Stay Away From the Cereal

Just a quick note in the midst of my MIDTERM CRAM SESH to warn everyone of the dangers of the cereal box when wanting a quick snack at a relatively late time of night during an intense last minute study period.

I headed to the kitchen for a date (I had some after dinner and the craving returned with a vengeance), an apple and some hot tea.

I headed back upstairs to my area of study with a tummy full of a date, some pieces of leftover sour cream banana bread defrosted from ages ago (quick visual – had several of these bite sized pieces),

many handfuls of Vanilla Shreddies and my hands full of another tiny bowl of Shreddies and Corn bran with milk and yogurt (because if I didn’t put some in a bowl and walk away I might have finished off an entire box) and a mug of delicious peppermint tea. No apple in sight.

I need better late night study snack approaches.

I’ll post the rest of today’s meals and do comment responding tomorrow. Well hopefully, if time is on my side. When is it ever. Yeesh.. Night!


13 thoughts on “Stay Away From the Cereal

  1. Thanks guys! I think it went well!

    Leng – Good like with THAT. yikes. why do they always do terrible jobs at scheduling midterms, so as to make the lives of us suffering students all the more difficult eh?

  2. yes it can be very dangerous… i portion it out with measuring cups when i have it and close the top and put it away.. i am always better off when i plan the snak rather than rummaging through the kitchen

  3. Haha, I get the exact same way when I’m studying!! When I used to live in the dorms, I would literally finish off an entire box in one day with VERY little help from other people. I sort of burned myself out on cereal as a result.

    I guess our brains need the fuel though :) I’m sure all of your hard work will pay off!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Haha I am exactly the same way. Me + cereal = disaster. It tastes good and there’s absolutely no prep – maybe that’s why? I try to just avoid it unless I know I can portion out a normal amount and stick to it (like if it’s for breakfast and I’m leaving the house afterwards).

    Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours :)

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