The Cake Monstrosity

The blog is constantly getting the back burner. Mainly because of school work. Everything is really starting to kick in in terms of tests, midterms, due dates etc etc and I’m now realizing that I’m just a bit further behind than I should be.

So in trying to balance completing a decent amount of school work, friend hang outs/obligations and exercise (because really, right now that is taking high priority – all this studying and reading is causing me to be sitting on my butt much of the time and I’ve also been in a snacky and sweets mood the past several days… terrible combo so the exercise is a must) I’ve ignored the updating.

In ignoring the updating I’ve also ignored the picture taking. Not completely, I do have pictures of some of my meals and whatnot, but many have been either quickly thrown together and inhaled almost as fast or eaten on the go, at school etc. No pictures in these instances. So mainly I’ve captured breakfast because that’s always eaten at home. I wake up nice and early to ensure it :)

Anyway, in my last post I mentioned that my grandparents were visiting and there was this CAKE for dessert. I captured the remainders on camera. Want to know how long this crazy large amount of cake lasted? I think one day. Want to know where the majority of it went? Into my stomach. I wish I was exaggerating, I really do. I have a decent amount of self control when it comes to most things. But not to cake. I don’t know what it is about cake. But cake is my kryptonite. Cake leftovers to be exact. I can’t cut a piece of cake, plate it and be satisfied. I know, “just do it” right? Cut it, walk away, eat it, be done. But that does nothing for me. I need to pick at the giant cake with a fork. That’s the only way I can eat and enjoy it. Damn you cake.
009 013
My family did eat some, I swear. I just ate more.
Funny enough I don’t feel as guilty about it as I thought I would. Probably because I know it’s completely gone now and I won’t be again having cake or probably any dessert nearly as indulgent in a long while, just because we never really have them around. So it’s one of those once in a blue moon things. What’s done is done. And my tummy isn’t too too jiggly after the instance. Bahaha.

That same day (this was two days ago I think), I paired this cake (which contributed to my breakfast) with a bowl of Weetabix mixed with pumpkin and I think yogurt. And/Or almond milk. Maybe some spices or something. I don’t really remember.

I kept lunch nice and light with a big bowl of salad that also included leftover roasted veggies from the other night’s dinner. Well that part of the lunch was light. The other half of the lunch was cake. Duh.

Yeah, I ate cake probably 3-4 times that day.

The next day (yesterday) apparently all I “ate” was a protein powder smoothie.
That’s a lie because I never go a day without eating multiple times. And I ate lots that day. But I didn’t get any pictures. Probably because it was a long school day. Thursdays are brutal.

I thought I was indifferent to Larabars. I could take or leave them. I was proved very wrong.
…is pure gold in a white wrapper. I am going back to the grocery store and buying their entire stock. This is Larabar perfection. I have renewed faith in Larabars as a delicious snack.

And for


we have…


A stunningly lovely morning sunshine to complement breakfast. I couldn’t help snapping some shots of the backyard in the sunlight.

Banana slices dunked in a mix of citrus vanilla yogurt and cinnamon raisin peanut butter. Sooo good. Paired of course with an iced coffee. I wasn’t exactly warm this morning but an iced coffee was just calling out so it had to be done.


For lunch I had a fresh veggie salad with chickpeas and avocado…

…half a Girl Guide thin mint cookie…
… and another small iced coffee. I’m addicted okay?

Then, instead of studying I did some treadmill running.
Had this unphotogenic pumpkin protein smoothie. My camera’s focus was being very uncooperative with me for this very orange-y mush. Who knows why.
And updated this here blog.

Now I should study. But I want to make some din din instead. Imma cook up some couscous. Mmm. I’ll try to actually do a decently timed update soon instead of waiting a few days.

BUT… tomorrow I work during the day and then at night I am CELEBRATING OKTOBERFEST. I’ve already got my outfit and green cap with feather. This is my first time celebrating. It’s a big deal around here since this is a German town and it’s a German celebration. I’m anticipating much beer consumption. I’ll see if I can manage to capture some good pictures from the event. ;)

And of course this is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. So Monday is a holiday. So Sunday night there will be some sketchy bar Phil’s Retro epic-ness to celebrate as well.

In conclusion, maybe I won’t get an update in as soon as I would like. Oops. But I’ll try :P


23 thoughts on “The Cake Monstrosity

  1. OMG I want to eat that cake!!! I am so with you about not being able to say no. If I had a whole cake to myself, it would be gone in a few days too. I am horrible at nibbling and picking at things like that. At least it looked like it was an awesome one!

  2. I am the EXACT same way with cake. Leftover desserts in general, actually. I always end up going into the kitchen and picking at it with a fork, only to find that – hey, it’s almost gone! I mean I enjoy it, but I wish I could just have a piece and be done.

    All your other food looks great too :)

    Happy Oktoberfest!

  3. Oh girl, I would have killed that whole chunk off, easily. If we went toe to toe in a cake eating contest, I would totally take you down. I’m a glutton!
    I’m SO glad you don’t feel bad. Pigging a little here in there is sooooooooooo normal and okay. Right?
    I tell myself that every night! :)
    I’ve missed your updates, but I know you’ll always come back around with your dry humor and gorgy pics.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Self-control is sooo hard when you’ve got a sweet tooth. At least you enjoyed it and have the savoury memory to last you awhile. I LOVE your pear-shaped bowl. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Chocolate Covered Vegan is ABSOLUTELY right!! The bowl is such a cute thing !!!!!!! :-DD I love those funny dishes !! I’ve got some as well.. leaves,apples…!!
    Such a nice refreshing blog to read. I enjoy it!! :))

    Actually..I’ve started my own blog…!! I’m SO excited bout it!! But..SOO sad cause nobody is visiting me…:_((( pls come and leave a comment for me..:)) make me happy hah… I’m waiting for you!!

    Hugs for weekend!! :) yay!!

  6. that cake looks wonderful! I am guessing it’s chocolate. GOSH it looks so divine! I do not blame you for eating so much of it. Girl, I would do the same thing in a heart beat. I Love chocolate and sweets.

    I know what you mean about trying to balance midterms with daily life. It gets hard. Hopefully it goes by soon. so much stuff to learn and so much to do, yet we have so little time.

  7. it is completely human and normal to not be able to say no to certain things!! it would be wrong if you could resist EVERYTHING. and that cake looks phenomenal – i would have helped you out had i been there ;) and i lOVEEE that pear bowl!! cute!

  8. I know what you mean about the cake. (even though it looks amazing!) Whenever I have leftovers like that I always put it in my fridge and will casually pick at it until it’s practically gone. It’s done in such little pieces I don’t even realize it til its too late :)

  9. Tht cake looks just like this one cake that brings back bad memories for me.. it was soph year in college and the sorority I was in had this cake in the fridge and I ate like half of it.. i felt so guilty I ran for liek 2 hours after hahah bad day… but i hope i dont have nightmares now from seeing it.

  10. Haha I do the SAME damn thing with cake. That’s why I am very thankful I only eat it on my b-day. My friend got me a small buttercream cake from Whole Foods last year and it was gone in two days. And only one slice went to someone else. Yeah, the fork and I had a field day. But like you, I say what’s done is done…and can’t wait for next year!

    Yes!! I love that Larabar! It’s one of the flavors responsible for making me rethink my initial feelings!

    Wow, your morning pictures are GORGEOUS! And I love the pear bowl, it’s so cute!

    Haha Girl Guide = Girl Scout? Love the Canadian v. American names!

    Hope Oktoberfest was fun!! And Happy Almost Thanksgiving ;)

  11. Hope you’re hanging in there Kristie! I’m suffering along with you XD October = worst month ever! I think I’d take finals period over midterms period any day–at least during the finals they don’t expect you to go to class!

    And I think you totally deserved to have that cake XD

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! [I forgot that you’re from Canada as well!]

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