You’ve Got Mail!

I love getting mail. Who doesn’t? But I hardly ever get it. So imagine my surprise when I discovered the mailbox loaded with surprises the other day. Stay tuned til a bit into the post and I’ll show you my lovely loot :)

For starter though, let’s go back to
I relaxed. I didn’t touch one school book. It was great. I don’t actually remember what I did all day. I started a room clean. That’s still a work in progress… and I ate food. And I joined my mom for a much needed grocery shop. It wasn’t an overly exciting day but there was no studying involved so it was a heck of a lot better than any other day this past week.

I had some oats for breakfast. I don’t remember what I put in them but I know there was banana and flax.

I also cracked open a box of Peanut Butter Puffins. Maybe not such a wise idea. I’ve done my fair share of munching on these over the past two days.

Lunch was salad with refried beans, salsa, sour cream. And a Finn Thin cracker with hummus.

And some strained yogurt. This was pretty exciting. I took a container of typical FF yogurt, put it in a coffee filter over a mug and let it strain overnight. It actually worked pretty well! The yogurt was nice and thick. Well, about as thick as those yogurts can probably get.

I also had more yogurt (non-strained) with frozen fruit and light whipped cream mixed in. I ate a lot of yogurt on Friday.

Before dinner I snacked on the last of a container of mixed greens with Goddess dressing.

Then I had a really messy egg white/salsa/spinach/FF cheese on half an Ezekiel english muffin.

Followed up by more yogurt, puffins, pb etc…

And even more snacking that I don’t remember. I got myself into this stupid snacking rut the past week during my midterms and now I’m having a hard time breaking it. It’s quite frustrating. I’m working on it though.


Weetabix mixed with strained yogurt (Seriously, it’s fun to do. Especially when you don’t really have access to all that lovely looking greek yogurt spewed all over the blog world), banana, puffins for brekkie.

013 025

Now if this hadn’t put a smile on my face I don’t know what could. I kept seeing the FOODBUZZ apron and spatula featured on many blogs and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. So I was quite the happy camper when this arrived in the mail. And on top of that, thanks to LINDS! I am now the proud owner of a PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE LARABAR!

Well… was. I definitely already ate it at work yesterday during lunch. It was pretty darn great. Like conveniently packaged and portable peanut butter cookie dough.
I was skeptical about them in the beginning, but now with this flavour, cinnamon roll and coconut cream pie, I can finally deem myself a Larabar fan and I vow to try them all. AND to locate the peanut butter cookie flavour around here! THANKS AGAIN LINDS!

Nothing about Saturday from here on out is as exciting as my mail loot, but dinner was a sweet potato with hummus and salsa, along with a salad dressed in sweet and spicy mustard and light honey dijon dressing.
041 050
And more snacking because my hunger seemed to be insatiable.

Then I went out later with some friends. It wasn’t overly eventful. There was more snacking involved though. That’s aside from the liquor… sigh.

I will do better. From here on out it’s clean eating week. Okay? Okay. I need to hold myself to that.

I started off with oatmeal: 1/4 cup oats, 1/3 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 large banana and cinnamon. Plus a cup of coffee.

I’m full. I ate this a while ago. Good power breakfast. Now let’s see how the rest of the day goes!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


24 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. I think I love the title of this post because:
    A) I LOOOOOOOVE getting mail! and
    B) I LOOOOOOOVE that movie. No shame. :)

    Yummy eats–I never thought to put hummus or salsa on a sweet potato (I like them plain). I’ll definitely have to try it, though!

  2. yay for getting mail!!! i seriously check my mail everyday in hopes there’s something other than bills!!!

    have a great sunday!

  3. Hooray for getting mail (looove Foodbuzz and Larabars!!!); delicious eats (shout-out to the Larabar and sweet potato, as always ;-) ); a relaxing Friday (you’re lucky! I’m always to busy for those!).

    Happy Sunday!! :-)

  4. I need to find one of those peanut butter cookie Larabars. I haven’t found them anywhere!! Very strange.
    I thought those were marshmallows in your oatmeal (last picture). hehe

  5. Hey Girl!! =DD

    It’s soooo nice to get mail!! I LOVE it AS WELL!! :) *and I’m currently expecting some over the next days YAY!! =DD

    Well,well….That’s GREAT you became a LARABAR fan!! Actually living here in Poland I just managed to try three flavors which I got in the package from my friend in USA :DD

    Apple Pie,Cinnamon Roll and Pecan Pie

    ..and I LOVED ALL OF THEM !!! MMMM!! =D

    Hahh…don’t stress bout snacking…=))
    It’ll work out,you’ll see..:D

    If you have time…pls visit me on my new post.. I’m sooo upset that noone comes to read… buu :_(

    Enjoy the day!!!!!!

  6. Yay for foodbuzz mail loot! I love my spatula.

    I definitely want to try straining yogurt. I usually buy Greek anyway, but I’ll have to try it out with some of the other kinds. Very cool :)

  7. Aww, what great mail! And I’ve STILL yet to see those larabars here in Texas! Oh well… someday.

    One of my new favorite things to do is make up some oatmeal with milk, then melt some banana in the microwave, mix it into the oatmeal, and then blend it all together with the hand blender or food processor… but you’ve inspired me to add some flax to the mix; I bet it’d add a nice crunch.

  8. Erin – It really IS an awesome movie isn’t it :D

    Heather – Yep, just wanted thicker yogurt. Greek or really any thick style yogurt isn’t easy to find around here. And I read about yogurt straining to replicate greek so I thought i’d give it a go. Plus, I think it’s quite a bit cheaper using this method too. I still want to try actual greek yogurt one of these days though.

    Roxana – I hope you stumble across one soon. I’d say it’s worth the search. And marshmallows eh? Hm.. idea for a future bowl of oatmeal? Yum.

    Agnes – I still have to try the apple and pecan pie. They sound delish though!

    Katie – GREAT idea. Melted banana. Mmmmmm. Maybe if I have time tomorrow morning I’ll try that! :D

  9. I LOVE getting mail too, but rarely do- looks like the mail fairy was kind though because I got a package from my sister (magnents, doesn’t Quite live up to your amazing apron and spatula). I’m also super jealous of your Fitness magazine- ever since I moved away to college I have No subscriptions and just can’t justify paying for each one :( is it just me or do your oats look a bit green this morning? haha. Best of luck with the clean eating this week- I know the stress of finals is a grind but we Will get back on track.

    loyal reader


  10. those puffins are so cute! i haven’t seen those before. and that is definitely an interesting way to eat a sweet potato. i try to never take the sweet out of it, but yours looks tasty.

  11. Hi Kristie,
    I’m new to reading your blog but wanted to say I love it so far. I have never heard of putting hummus and salsa on a sweet potato but it sounds really good so I will try that soon for lunch.

    Oh and those puffins are so yummy.

    Have a great week!

  12. i’m with erin – LOVE mail, LOVE the movie. that film was how i fell in love with meg ryan :D you’ve eaten some yuummmmy looking stuff – your messy egg/cheese/salsa/muffin combo looks especially mmmm. yay for the PB larabar!!

  13. Oooh, great loot! I still haven’t gotten an apron and spatula set yet :( But I’m really glad to hear that you liked the PB Larabar!!

    All of your eats are great! Particularly the sweet potato topped with hummus and salsa – what a great combination! I will definitely be trying that one soon!

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