Always Playing Catch Up

I think my midterm went pretty well! I hope so anyways. I don’t think any greater amount of studying would have made a difference, so now only the marks will tell.

Because of that whole midterm thing I clearly needed to have a night out as soon as it was done to unwind considering I had been cooped up studying for several days, so I did that Thursday night.
Friday I went shopping for several hours and nearly everything I bought I got on sale. I love cheap things. I love sales. The night was relaxed and I went to bed early. It was lovely.
Yesterday I worked during the day and then went out last night.
Today I am going to try to do some major textbook catch up and some errands.

My updating has obviously faltered the past few days. I’m going to fix that now.
Maximal pictures, minimal words.


Here are those meals I missed posting during my cram sesh:

Yogurt, mango, protein powder

Ezekiel English Muffin with hummus and tomato


Leftover tomato basil soup with chickpeas, FF sour cream and rye


Yogurt with mango and a date.



Overnight Oats with banana and strawberry yogurt. This was basically my first rolled oats overnight oats experience. I loved the consistency but I need to experiment more with the add-ins.


Lunch was an apple and a Maple Nut Cliff Bar. Oh my god. Loved this flavour.

Dinner was chinese takeout. Mm. I started with wonton soup.


And finished off with a bit of everything. Mainly vegetables, but I also had some tofu pieces and a wee bit of lemon chicken. Definitely ate more than what is on this plate. A lot more.



Cereal to start the day.

Since I was at the mall so long I had lunch there. Mr Sub veggie sub. No pic.
But I did take a picture of some of the clothes I bought. They are completely unexciting. But these are them nonetheless.
005 008
The shirts and shoes were all only $5 each because the store is closing. I already bought several shirts from there another day. I’m stocking up. And the jeans, well I just needed some new ones. The right pair were 1/2 off. Fine by me.

And then one of the most exciting finds of my shopping excursion…
Yeah, I found Coconut Cream Pie. In my grocery store. In Canada. Since when do I get to find awesome things like this? Any day now the peanut butter is bound to be there! Ha. Yeah right.
I haven’t tried this yet. Soon. I’m excited. It better be good…


Breakfast was greatness. Egg whites, salsa, spinach and hummus on an Ezekiel english muffin. So good and kept hunger at bay for hours.
Plus some coffee with a little bit of light whipped cream on top…

Lunch was salad with leftover chinese veggies and tofu thrown in.

And dinner was a “the works” salad with whatever I could find really. Lots of veggies, chickpeas, feta, cottage cheese and roasted potatoes.

There was another very light night snack session last night after coming home from the club, but it was needed because I was actually starving, and I tried to be a little more choosy and conscious of what I picked to eat. Note the words a little in that sentence. I don’t really feel guilty today though so I think I did alright. And I was still starving when I woke up so I figure had I completely gone out of control that morning hunger wouldn’t have been there.

As for

This Morning

I had oatmeal.
1/3 cup of oats, cinnamon, flax seed, banana – topped with a vanilla yogurt and Cinnamon Raisin PB mixture.
I bought that PB&Co peanut butter the other day during my shopping excursion. I’ve tried the White Chocolate already so it was time for this one. I have to admit though, I was mildy disappointed. I had higher hopes for it. I don’t know what it is about it, I think it might be too cinnamon-y for me. And all the raisins are at the bottom. I tried to stir it. That was messy. So next time I’ll stick with white chocolate I think. Not that that’ll stop me from eating this one anyway. Especially mixed with yogurt.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend so far. Enjoy lazy Sunday!


21 thoughts on “Always Playing Catch Up

  1. Horay for midterms being over, going shopping, and SUPER delicious eats (too many to name, but you KNOW that I have to give a shout-out to the Larabar, haha ;-) )!!! Sorry about the Cinnamon-Raisin PB though :-(

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  2. good job on your exams! the clothes look so cute – i love the sales too (abit too much). your breakfast sandwich looks especially good to me!

  3. The clothes are cute in my opinion, and great deals always rock. Thanks for your opinion on the cinnamon-raisin pb, I have been contemplating buying one of the pb & co flavors just didn’t know which one & didn’t want to waste the money, so expensive. I think I’ll stir in my own raisins and cinnamon if I want that flavor. Have a great lazy Sunday as well!

  4. Yeah!
    I like your pictures. Good for you for celebrating. Rewards are totally necessary!
    Have you ever tried dates and peanut butter? It’s delicious.

  5. Glad your midterms went well, and good for you for going out and celebrating!

    Sorry you don’t favor the Cinnamon Raisin pb, I love it, but I haven’t tried the White Chocolate version…it’s next on my list.

    Have a great Sunday! :)

  6. Ashley – Stirring your own in is a really good idea. I think I might try that next time. And that way the raisins would be way better too because you could stir in some nice, juicy ones. The ones already in this jar are small and hard and unimpressive.

    Erin – No but I am 100% going to asap. Dates are amazing. PB is amazing. So I can’t imagine the two of them together being anything less than spectacular.

    M – No. Way. NO WAY. Seriously? I pass that place all the time but have never been in. I am going there ASAP. Thank you!!

  7. great job w/ the exams! and i really like the deals you got on your clothes; you shop like me: frugal!!!

    and i hear ya on the raisins being on the bottom of the jar; that always bugs me!

  8. Glad the exam went well and that you took advantage of some sales! I love shopping trips like those!!

    Mm, that tomato basil soup looks just as good the second time around! I love that you paired it was the rye bread – yummy!

    Oh heaven – wonton soup is so good! The rest of the Chinese food looks amazing as well.

    Love the clothes! I could use a pair of new jeans – I haven’t bought a new pair since senior year of high school!

    I’m so excited you found the Larabar! FINALLY, right?!

    All your weekend eats look fantastic – especially that eggy sandwich and whipped cream on coffee (you know I’m a fan of that one!) :) I’m sorry you weren’t a fan of the Cinnamon Raisin PB – I agree that it stinks that the raisins are all on the bottom. But once you get there, let me know if you change your mind – I think the raisins really make a difference!!

    Have a good week!

  9. That egg white sammie looks great I think i will be having one for lumch today.. I like the idea of adding the hummus. I have to agree abotu the cinn raisen PB.. i dont like the waxy consistency

  10. Marianne – Well I’m in Ontario but I don’t know if that makes the difference haha. It was just at my local grocery store. That’s the first and only time I’ve seen it though so far. I don’t even see Larabars that often in general. Keep searching though, if I found it you’re bound to stumble upon it eventually!

  11. yay for a good midterm and a good find with the larabar! Look at all those veggies! It’s great that you still manage to eat so well while studying.

  12. It’s not really a tart. I just cooked in a mini tart pan. haha. It’s really good. I took a recipe from a book and veganized it (mainly because I didn’t have the animal products it called for on hand). If you want…I could send you the recipe. If you like pecans, I’m sure you’ll love this!

  13. Glad the midterm and the post-midterm night out went well XD

    And that shot of the english muffin is GORGEOUS~just something about it!

    whoa~~amazing clothes for THAT price? Sales are awesome~and those shoes = cute!

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