some squash.

Later on for dinner I had more squash, baby potatoes, a sliver of pizza and some zucchini. I also had a giant iced coffee and I think I had a mini chocolate bar or two. I can’t remember though. I did a fairly good job at resisting our stash.

By the way, in my last post I mentioned having a Wunderbar and Mr. Big bar as my chocolate picks from the Halloween stash. Heather had never heard of those before so I guess it must be a Canadian thing. For those of you who also have no idea what these things are, here are some pics that I found through random Google searching:
14682191  14682206 mrbig mrbig2
The Wunderbar has a really awesome peanut buttery caramelly centre, and the Mr Big has some wafery middle. I’m so good at descriptions eh?

Then I got ready and headed to my friends place for some more “getting ready” (aka wine consumption) before heading out dancing. But before I left, my mom of course had to take a picture. I’m hardly very “red” as a red angel, I know. I got a lot of, “So what exactly are you supposed to be, are you like an angel, or a devil or what?” I went with angel. Halo instead of horns people.
Yeah it was freezing out. I brought a jacket, don’t worry.

The night didn’t end up going quite as planned. I got in a bit of a tizzy with one of my friends who brought a couple of her friends along to my other friend’s house (hope that wasn’t too confusing…). Her friends wanted to go to one club and my other friend and I wanted to go to another. I was pretty adamantly against going to their choice of club. I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my fun! Ultimately we ended up splitting up so just my one friend and I went to the club we wanted to go to while the others went to their choice. It was fine though, we all got to go to our preferred location and we were fine with each other the next day haha.

Everywhere was super busy by the time we made it out so we had to wait outside in line in the freezing cold for nearly an hour. We WOULD have gotten there earlier had there not been so much disagreement before leaving… but oh well, we eventually got inside. It was pretty packed. We ended up chatting with many random people, seeing some fun costumes, and running into a few people we knew as well.

No idea who that guy was.
005 (2)
Ali G and some really ugly hag in da house.
My elf buddy and my angel costume twin.

At the end of the night there were people everywhere and getting a cab was a virtual impossibility. So we missioned all the way back to my friend’s house on foot. Long freaking walk. Especially in heels. And shorts. In minus whatever degree weather. Somehow I survived with minimal complaints and only one cut up ankle. And then had the best sleep ever. Even if it was only four measly hours long…

The rest of this entire weekend has been a complete snackfest. I’ve hardly had one actual, structured meal. Bah. Let’s see what we’ve got, starting with Saturday (whatever is featured in pictures is the only trace of structured food of the weekend – the rest of the eats were pure snackage):

  • A work lunch
    Salad with leftover tofu, butternut squash with eggplant dip, an apple (and.. ehem.. several mini chocolate bars…)
  • An egg whitey, cheesy, salsay dinner on english muffin
  • Some yumsy strained yogurt with trail mix and some honey and pb and stuff

I had every intention of staying in Saturday night, relaxing, maybe watching a movie and going to bed early. But then my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to join for some Phil’s dancing. For some reason I thought why the heck not. What is wrong with me? I really could have used the sleep. For some strange reason though I wasn’t as dead as I thought I would be and managed to survive the night without nearly falling asleep in the process. I also very willingly opted to be DD. Pure wisdom at its finest.

Today I could have slept in. But some genius decided to phone before 9 in the morning (ehem, mother’s friend… DO NOT PHONE THAT EARLY ON A SUNDAY). So I was up. There was no getting back to sleep after that. Wasn’t really hungry for a while.

  • Eventually tried to make some Scotch Oats for the first time…
    Somewhat fail. Definitely need to be cooked longer, much more liquid. Plus I could hardly taste the banana OR the pb I stirred in. Sigh.
  • Snack of squash and turkey with dijon
  • OH! And I made Jenn’s BETTA BANANA BREAD

I know, only a few slices there. I forgot to take a picture before having already put most of it away.
This was YUM! It wasn’t as sweet as I’m used to banana bread being obviously, but I liked that about it. Makes it all the better to top with yummy things such as apple butter, which tastes great on this bread.
I don’t think mine turned out quite as moist as Jenn’s did either. No idea why. Maybe the pan. No circle pan so I used a loaf pan. Either way, it was still quite delish and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. I find banana bread is always twice as good the next day.

  • Also did a giant grocery shop. Which resulted in a giant snackfest when I got home. I don’t even know all of what I ate. But some of this:
  • And plenty of this:
    Along with many other things.
  • By dinner time I wasn’t starving since this snackfest was pretty late into the afternoon. I had a plate of randoms:
    Sushi, leftover squash with eggplant dip, rye with some mexican dip stuff, sushi, broccoli, tomatoes, egg noodles. As I said, RANDOM.

Then I had a clementine. Now I could potentially go for a hot drink. Or something else sweet. I really should yank this sweet tooth.

Phew. Well. That was long.
Hope you guys all had amazing HALLOWEENS and amazing weekends and now I should probably try to crack open a textbook and get something done. But I think maybe some long awaited blog reading catch up should happen before the textbooks. High priority!


27 thoughts on “Halloweeners

  1. those little pumpkins are so yummy – full of sugar but i cant resist them!

    i really need to try having savory oats – yours look so pretty :)

  2. I really need to try savory oats too… I always make my oats at work though and I use what they have (yay free food) and that means that I always just make them with fruit, yogurt, and nuts. But someday :) Maybe one weekend when I don’t feel like pancakes (my weekend breakfast of choice).

  3. Great costume, Kristie! It looks like a really fun Halloween :)

    You have some seriously INCREDIBLE pictures in this post. What a great photographer! Seriously everything – savory oats, pomegranate yogurt, plantain chips (YUM!!), Wunderbar…beautiful coloring and absolutely mouth watering!

    I’m so happy you tried my banana bread!! I’m sorry it didn’t come out as moist for you and I really do hope it gets better the second day. And until then, you have some super good mellowcreme pumpkins to hold you over ;)

    Have a great week!

  4. Just found your blog today, and will definitely be following!

    I love plantains, I guess that comes from working in a hispanic company. But you have to try cooking them when they are green, flatten them and put salt on them. They taste somewhat like potatoes but they are good. Although I like them sweet too! Can’t lose either way!

  5. Wunderbars and Mr. Big! 2 of my very favorites! And where exactly are you in Canada, young lady, that you found PB LARA BARS?!!? (Hopefully somewhere near me!) :)

  6. How weird is this… I know the Ali G guy! I definitely indulged in some mini- Wunderbars.. I love the combo of the crunch and chew-mm!

  7. You look adorable as a red angel! Love it!

    I love that you strained your own yogurt, that’s a fab idea if you can’t find greek…mmm that thick creamy goodness.

    Blog reading has definitely taken priority of my night as well, screw schoolwork! ;)

  8. I love your costume! It was truly adorable!
    Black and red are the Portland Trailblazers colors. They’re also Texas Tech colors. You were thinking of me and Andrea, huh! You’re so sweet!
    As always, I LOVE the style and tone of your blog. I can’t believe you tried the savory oats. I’m so scared to!

  9. EVERY Larabar?!?! How exciting!!! That hazelnut Jocalat bar looks awesome. I’ve only ever seen the cocoa one around here. Love your costume too, and I can relate to the walking home in heels, in the cold, in minimal clothing. Except I complained lots to my lucky boyfriend. hahaha.

  10. you definitely suit being spiced-up angel ;)

    you’ve eaten some very delicious-looking stuff!! i have yet to try savoury oatmeal, looks like it’s way overdue. and i’ve never tried plaintain either – really want to. straining your own yogurt = major kudos! i would love to try that.

  11. aww.. you guys look like you ahd so much fun for Halloween.

    I had not heard of those candy bars either, but they look great. When I went to Ireland in March there were a MILLION candy bars over there that I had never heard of and of course I made it my mission to try each and every one.

  12. Hello, would you mind telling me what exactly a plantain is!? Is it a fruit like a banana sort of and would you eat it without cooking. I’m curious! Thanks.

  13. If you please, send me that banana bread lara bar and the banana bread at the end of your post via overnight mail, thaaaaaank you very much!
    If you can’t tell, I love banana bread. LOL

    That’s a really cute Halloween costume!

  14. You look so cute in your costume! Can I have your thighs please!? Your Halloween looked like a blast!

    Thanks for reminding me how yummy oats are with veggies :)

  15. Laura- Plantains are starchier than bananas. They are sweet, but definitely not something you’d want to eat raw like a banana. They are usually baked or fried as chunks or chips. YUM!

  16. Mel – Good tip on the plantains, I’ll try that next time!

    Andrea – Mmm mmm, double vanilla. I love that combo.

    Krista – I emailed ya back!

    M – Hahaha no way! This is a damn small city.

    Jenngirl – So glad you share my anti-schoolwork, pro blog-reading sentiments haha

    Katie – I can’t wait to try the Jocolat I bought!

    Erin – You guys are EXACTLY who I was thinking of ;) And TRY the savoury oats. They are way less scary than you could ever imagine.

    Linds – I OWE you a bar. Want one??

    Meghann – I’ve been to little scottish shops around here in the past that had imported chocolate bars. I thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. And I definitely had to try a couple of them.

    Laura – Ashley covered it in her comment. But when I let mine get really ripe and tried it raw it was quite tasty and sweet. I also had tried it before letting it ripen a lot though and it was gross and bland. It’s mainly meant for cooking.

  17. What a cute Halloween costume (I’m a little behind on my reading…)!

    Is the guy in white supposed to be Girl Talk? Maybe?

    Glad you had a fun night… two weeks ago.

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