Do the Polka! Oktoberfest Style and Thanksgiving Gorge

Long weekend over + another midterm completed this morning = time for a long post. I promise it’ll be exciting though! Well, at least a little bit because it includes Oktoberfest! And will be a bit picture-heavy. But who doesn’t like pictures right?

Anyway, where do I even begin?
How about Friday night? Dinner. A couscous dish inspired by Erica, and a delicious dish it was.
Tomato couscous mixed with salsa and red peppers, topped with balsamic wilted spinach, spicy hummus, baba ghanoush and sundried tomatoes. Every bite was grand.

I opted to stay in Friday night because I knew I would be going out both Saturday and Sunday and also had quite a bit of studying to do, so while in the midst of that I made myself a nice little treat:
Microwave-heated apple slices with cinnamon, topped with apple vanilla yogurt, light whipped cream and a crumbled chocolate chip meringue.
Tasty but it didn’t satisfy the sweet tooth because I had more a chocolate-y hankering, so I made some light hot chocolate after this.

Now let’s move on into the weekend.


Started off the morning with some pumpkin oats.

Then off to work. I had a typical boring and light lunch of a salad and an apple. I wanted to keep it extra clean today because I knew there would be some drinking later on considering this was the night of Oktoberfest celebrations.

But before the lunch I had a snack of a new bar: Dr. Weil by Nature’s Path Chia Razz pure fruit and nut bar.
drweil (4) drweil (7)
I ate half before lunch and half after. This tasted pretty much like a thick fruit leather. It was good but I honestly don’t know if I would buy it again. Maybe if they were on sale and I’d probably get a different flavour. It did alright for my hunger levels too but it wasn’t overly high in protein or fibre so it really didn’t hold me over for that long.

When I got home I was starving so I snacked on some rye bread and carrots I believe before dinner.
I was in a rush to get ready because I had to head over to my friend’s house for some pre-Oktoberfest getting ready, so I quickly microwaved a sweet potato for dinner and topped it with salsa, FF sour cream, spicy hummus and baba ghanoush. I know, totally weird and hardly appealing, but it was delicious. And the perfect quick pre-drinking meal. It held me over all night.


Then ON TO the show! The night started off a little rushed. I was supposed to go to my friend’s by 7, didn’t make it there until 7:30. But apparently that wasn’t an issue considering she wasn’t even home yet. Nor did she get home until almost 8 from grocery shopping. So me and the three others who were supposed to meet there before stood in the street for nearly half an hour wondering where the hell she was. That was fun.

Then she arrived, and we enjoyed a couple glasses of wine while getting ready.
Then we drove to the stadium where the festivities were taking places.
We obviously got a little camera happy and obviously had to take pictures while on the way there.
Since I don’t post pics much, I’m the blondie for your reference.

Those two wine glasses might have been pretty heavily poured…

When we got to the stadium we had to wait in a big lineup for beer tickets. The entrance ticket alone was 15.50. And that included no free food and NO FREE BEER. I was unimpressed by this. What the heck did I spend my 15.50 on, to dance the polka? I guess so.

Overall the night was pretty fun. We enjoyed many a cup of beer and busted some pretty hardcore moves on the dance floor. Plus we took plenty of pictures.
They’ve got quite the variety in their expressions here…


The night started pretty early. I think we got there at about 9. Thus the night ended pretty early for us as well. I don’t even know what time we took off but pretty sure it was before midnight. We went out to a pub for some eats. I think we were the only ones in there. The rest of the city must have still been out celebrating.
105 (11)
Clearly I’m hardly amused by the antics of my friends. I was definitely ready for bed by this point.

The night was fun but I don’t know if I completely understand the hype associated with Oktoberfest. It’s pricey and beer-y. I hardly even drink beer. But it was one of those must-do things, at least once. And heck,who am I kidding, I’m sure I’ll join in the festivities again next year.

Now, since this is already pretty darn long, I’ll throw the rest of the weekend eats at you pretty quickly.


Breakfast: Pumpkin oatmeal topped with some kind of yogurt or peanut butter drizzle or something. I honestly don’t remember what this bowl consisted of at all. But there it is.

Lunch: Spinach salad with tuna

Dinner: Egg whites on english muffin with salsa, spinach, FF cheese slice and some homemade chili topped with salsa on the side. (Can you tell I’m a salsa addict…)

Then Sunday night was another night out. Phil’s retro. Phil’s on a Sunday long weekend night always gets CRAZY busy. And is always crazy fun. We went to the bar by 10. Usually we go at least an hour later than that. But we had to go early because we’re savvy. The place had already hit capacity by 11 and there was a crazy lineup of disillusioned hopefuls just waiting to get in. They probably waited hours. It’s a small place and once people are in they don’t typically leave til towards the end of the night so if the place is at capacity, the odds of anyone else getting in are pretty slim.

I had a great time. It was a ton of fun. Two nights of drinking in a row though is quite a bit for me… and it was heavy drinking at that… But it was a long weekend full of celebration-y stuff so it just had to happen. Plus I probably won’t be going out much again for a while since school is now getting crazy busy. Boo.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving day so no school.
When I got home that morning from sleeping at a friend’s I binged on random foods in my fridge. Crap.
Then I went back to bed and slept for a couple more hours.
Then I crammed all day for my midterm that was today.

During the cramming process I had a ‘love‘ly iced coffee. Check out the surprise I found in it!
II have nooo idea how that happened but isn’t that adorable? It pretty much made my day. <3

Then we had a Thanksgiving-y dinner of turkey, gravy, stuffing, and mashed cauliflower. I know this is pretty much hideous but boy was it ever delicious. And I don’t usually even like this kind of meal. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all but I devoured every bite plus more.

Then later on for a fall-ish dessert we made a pumpkin cake of sorts. It tasted kind of like pumpkin pie without the crust. It was topped with pecans and cake mix. Very tasty.

And then I crammed and crammed and slept.

And woke up early this morning and did some last minute cramming. While doing so, I had a smoothie with chocolate protein powder, almond milk, vanilla yogurt, peaches, frozen banana and spinach.

And now I just spent the precious little time I had available that I was supposed to be working out in writing this post instead. Oops. Guess I’ll have to push the workout until later? Or try to do something quick now before heading off to class again.

Hope you guys survived this ginormous post ;)


27 thoughts on “Do the Polka! Oktoberfest Style and Thanksgiving Gorge

  1. Kristie, your posts are ALWAYS exciting – especially since you eat so many tantalizing foods (here’s just ONE example = sweet potato with spicy hummus?? HOLY FREAKING YUM!!), and have the funniest stories :-D

    The heart in your iced coffee is too cool :-)

  2. I’m with Katie, you do seem fun! I LOVE THE PPL PICTURES! YOU ARE SO CUTE! I have a big smile like you.
    I love Friday’s dessert! Even though it wasn’t chocolatey enough.
    Have a lovely day my blonde friend!

  3. Love the pics, glad you enjoyed yourself and had fun! I feel ya on the “ready for bed point,” haha I am that person that falls asleep AT the bar. Thank goodness I have trustworthy friends…

    Have a great night!

  4. I have to agree with the others here, I’m not a huge partier by any means but you seem like tons of fun to go get drinks with :) hehe and happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!! Wooo go Canada.

    I’m also addicted to salsa, I just bought some random peach kind and it is really, really good. Also I keep meaning to do this but forgetting, send me your address ( and I’ll mail you a pb Larabar! (If you still want one, that is :))

  5. Hey, I think your random sweet potato dinner looks like a great idea! I always just roast my sweet potatoes, or throw them in curry, but this would be a great option. And Happy Thanksgiving, eh? :D

  6. I loved this post! First of all, there were so many yummy eats – particularly the couscous, pumpkin oats and Thanksgiving meal. That pumpkin cake sounds even better than pumpkin pie, if that’s possible.

    Secondly, Oktoberfest sounds amazing! Love the polka – as a 1/2 German, 1/2 Polish girl, I can appreciate it all! Plus, the pictures are so hilarious – I totally agree with the others. We should all meet up so we can all have some of the “Kristie Fun-ness” rub off on us!

    And finally, I thought the heart in your coffee was so cute! It reminded me of the song that goes, “clouds in my coffee,” only a heart is SO much better! Definitely a good sign of things to come, maybe?? ;)

    Hope you continue to have a good week!

  7. Wow, looks like you had a blast at Oktoberfest!!! Nothing beats hanging out with ya best pals eh?!! :D Btw, you look absolutely GORGEOUS, girl!! <3 the pic!

    Olala, how awesome that the bullet whips out a <3 on ya coffee …

    Ok, that’s it from me now, have a great day!

    Oh wait …. LOVE ya blog and nice to ‘meet’ you!

  8. Katie – Come to Canada! :P

    Jenn – Hahah it sure does help having good people around to watch our for you doesn’t it. I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep at the bar yet… but I can see it happening one of these days haha

    Linds – Oooh peach salsa. Now THAT sounds like a winner. And I would LOVE one still! I’ll email you asap!

    Marianne – Mmm I’ll have to try sweet potatoes with curry sometime!

    Jenn – I think the cake WAS a little better than pumpkin pie! Shocking eh??
    I like to think the heart could be a “sign” too hehe. Let’s hope so!

    Celia – Thanks! Nice to “meet” you too! Can’t wait to go explore your blog now :)

    I wish I could meet all of you! You guys seriously need to come to Canada! ;)

  9. Hey Hey!!

    Thank you SO much for commenting on my blog that’s nice :)) I appreciate it!!

    Would you like to take part in the grocery exchange ,huh…?? :)))

    Welll,well…I’m from Poland so close to Germany and I’ve been to Oktoberfest in Munich last year… CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY <-that’s the best word to describe it :PP

    Seems like you’re having fun time at the partys enjoy!! :D

    Hmmm…I really like to read your blog :)) it’s a good job keep doing it :D

    Hope to see you on my blog on the new post again =) Will wait!!

    Have a great time!!

  10. wow, looks like you had a fabulous time at oktoberfest! wish i was there!

    and all of your eats are delicious as always. especially the sweet potato!

  11. Dang girl! This post was jam-packed with excitement! I loveddddd the pics of you, and so many delicious eats! Pumpkin oats, couscous, sweet potatoes, microwaved apples!! YUM YUM YUM!

    I hope you had a delightful Wednesday!!! Happy Thursday mama cita!

    P.S. The Dr. Weil Banana Manna bar is really good!

  12. Glad you had an awesome thanksgiving! I was sick for mine! Missed out on Turkey Monday! -sigh-

    And sweet potato in replace for the bake potato… GOOD IDEA!!

  13. You’re so pretty, and your food all looks fabulous! One thing – I’m pretty sure the couscous/hummus/sun-dried tomato dish is trustmyintuition’s idea.

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