Cramping My Style? Or Just My Legs

Seriously… all of this studying is painful. I hate sitting for this long. Hours on end. I feel like a completely gross and immobile blob. Stupid studying. Another test tomorrow, oh joy. And I don’t feel prepared at all. Even with all of this studying. No fair.

And because of this lame studying business plus the fact that my grandparents have been in town visiting the past few days so we’ve had a few family dinners and such, I once again am slightly behind in updating.

I don’t have pictures of everything I ate, not nearly. None from the family dinners either. Some circumstances just don’t want the camera whipped out. These were some of those. Yeah. Mind my incessant rambling. Here are some eats:

A couple days ago I had this:
I bought the individual packet at the grocery store to give it a try. I had no idea what it would taste like. I’ll admit I thought there would be some sweetness to it. It tasted kind of more like grass. But I mixed it with almond milk, banana and a bit of yogurt. I think I may have thrown some strawberries in too. So there was a bit of sweetness. After first trying it I was tempted to throw in something else to sweeten it more (like splenda…) but I decided to suck it up (I guess literally…) and drink it as it was. And I actually fully enjoyed it just as it was.

Yesterday I ate some of this stuff:

Cottage cheese pancake topped with vanilla yogurt/cinnamon raisin pb/maple syrup “dressing”

A turkey wrap with mache (pronounced mosh? who knows. it’s the greenery anyway), tomato, honey dijon dressing and a FF cheese slice

Plus some yogurt with frozen mango chunks and I gnawed on a slice of cinnamon raisin bread that I mainly just picked the raisins out of then tossed the rest.

And Today I had this really yummy bowl of oatmeal:
In the bowl:
1/4 cup oats
1/4 cup pumpkin
1/4 cup cottage cheese
1/2 banana
splash almond milk
– topped with flax and brown sugar

I put a biiiit too much spice in it, but overall it was one tasty and filling dish. The cottage cheese oats deal worked out quite a bit better for me this time than my first attempt.

That’s all I got from today. I ate other stuff (obviously), but I don’t remember all of what. I know that the family dinner involved a lot of pork and roast, both of which I don’t like so I didn’t eat. I had lots of veggies and some buns instead. Plus some really tasty and rich cake. Maybe I’ll get a picture of its remains tomorrow.

Now back to studying? Or maybe just to bed. I’m sick of studying.


17 thoughts on “Cramping My Style? Or Just My Legs

  1. hahaha your title made me laugh so hard for some reason. i think i just like the phrase ‘cramping my style’ lol. your eats look very yummy this week so far :)

  2. I recommend trying Living Harvest hemp protein powder for smoothies!! :-)

    Your food always looks great; but THAT OATMEAL!!! That deserves an extra “holy yum” shout-out ;-)

    Best of luck with all the studying – stay strong!!

  3. Haha, grassy smoothie? That’s no good! But I’m glad the added fruit gave it enough sweetness to satisfy your taste buds!

    Wow, the “dressing” on the cottage cheese pancake just looks so creamy and perfect! I really need to mix those together sometime.

    Those oats look like a dessert! I think it’s the flax and brown sugar topping – it looks like a glaze on top of creme brulee or something! Yum yum!!

    Ugh, sorry the studying is endless, but I bet it pays off for you ;) Good luck!

  4. Good luck with studying. I have my midterms after Thanksgiving weekend. So, I should be hitting the books sometime soon to.

    Good luck! And stay positive – think of how happy you will be after the books.. Christmas!

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