The Eats of Study Time

Okay. So. I have nothing exciting to report because school has been kicking my butt and owning my soul. This past week has consisted of eating, sleeping, studying and consoling friends. I feel like every time I turn around someone else is having some new issue to deal with. Midterm time just brings all kinds of complications right along with it. No fun I tell you, no fun.

I have had no free time to update.
Even now this is going to be rushed. But I know just how darn exciting it is to see food. SO that’s all I’ve got for ya for now.  :P

Let’s see… Over the past week I’ve had among many things…

Messy Salads

Pumpkin Oats with nut butter

Raw Veggies with a mess of leftovers

Miso soup and rice with leftover tofu and hoison sauce (eaten with chopsticks! A Chocolate Covered Vegan Inspiration  ;))
023 032
Many of these meals are eaten with laptop in front, semi eating semi studying. Or slacking on studying while eating. But still laptop conveniently right there. Clearly noticeable by the blue glow.

Pumpkin and vanilla yogurt with pecans, raisins, a date and a bit of brown sugar

Chandelier Coffee a la Kath with cereal
012 023

Turkey hummus wrap

Kath’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancake 
This is one heck of a power breakfast. SO filling and kept me going for hours. Delicious to boot. I topped it with mashed banana mixed with cinnamon raisin pb and vanilla yogurt. Amazing.

This bar bought and eaten while shopping. I needed something quick and easy. It was good but very protein bar-y in taste and consistency. I’d probably try it again though, but in a different flavour. 24g of protein ain’t too shabby though.  ;)

A Gardenburger with Goat cheese

And FINALLY… a bowl of Banana Peach oats with flax

Now I’ve concluded my week. And now I’m going to be off. And my computer is going to die. I will try not to go this many days next week without updating. Then again, I have three midterms this coming week. So that might not be the best promise to be making. We’ll see how things go!

I know a lot of you are going through the insanity that is school right now as well, so good luck with it! Let’s hope we all come of it with at least some of our sanity still intact.


27 thoughts on “The Eats of Study Time

  1. I certainly don’t miss being an undergrad!
    Thanks for posting the pictures. You’re right, it’s just nice to look at food. :)
    I, too, eat many a meal/snack/unnecessary handful of trail mix in front of the computer, as evidenced by the stubborn mess of crumbs stuck under the keys. No amount of spray air action will remove them.
    Sorry for all the dramz w/ your friends!

  2. Aww, yay for chopsticks :o). And I adore your clear bowls… hmmm, I think I said that about your pear bowl too. If you someday wake up to find all your dishware missing, I guess you’ll know who to blame!

    Good luck with all the midterm stuff; my hard week was last week, so I’m sending you lots of sympathy!

  3. oh! i love all the eats!!! i love just looking at all your food…and of course your blog rocks. :)

    hope school starts to simmer down a little soon and friend drama/problems start to diminish.

    best of luck w/ everything!!

  4. Just to let you know, I’m drooling all over my laptop here :D Mind being my personal chef? I pay good rates ya know ;) Yea … like I said, your food looks SO good and healthy!

    Best of luck with ya midterm … they are a pain in the arse!!

  5. OOOOH that brown rice bowl looks delicious! I love brown rice, broccoli and tofu in the same dish. Always filling.
    And I never thought of pairing goat cheese with a gardenburger, but then again I never thought WHY NOT? lol

  6. Sorry to hear that school has been kicking your butt…hate it! But your meals look yummy, and you did a wonderful “catch-up” post. Hope the coming week is easier on ya :)

  7. i love eating with chopsticks because it always slows down the eating process! your asian meal is so beautifully presented :) good luck with all your studying!

  8. Hey!!!

    yOU MANEGED to eat some nice foods despite the studying stuff etc.. =))) THAT’S GREAT!!! And well…I’m jjust EATING in front of the comp ;PP’re not alone hah!!

    I’ve got lots of school-y stress as well :(((
    Wish you to deal with it and do your best!!! =DDD
    It MUST be okay!!!

    WOULD BE HAPPY to see a comment from you on my new post…=)) visit me pls when you have some time!!

    Enjoy the weekend and..good luck !!

  9. Oops – totally pushed submit comment before I was finished. But of course I LOVED all of your meals – particularly the pumpkin oats because I have recently decided I’m obsessed with them. And your chandelier coffee is gorgeous – too bad I don’t have a chandelier because I’ll bet it tastes amazing ;)

    I’m sorry the protein bar wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, but that Gardenburger with goat cheese (!!) more than made up for it!!

    Best of luck with YOUR busy week, too!!

  10. Lauren – The tofu is just rubbed in BBQ sauce and baked at 450 I believe for about 25 minutes, flipping half way. :)

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments!

  11. Banana peach oats?! Yum! Just posted a recipe for Ginger Peach oats on my blog, but I’ll have to give the banana/peach combo a chance! :)

    ~Erin @ “Vegan & the City”

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