The Rebirth of My Sanity

I am finally free from my week of hell. Well at least for now. The midterms are done. Now I have to catch up on all of the readings that I had to put off while studying. And then come the papers and assignments and all that fun stuff. And then right after that are finals. Geez school moves fast, doesn’t it? But I’m not going to think that far ahead. Or at least I’ll try not to… I’m attempting to regain my sanity right now, not push it further and further away.

All that studying stole much time from working out and granted much time to eating. So I did a whole lot of sitting and eating while hardly moving an inch this past week. I feel kind of like crap right now. The foods themselves weren’t all that bad but it was the SNACKING. Oh the snacking. When you’re sitting there studying for hours on end and know that, even though dinner has been long finished, you still have several hours to go before you can allow yourself to sleep, eating feels like the only thing to do to keep sane. So I ate a lot more than I needed to.

Cleaner eating week next week perhaps? And maybe less butt-glued-to-chairness as well.

I got some pictures of some food. This is a small portion of everything that went down the gullet. There was a lot of munching on leftovers and such. Bites here, bites there. Who knows. I captured some of the more structured eating.
The days are all one big blur of eating and studying and feeling like you’re never going to see sunlight again, so here’s one nice big list of foods from Sunday up until today.

Apples + Tea

Meh Lame Butternut squash and red pepper soup with add-ins: goat cheese, spinach, sun dried tomatoes

Tomato pasta and butternut squash bake

Leftovers for breakfast

Salad with leftover pasta thrown in plus leftover sweet potato with hummus and guac
010 015

A quick granola bar before running to some class (I skipped a chunk of classes the past couple days to study instead… I would have rather gone to the classes)

MORE leftover pasta with extra veggies thrown in and chicken and rice topped with cream of chicken soup (the full fat stuff… my mother does NOT know how to shop savvy…geez)

Frozen mango topped with light whip

Mixed cereal, yogurt, banana, cinnamon

Random plate of veggies and leftovers

Me trying to amuse myself instead of studying (I told you all the studying was making my lose my sanity).
061 082
I shouldn’t be allowed near a camera. Or maybe I should just never be stuck cooped up in the house for days on end studying. Yeah, that would be nice.

The leftovers of the meh soup with buffalo sauce and sour cream. They made it less meh.

Mixed greens topped with refried beans, salsa, sour cream, guac

Yogurt with frozen berries and cinnamon raisin pb (So I wasn’t overly impressed with this stuff when I first bought it but now the jar is over half gone. Guess it grew on me eh?)

A STEAMY bowl of oats. This was a great bowl. Banana and cinnamon raisin pb stirred right in. Perfect.
010 017 024

I also baked up some butternut squash and spaghetti squash in the midst of my studying. I munched on some of it for lunch. Most straight off the pan. Some made it onto the plate, spread with light margarine and sprinkled with garlic powder and basil I believe.

And finally today. The finale day. The day of relief.
Pan-cooked tortilla with refried beans, spinach, salsa and guac topped with sour cream.

A salad with mixed greens and veggies, leftover chicken, butternut squash and goat cheese with honey dijon dressing and dijonnaise.

Then I handed in my communications take home midterm and wrote my psychology midterm. Then my day was all better.

And I went out for all you can eat sushi with a couple friends. And I ate all I could eat. It hurt. But I haven’t done it in a while and it was good. And I really didn’t eat THAT much. I tried to fill up on soup and salad first, and green tea and water throughout as well. No pictures. But in conclusion, I love sushi.

And I love the fact that midterms are over.
And I am very tired.
And I have a whole lotta blog reading to catch up on.
And this is an insanely long post.
I should be back to more regular posting now that the hectic period of school is over and things should be slightly calmer for a little while. Hopefully. I’m a little scared. Ha.
Hope you are all doing well!

PS – If most of this looks healthy and not overly snacky, that’s because I didn’t take pictures of a lot of the crappier snacky stuff that I did eat ;).


23 thoughts on “The Rebirth of My Sanity

  1. i hope you get some breathing space!! it does look like you’ve been eating some yummy things though. don’t get too stressed!

  2. HELL YES FOR MAKING IT THROUGH MIDTERMS!!! You definitely deserve to relax and celebrate!! :-)

    Okay, I LOVE your bowls!! And that photograph of you with the cucumber is just too fun :-D

  3. Hahaha I love those cucumber pics! You’re too funny.

    Don’t worry about all the snacking… your body was probably just looking for something to replace all the energy you wasted on stupid homework! Seriously TGIF!!!! We made it through another week!

  4. I hate butt-glued-to-chair times. Yuck. I always eat more when I’m studying too, just something to break up the monotony of reading constantly and not having time to go to the gym or run or even do a lone sit-up.

  5. Yay for no more midterms!! I remember what a nightmare those were… Um I LOVE that pear shaped bowl by the way. And the pics of the sanity actually escaping… :)

  6. HEYYoo!!

    Taht’s great you’ve done it and the midterms are now THE PAST for you =D !!

    It’s not that bad to snack from time to time..:D just normal!! Don’t worry to much =))

    Well,well….you mentioned you LOVE SUSHI!!!! Actually I have a QUESTION TO YOU!!!!! Could you please explain to me HOW TO MAKE SUSHI PROPERLY??? I mean how to build it etc..?? Heh…I tried to enjoy sushi a few times but never did…but I think I was doing sth wrong!!
    Please help me if you can!! =DD

    Will be happy to “see” you on my blog!! :DD Waiting for YOU!!

    Hang in there

    and relax!!!!!!!

  7. Sooo glad you made it through midterms, I know those must have sucked!

    Welcome back to reality :)

    p.s. I LOVE how your Kashi bar has the French translation on the wrapper…haha I’m a nerd who love the French language.

  8. congrats on this crazy week being over!
    when i’m stressed about school and have to study like a maniac, my snacking habits get out of control!
    hope things calm down a little now!
    and i LOVE the cucumber pics :D
    have a great and RELAXING weekend!

  9. Glad to hear that your hectic midterms are over with!

    I have been meaning to try spaghetti squash! It sounds delicious, and what better time than now, since it’s the fall!

    Great post, and I love all the food bites. Yum!

  10. Agnes – I actually have never made my own sushi before! I just order it at restaurants. I’d love to learn someday though… let me know if you find a good method :)

    jenngirl – Haha yeah a lot of the packaging here has french translations on it. I always forget about the fact that that’s NOT the common way everywhere else

  11. I’m glad that the sanity has died down momentarily. But you’re right, school does move incredibly fast! I can’t believe it’s 1/4 over already.

    Love the butternut squash soup with the add-ins! Those are the best add-ins around :) Sorry it was meh, though.

    I just started topping my frozen fruit with whipped cream. It makes it even better! I didn’t even think it was possible, but it’s true!

    I think my favorite pictures by far are the ones of you with the cucumber :) Totally something I would do while studying. Anything to NOT study!

    Those steamy oats are callin’ my name! Beautiful pictures!

    I hope you’ve been having a good weekend!

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