Arrival of the Mini Bars

First, a quick glimpse at the dinner I didn’t post yesterday.
Chicken wrap with feta, tzaziki, spinach, tomato.
This wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. The macaroni made it up for it though. I just love cheesy macaroni. The straight up Kraft boxed kind. Velveeta. I topped it with salsa. Perfection. Plus a bowl of cauliflower on the side.

And onto TODAY

I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. 1/3 cup of oats, 1/2 a banana and a container of citrus yogurt. I tasted a few bites and for some strange reason it tasted “off”. I couldn’t pinpoint why, I’ve mixed in citrus yogurt before and it was great. Topping it with some brown sugar helped though. It was quite sweet, but it had to be done.

I skipped my first class. I was just too slow in the morning and I couldn’t drag myself out of the wonderful shower I was having in time. Haha. And I had other readings I wanted to spend that extra time catching up on anyway. Except somehow I managed to spend half of that time organizing clothing drawers instead… how does THAT happen?

Lunch was inhaled right before running out the door. I used to be so good at being timely. Lately I’m always practically sprinting out at the last second or so it feels.
For it I threw together a salad with chicken, goat cheese and honey dijon dressing.
I also had some bites of rye bread with mozza cheese. And a Fibre One bar. These are so tasty.

Then I went to the rest of my classes for the day. Then I went HALLOWEEN COSTUME shopping! I’m going to be an angel. How original am I right? A red angel though. I bought these sweet red wings and red halo. And scored some cheap red heels. First pair of shoes I saw. It was pretty awesome. Plus I got it all at Value Village so it was all pretty darn cheap. Remind me never to go there again the day before Halloween though. Holy massive crowd and holy picked over.

I got home and had a sub for dinner. Turkey and ham on 1/2 a large parmesan herb sub roll with a Laughing Cow Light wedge, Dijonnaise, tomato and lettuce. It kind of seemed like it was missing something but it was still good.
I also had some leftover cauliflower from last night with sour cream and tahini mixed in.

Then I had a mini sweet binge. The main acts were pumpkin mixed with splenda and cinnamon, vanilla ice cream and jam… who knows…
And… the Halloween chocolates. I wasn’t going to have any bars but when I was informed that we had a box that included Wunderbar and Mr Big I had to dig in. I had one of each of those. Totally worth it.

Boy have they ever downsized Halloween sized chocolate bars though. They’re probably HALF the size they were when I went trick or treating. I’m not complaining though, works out much better for me now ;)

Hope you guys all have a WONDERFUL weekend, and an especially wonderful HALLOWEEN!!!
Dress up. Eat too much candy. Party!
And take pictures!


19 thoughts on “Arrival of the Mini Bars

  1. Coco – Haha aw thanks for the concern. But yes I’m eating plenty enough, no worries. My portions are often small because I’m an inherent grazer and snacker. While preparing meals, plating meals etc I usually munch on nearly another whole portion’s worth of food. And I have many a snack here, a bite or three there of things that I don’t take pictures of. If I took pictures of everything I ate it would take FOREVER to post it all haha.

  2. mmm mmmmm You better post up some pictures too :) I wish we were doing something fun but we didn’t get our stuff together in time! Whats your favorite kind of candy?

  3. Hot shower is SOOO much better than class :)

    The sub looks great! And yummy candy. I don’t know if the bars are actually smaller, I think we’ve just gotten bigger :D Hehe – when I was little everything seemed so big.

  4. i love that colourful bowl! you have some really gorgeus dishes. and now i sound like a housewife…

    yes, i have a whole box of mini chocolates infront of me at this very moment that my sister and mum bought for trick or treaters we may get tonight (i think it’s cute when kids come around, shame i won’t be home tonight!) and i’ve already eaten a few from it…….. life is just too painful sometimes!!

  5. Erica – Aw that’s too bad! I don’t have a favourite candy specifically, but definitely anything chocolate. Especially the bars with gooey or peanut buttery stuff in them :P

    Heather – Oh you guys don’t have those bars? Hah I’ll try to remember to get some pics today.

    Maggie – Ha you’re right, I think that definitely might be a factor in the teeny bar phenomenon.

    Sharon – You should! They are really tasty.

    Mi – I only have a few half decent dishes. I need a big dish shop trip!
    And having those boxes just sitting there waiting to be eaten… it’s brutal.

  6. haha all the candy at the rink after halloween is going to be dangerous!!

    love the chicken feta wrap! it looks delicious!!

    Have an amazing weekend!

  7. hEYYY!!!!!!!!!

    Oh ohh….this Pumkin Thing looks…… SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!!! I’ve never tried pumpkin puree…CAN YOU BELIVE!!!!!!???? hah =P

    I’d love to..!!

    Ohh..if you have some time …pls visit my new post =D

    Happy Halloween!!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!

  8. “I managed to spend half of that time organizing clothing drawers instead… how does THAT happen?”

    I ALWAYS manage to find something else to do in those situations :)

    That sub looks fantastic! It has seriously every ingredient I could ever ask for in a sub sandwich. YUM.

    It’s for the best that those bars are smaller because I definitely eat enough to add up to one big one…and then some!

    I want to see this red angel costume!! I hope you had an amazing night!

  9. Heyy!!

    Thank you for commenting =))

    If you have time you can visit my NEW post =)) I’m posting sth more bout Polish celebrations etc.. =)))

    I’d be happy!!=))

    Have a great day!!!

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