Unproductive Sunday

So I managed to make the entire rest of the day pretty darn unproductive. Didn’t open one school book. Pretty much sat on the computer for a good chunk of it. I also did errands and grocery shopping with my mom. I wasn’t going to do any exercise at all today but I finally mustered up this energy later on tonight and figured I had better considering the terrible eating I did last week. And I’m not overreacting about that, I definitely put on a bit of weight during that week of stress.
Stress + lack of sleep + depressive moods + sitting all day long studying + stress eating/snacking = easy weight gain for me. Mainly in the stomach area. I really hate how easily slip-ups can have an affect on me. I know how my body works well enough that I know I can’t get away with times of complete uncaring like that. I hate to ramble about it but it’s just something that’s bumming me out a bit right now. I know I can fix it and I’m definitely going to make sure to try to eat better and more structured this week, but I wish there wasn’t anything to “fix”.

Sorry. Just had to rant a bit. I’m sure I’ll be more chipper tomorrow.

The rest of the stuff I ate today included:

A veggie stir fry with tomatoes, red pepper, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, horseradish, Caribbean stir fry sauce, hot and spicy mustard and salsa.

And a honeycrisp apple. First time trying this kind I think. I had to after hearing about them so much on the blog world. Lovely sweet crunch.

And THIS amazing beauty.
Not just any old date. A MEDJOOL date. Clearly the greatest thing of life. Why did it take me so long to get around to trying these? Sadly we only bought a few to try. I am now going out to buy a giant container asap. Who needs chocolate ever again? Really. If you have never tried one of these, your food-trying palate will not be complete until you do. And please try to ignore the fact that my hand is about as wrinkly, if not moreso, than the date. Where’s the hand cream at?!

For dinner my mom and brother had chicken cacciatore. So I had a little bit of that (some noodles with sauce and maybe half a chicken thigh) alongside my
spaghetti squash – which I topped with a sauce made of diced tomatoes, salsa, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, pepper, basil, oregano, cayenne pepper and a bit of fat free sour cream all stirred together and heated. Then I topped it all with more nutritional yeast. Yum yum. I also had a salad with honey dijon dressing alongside this.

Later on I had a few bites of yogurt, a couple strawberries and an iced coffee. I’m feeling fairly okay with getting back on track today. Especially since I did some exercise even though I had full well planned not to today. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill of jogging and incline walking, then another 20 minutes or so of a circuit workout from a magazine.

And a side note: If you plan on trying to get any school work accomplished before bed on a Sunday night, do NOT sign onto MSN. Seriously. It’s at the times when I need to be most productive that everyone I could possibly ever talk to seems to want to talk to me. And have hour long conversations at that. Geez people.


11 thoughts on “Unproductive Sunday

  1. I agree…i have to avoid signing on google…otherwise i’m stuck at the computer for hours.

    great job with the meals and foods today! and i hear you about the rant…some of my snacking as been getting to me too…we can do it though! just a little less stress is all we need!

    have a good night and better week!

  2. Ah sorry you felt unproductive today, that’s pretty much the story of my life every weekend…work and productiveness begin on Monday and end on Friday for me! :)

    No worries about the rant, and good job on not overreacting. There’s no need to go overboard. Like you said, you know your body fairly well, and that means that you can easily and healthfully get back on track, no problem.

    Hope your week gets off to a good start!

  3. I think your rant is totally appropriate! It’s frustrating to get off track – I completely understand. Sometimes we need something like that to get back on track, right? I’m feeling the same way lately. Which is why the trail mix has to go bye bye for awhile. :) I’m right there with you sister!

  4. Umm…unproductive day? How about unproductive weekend?! I have yet to open a book since I’ve been home…so much for studying, eh ;) Oh well.

    Your honeycrisp apple looks so fresh and juicy! I love how big they are – and yours looks green, which I haven’t seen before (mine have been reddish-yellow). Very cool!

    Love your spaghetti squash combination! You come up with some very creative toppings!

    I definitely can’t sign on to Google (like I am right now) if I want to even attempt to get anything done!!

    Have a good week!

  5. don’t worry chicka everyone goes through this – i definitely tend to stress eat and it does affect my mood a lot. as jenny says, you know your body so you’ll “fix” it in no time – not really fixing, just making yourself feel comfortable again. you are obviously getting in lots of fruit & veg though so that’s good :D and i am definitely getting dates in th aupermarket today!!!

  6. jajaja…..good advice for studying! Lately I don’t even login it to prevent the temptation also.

    Great eats!!! specially the spaghetti squash sauce seems to be yummy~~~

  7. HEY HEY…!!

    I can UNDERSTAND you,Girl…stress,changing moods,etc….:_( BAD BAD!!! We should try to make sth with these and…STAY POSITIVE…=D hah easy to say …!! But we HAVE TO TRY =DD

    Well…Madjool DATES ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! =D Creamy nougat-y hah =DDD

    If you have time pls visit my new post =))

    Hugs and try not to stress =))

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