Yeah. That’s what I woke up to today. I just about cried. It’s not even November!
This is what I saw when I opened my curtains:
At least it’s pretty… and it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow. Phew.

So what did I opt to eat for breakfast on what is obviously the coldest morning yet?
A smoothie. Don’t ask me how my mind works. I DID pair it with a mug of hot tea though.
In it was one scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1/2  a large banana, a container of apple vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a bit scoop of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and ice.

I also discovered a caramel cheesecake in the freezer that my mom bought and tried to hide from me because she knows I hate when she buys that crap. But I found it anyway par accident. SO I tried a teeny slice. It was good but I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble resisting the rest of it.
No, I didn’t bother even getting a plate. It was hardly two bites, it didn’t seem worth dirtying a dish over haha.

And I just finished eating lunch, which was a salad, leftover buttercup squash with tzaziki and the last piece of baked tofu. I’ve now finished up the squash. This is sad. Food shopping time! Actually just squash shopping, that’s really all I need.
I’m in the middle of having an apple and an iced coffee right now too. What is up with my drinking all of these icy things when there is SNOW on the ground?!

And because I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, this is what I ate:

A Weetabix biscuit mixed with pumpkin, vanilla yogurt and almond milk, heated in the microwave and topped with PB Puffins. I love this combo. I love Weetabix. AND this can of pumpkin I opened was probably the best one yet! Same brand as always, but must be better because they’re in season now or something. It seems to be much smoother and sweeter than usual.
002 015

Lunch was squash and salad. I really love the squash, what can I say?

I went out for sushi for dinner. No pics, but I had miso soup and a california roll.
This wasn’t enough for my hunger though so I ate a bunch more food when I got home. All of which I don’t remember, but there was some coleslaw and cereal and hot chocolate. I should have just ordered more food at dinner but I’m cheap.

Time to get ready for class. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesdays :)


21 thoughts on “…SNOW?!

  1. Nothing wrong with eating cold foods on a cold day! I do it all the time!

    And do you get your PB Puffins here in Canada? I’ve never seen them before, I thought they were only an American thing.

  2. SNOW!!! wow! pretty early! i do love snow, i love the air outside and the stillness when it snows. quite special.

    the PB puffins atop your oatmeal look SO cute! like little pillows snuggled together!

  3. Yay for squash shopping. I bring home more and more squash every week; I hope that Bobby doesn’t get sick of it :)

    I like to buy a lot because it is definitely my favorite veggie – and so many varieties. Happy Wednesday!

  4. hahaha…love the smoothie on a snowy morning. and your winter certainly has arrived…mine on the other hand, has not: 95 degrees today at work. :_O

    and love the oats. yummmmay!

  5. This is so weird, but I just thought how weird it is that you live in such a cold climate. You strike me as a fun loving girl who really loves warm weather and sun. Totally random, but thought I’d share.

  6. Aw! I can’t imagine being disappointed with snow! We get it like every 10 years here, so it’s a big production of school cancellations, etc. Haha, enjoy!

  7. Snow!! I always like the first and second snowfall…but by the third I’m like ENOUGH already! I just don’t like slush :)

    Love the breakfast smoothie and tea combo. And buttercup squash just sounds so cute. I saw one at the store last weekend and almost got it, but opted for the acorn since I haven’t tried that one yet, either.

    I appreciated the ode to squash in your last post!! I definitely think this will be the year of the squash for me. I first heard about it last year but was still too scared to try. I ended up making spaghetti squash and loved it, but that was all. Now I’ve tried butternut too…so I’m on my way! Shall we have a challenge to eat just squash for the next month??


  8. Uh oh, snow already?! Alberta hasn’t got the hit yet, and I am hoping it won’t anytime soon! I don’t want to be driving on the highway back home next week when there is bad roads.. ahhh *crosses fingers*

    And mmm great eats today! Sushi = Yum!

  9. ohhh my god, we had snow here in Montreal the other day too :( It’s not even Halloween yet!!!! Come on Canadian winter, get with it….

    I also made an incredibly exciting discovery the other day- this tiny Greek grocery store near my home sells the PB Larabar!!!! AND the coconut one and some of the Jocalat bars. I almost wet my pants I was so excited.

  10. Linds – NO WAY. That is AWESOME. Greatest discovery ever. I have renewed faith in the search now!

    I wish I could send all you snow lovers a bit of snow.
    Luckily for ME though, it’s gone today! Woo!

  11. Cried? I cannot wait for snowy goodness!!! Um and I totally embrace the cold foods on cold days. My logic: summer I like lighter foods and it’s always freezing inside bc of the a/c. In the winter I’m waay more likely to curl up with a bowl of ice cream in a comfy sweatshirt with the heat pumpin’!

  12. HEy hey Girl!!!

    Ahhh well…yeah it’s too soon for snow I think …I LIKE SNOW…but IN THE MOUNTAINS WHERE I CAN SKI!!!!! =DD Do you ski???

    Your smoothie is AUTUMN-y …and the SPICES…they can warm you up !! So it’s ok =D!!

    Oh yes yes yes…SQUASH rocks…!!! Especially NOW!! =))

    Well,well..if you have time pls visit my new post…ok?? =))

    Enjoy the day!!!

  13. M – I’m not very particular about it. I’ve only really just started using protein powder so I just bought what was on sale, which was a President’s Choice Vanilla Soy Protein Powder haha. I really like it though! Sometimes I even eat it plain… as in just the powder.. ha.
    SO happy that the temps are going up. Especially right in time for HALLOWEEN!

    Agnes – I’ve only skiied a couple of times EVER. It was SO much fun but for some reason I just never get around to doing it. I want to get out skiing SO badly this year.

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